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How to Be Creative as a Teacher

How to Be Creative as a Teacher

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Published by doctorrao
How to Be Creative as a Teacher
How to Be Creative as a Teacher

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Published by: doctorrao on Aug 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Life is a though, to be created and lived. Many of us are Teachers by designation and Job, and few of uswill succeed to be innovative and creative. I wonder is there anything more creative than teachingProfession, believe the Creativity is in us, it cannot be taught, and it can certainly be nurtured. Thoughone may suddenly get inspired into a burst of creativity, creativity doesn't have to hit us like a bolt of lightning, you just become famous suddenly - However it can be sustained and even enhanced if youhave the right outlook, set up a favourable routine, and don't put too much on yourself. If you want toknow how to be creative, just think. It is life principle whatever is created without innovation goes invain and ultimately you have to consume whatever you have created, I think it is the reason many of usfail. Just listen to the Students voice which is many times honest I believe that students are not biasedto teachers if you do well. Take feedback with sincerity. However keep following your own pathbecause, the problem with asking for feedback is that a person's feedback will always be biased becausehe or she will have a different idea of what your work should be. Other people will try to push you in adirection that might be right for them, but not for you. Though they may have good intentions, this willonly disappoint us .One should be comfortable and honest asking for feedback, but don't let anyone'sopinion keep you doing from what you're doing. Once we are finished with our creative work, whateverit may be, then we
can listen to feedback. Just doesn’t let criticism, even the constructive type, stifle
your creativity during the creative process? When I was new to teaching Profession I really used to getupset when things are not favourable to my expectations. In a short Time I have realised I have to putup with the matters, and work hard on our weaknesses which made me to adapt to the growingchallenges in Teaching. Actually, be harder on yourself than everyone else is. Best to always ask oneself,"How could I have done this better?" or "What would I have done differently in a perfect world?"Accept that you are not perfect, and that your striving to be as good as possible is the fruit of self-expression.
If you can't find fault with your own work, you're probably not trying hard enough
. Manyof us are poor to accept the criticism as a future guide, for many matters to improve. Majority of us wishto be become perfectionist, which hampers many of our skills as everything in world changes with theexpectations of Society and our Student
s changing ambitions in their careers Our natural output,drained of concern for creating something that's exactly right, will always produce creative results.There are limitless paths to achieving creative success. Imperfection is human, and sometimes the most,wondrous creative artists leave mistakes unfixed on purpose. Nature itself is beautifully imperfect.Don't try to be so perfect that you end up destroying the very thing that made your work unique. Onemay produce a few high-quality pieces of work, but also keep you from experimenting and trying outsome less-than-perfect works that could have led to something incredible. Nothing in this world isabsolutely good or bad. Even if you are only coming up with what you feel are "bad" ideas, you are stillbeing creative, so develop them, and they could turn into a great solutions! Focus on improving your"bad" ideas more than perfecting your "good" ones. It is not just teaching every one wishes that youare a good human being, Our value as a human is defined by so many other concerns: how we treatother people, how we treat oneself, how much love we have for the world, our willingness to beselfless, our ability to do the hard things. Do not expect others like you, never forget
God’s cre
ativity ismuch diversified, and don't compare our own output to the output of our creative friends, either.Everyone works at his or her own pace, and this is only guaranteed to drive you insane, not inspire you.

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