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Tories Tor SelectQuote

Tories Tor SelectQuote

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Published by Kal Johnson

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Kal Johnson on Aug 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The early American "Tories" loyal to the British crown had it toughduring the period leading to the American Revolution. After all, theywere ratting out our founding fathers to the British. In their view GeorgeWashington and his ragtag band of smugglers were cheating KingGeorge III out of his rightful customs and duties. Tyranny is expensive,George needed to tax anything that moved.
Tories felt you need not fear general warrants, so long as you havenothing to hide. And who wouldn't want British troops living in your house? They'd be like having a shining example for your children sittingright in your living room. You'd never be tempted into sedition, freedom just gives people a chance to screw up. If it felt like only the wealthyand the elite far away and had a say in your government, well, theywere wealthy and elite for a reason.
Recently, King George III has reached out from the grave to rally hissupporters. It's almost like it was him speaking through the DrugEnforcement Administration, when they proposed that using the NSAand to bust in and take American's private communications without a warrant
was legal. After the DEAobtained evidence they could backtrack and make up a story to have a legal reason to get a searchwarrant. This is even better than King George's general warrant! Basically they're in everybody's stuff, andthey now just recreate a hypothetical set of legal actions that could have occurred, later. This is even more ripe for abuse and when you consider that the DEA is focused on consensual crime.Consensual crimes are usually lacking in a victim. So we're teaching them to lie about evidence, we arealso allowing them to go after someone when there's not even reason enough for a search warrant. Put itall together and you have
no victim making a complaint
no evidence of a crime
to anyone not in theinvestigation, and
investigators are trained to lie about evidence
.I used to run a Tor 
exit node, it was operational during the period
in which I suffered from policemisconduct
and heard threats that my daughter would be killed. The gist of this is that people concernedabout their anonymity online were basically sharing mine in connection during that time. Usually these arepeople like Chinese trying to get real news from Taiwan or bloggers or activists from authoritarian zoneswhere publishing could get them in deep trouble.Criminals can use Tor as well. If a criminal got assigned to my exit node it would look to the NSA like Iwas engaged in criminal activity. I don't like to sound like I'm having delusions of grandeur. I understandthat the government has far more important things to do than to watch me, and even if that were trippedsome flags it wouldn't take long to rule me out as a drug dealer. The U.S. government knows about Tor,they created it.Everything that has happened could simply be due to already reported misconduct within the SFPD,  without federal cooperation. If if there were any way to find out if the NSA and surveillance was theprecursor of police misconduct and attempts to harm my daughter, it might tell us about how quickly theprogram is spiraling into abuse. Corruption or political targeting certainly could lead to a protracted anddirty investigation.
There are a few reasons to consider the possibility that the NSA dragnet was in effect here. I wasapproached by strangers on the street who wanted to buy drugs. If chatter between officers is to be

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