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Sun Signs by Gender

Sun Signs by Gender



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Published by Moonlightshadow

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Published by: Moonlightshadow on Jun 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Oh, what a difference a chromosome can make!
We all know that people, regardless of gender,are likely to bear some (or all!) of the most common traits associated with their sun sign.However, in the realm of astrological love and compatibility, we tend to believe that certain signcombinations hold more promise than others.For the most part, this is true. But, did you know that the astrological traits are affected bygender? Astrologically speaking, from attraction and interaction to reaction, men and women areas different as their anatomy. Now let's take a look at the differences between men and women by sign - when it comes toattracting and interacting in love. Check out each zodiac sign's best and worst sides in love!
 Aries Female
is an energetic, flirtatious force of nature who wants to be swept off her feetand cherished, but will step on your toes the minute she feels she is being smothered. She is mostattracted to good looking, successful lovers who are capable of boosting her not-insignificantself-esteem. If you can't keep up (or lose!) her interest, she will quickly leave you behind in acloud of dust, having traded you in for a pricier, showier model. If you have won the heart of anAries woman, be prepared that she can be jealous, competitive, and downright cruel! On the flipside, she is capable of complete loyalty and will demand that you give her the same.The
 Aries Male
is a dynamic go-getter who wants to be overwhelmed by passion and emotion,and cannot stand for things to become complacent or routine. He likes his partners to be
 powerful and motivated, beautiful, and the sexual equivalent of a tornado. His hair-triggeredanger and self-righteous attitude can take some getting used to, but he does cool down as quicklyas he heats up. Boredom is the quickest way to make him stray, but that is only if you've provenexciting enough to get a commitment out of him in the first place.
Taurus Female
is as strong of heart as she is of mind. She tends to hide her ownvulnerabilities, usually by immersing herself more deeply into nurturing those she loves. She isdrawn to partners who are her equal (or better!) on the material plane - ones that offer up sometype of guarantee for the future, like a wedding ring. She most likely will appear prim-and- proper out in public, but can be quite the wild child behind closed doors. She is as stubborn asshe is loving, and finds it easy to get stuck in her ways. The concept of give-and-take sometimes passes her by, and she can be possessive to the point of oppression.The
Taurus Male
is a mountain of integrity and strength, loyal and loving. He has a habit of seeing things as either black or white, so while he may be discussing, you may be arguing in anattempt to get him to change his views. He expects the same level of loyalty that he gives, andwill toss a flirty lover to the curb for flirting with anyone other than him - his piles of eroticadon't count as an indiscretion from his viewpoint. Anything he may be lacking in anadventuresome spirit sexually, is made up for by his sexual appetite.
Gemini Woman
is witty, charming, intelligent, and almost always at least ten minutes late.She is more attracted to a high IQ than any physical trait. She enjoys candlelight, but romancecan bloom in broad daylight if the conversation is scintillating enough. This is not a womanadept at expressing her innermost feelings, and is likely to crack a joke until the serious moment passes. She wants security and stability in love, and a lover who is actually going to understandher, or at least treat her warmly when they don't.The
Gemini Male
is an introverted extravert. Charisma, humor, and intellect may be the imagehe projects, but no matter how close you get - you can never be quite certain what is on his mind.He wants a partner who shows just enough emotion to validate that he is awesome, but not toomuch emotion that it will become complicated. He is seriously committed to remaininguncommitted, unless he stumbles across a super-achiever who can keep up with the conversation,reach their own goals without his assistance, and be packed and ready to go on an adventure atthe drop of a dime. That, in his mind, is an amore worth considering.
Cancer Female
is an alluring beauty, whose gentleness and caring nature tends to bewelcomed in any crowd. She believes that love is the secret to life, and the more dreamy andromantic, the better. Sentimentality is a way of life. She is demure and erotic, and wants a lover who will commit, commit, commit! Her moods swings can be quite the challenge, and she canthrow an Oscar-worthy tantrum when she doesn't get her way. When this feminine seductresssnares her partner, her attention and affection makes them want to stay.The
Cancer Male
is a romantic's dream, who plays the part of courtier well. He is honest anddevoted, and when his heart melts, his every breath is drawn in to be with the one that he loves.He is very protective and can be equally as possessive, often becoming jealous of time spent withfriends, relatives, or even the family dog. He wants a partner who swoons at the sight of him, is part mind-reader, (his lover is supposed to intuitively
why he is sulking) and who will find joy simply in being the center of his world.
 Leo Woman
tends to be successful, self-assured, and at times more than a little flamboyant - but no more so than a queen has a right to be. She is attracted to attractive, adventurous loverswho will share the stage with her - as long as they don't try and steal the spotlight! Her sexual prowess can keep you smiling with her adventuresome spirit, but please don't ask her to getkinky. She will not live with tyranny - even though she is as likely as any man to flawlessly playthe role of the tyrant. Leo women know that they deserve the best of everything, and aren't afraidto sample many kinds of varieties when on the prowl for true love.The
 Leo Male
is strong and affectionate, with a magnetic personality filled with fun and goodcheer. He tends to be very generous, and successful enough to recover from his sprees withoutskipping a beat. He is attracted to beauty in all forms of lovers, specifically the ones who areadept at adoring him. In bed, the King of Beasts will live up to the title, but before you're done purring, he's probably raiding the fridge or making a sandwich. This man will give away hisheart fully and with great ease, but from time to time he is likely to forget with whom he left it!
Virgo Female
really is filled with purity and virtue, but also knows how to cut loose andhave a good time - when she's not over-analyzing the smallest aspects of life. This lady is alwaysin control - at least of herself. In her world, there is a time, place, and order to everything - andher love and trust must be earned or won. She is most attracted to neat and tidy lovers whose philosophical intellect can challenge her own. She is cautious with her emotions, but when shechooses to release her passion, she removes the virginal misconception with the subtlety of araging forest fire. This is a supersensitive woman with many facets of character, who constantlystrives for perfection in herself, life and love.The
Virgo Male
is the industrious sort who finds work to be oddly exciting. He's the one who is just as likely to softly grin caressing the finish of his new file cabinet the way others would thecurve of a lover's hip. Always searching for ways to improve things, he tends to be attracted to people who need his help or guidance in some way, but they must also be intelligent andcompetent in their own right. He tends to look at love with the same zest and vigor as any othework to be done. In other words, love is meant to be shaped into perfect harmony (well, almost perfect!). He is selfish and selfless, and can freeze an active volcano or melt the polar ice caps,depending on the day. But with a partner who loves him compassionately, his devotion growsevery day.
 Libra Female
is warm and womanly... artistic and elegant. She can come home from work and whip out an intimate dinner for 20 that rivals any gala. She can find something attractive inevery person, place, or thing - and still believes that Prince Charming will come riding into her life on a snow-white steed. Until they show up, any lover who shows interest and has even aliberal understanding of romance is definitely worth consideration, especially if they are packaged into a hot body. A good woman, she tries to anticipate her lover's needs, sometimesforgetting that air and personal space are amongst them. The greatest challenge for the LibraFemale is realizing that a clinging vine tends to strangle, but when she's content with herself alone in life, she is the most desirable flower.The
 Libra Male
is the life of the party, the kind of guy you just want to be around. Strong of mind, body, character and success, he tends to have a playboy past and is likely to throw over thelatest bubble-headed beauty for a quiet, loyal, sweetheart who may turn a few less heads (but canintellectually hold their ground). For all that he is, and all that he has achieved, he tends to have

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