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The McDozer Blogs - Public Journal of a Dropout

The McDozer Blogs - Public Journal of a Dropout

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Published by mcdozer
The devastatingly politically incorrect views of one who refuses to flow with the stream.

Last update: March 22, 2010
The devastatingly politically incorrect views of one who refuses to flow with the stream.

Last update: March 22, 2010

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Published by: mcdozer on Jun 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The McDozer Blogs
(Warning: Please note that the following articles are of radical Christian nature and don’t coincidewith the current flow of political correctness!)
We all rely on the input we were given since we were children. The information we’re being fed iswhat shapes our world view and determines our perception of things.But what if a substantial amount of the input and information we were being fed is wrong andfalse?What if some of that information even consists of downright lies?What if we’re being purposely deceived by people and forces trying to manipulate us in order for them to take advantage of us, control us and use us?Although this may sound like a very bleak scenario to some, if one walks through life with openeyes and ears, eventually they will have to confront the fact that this scenario is our reality, andthat one of our greatest challenges in life is to find and uncover the truth that has been buriedbeneath the large pile of lies that makes up the Matrix of our supposed reality.Perhaps the most effective tool for that purpose, and the most powerful weapon at our disposal inour combat against a sea of lies is – as unbelievable as it may sound to some –the Bible.Needless to say, this is also one reason why the Bible has become a principal target of the NWOpropaganda machine.Not only that, but many of the institutions run by professing followers of the Bible (aka churches)have been infiltrated and manipulated to such a degree that Christendom per se has become anot very desirable ideology in the eyes of most clear thinkers.All these factors make the task of discovering the foundation of truth in our journey through life anever increasing challenge.What happens is thatwe underestimate our Enemy and the extent to which he would lie to us. Infact, most of us are not even aware of the fact that there is an unseen enemy at work against us.Unfortunately the Bible tells us that due to man’s own choices, our world is presently beingcontrolled by the Enemy of our souls, who is posing as “the god of this world” as a usurper, settingthe stage for a world totally controlled by him in every way: economically, politically and
ideologically – a scenario which has been advertised during the past decades as the approaching“New World Order,” a world government which will eventually be headed by one man who willultimately represent the personification of the Devil, just as Jesus represented God to believers.The coming and revelation of this “man of sin” or “son of perdition,” as the Bible calls him, isprecisely what is necessary and missing for the rightful King and Ruler of the world toreturnandfree and save us fromthe grip of the usurper .The supernatural2nd Coming of Jesus Christ(or Yashua the Messiah), anticipated by millions of believers around the world, will constitute “the end of the world as we know it” for some, and yetfor others only anew beginningof the way mankind had originally been intended to live by itsCreator.The one thing required for anyone to make sure that the Kingdom of God for them will be not theend, but a new beginning, is to accept the gift God gave to mankind in offering His Son Jesus ( =“Savior”) as the lamb of sacrifice that would pay the price for our sins. Recognizing and admittingthat we are sinners and that in order to be cleansed and redeemed from our guilt we are in needof a divine Savior, all we have to do is confess to Jesus that we need Him and ask Him to comeinto our lives along with His unmeasurable love and forgiveness, which will then transform our lives into truly meaningful, spiritual and in fact,eternalones.Originally, life was not intended to end. The onlyreason we die is because of our sins. Thepurpose for Jesus’ first Coming was to take that load from off our backs if we only receive Him.With His Second Coming, He will manifest that same redeeming power on a universal scale anddeliver us from evil, just as He taught us to pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth,… and deliver us from evil…”Those who are tired of evil can find liberation from it in childlike simplicity by simplyacceptingJesus and saying to Him, “Yes, Lord, I accept Youas my Savior. Please,come into my life, forgive me for my sins and fill me with Your Spirit. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.”
Per sonals
(Published December 2004 on DaveMendoza.com)Q.: “What nationality are you, Dave? What country are you exactly from?”A.: I subscribe to neither national identity, but consider myself a citizen of the Kingdom of God,regardless of place of birth or passport. I have personally witnessed the evils that nationalismbrings about in many countries, have seen it start wars & transform happy people into haters of their fellowman & thus I have come to detest any display of nationalism & patriotism.Jesus told His disciples that they were “not of this world”, & that’s how I have always felt.Naturally, earthbound people who are satisfied with the materialistic System resent those whodon’t let themselves be pressed into any flag-waving mold or drawer. Sorry, if all I can say tothose people is, “Tough luck!”Earthly empires have come & gone, and the Bible predicts a time when they will disappear for good to be replaced by an everlasting Kingdom of Love. If you want to know which nationality Iadhere to: THAT’S the one.Q.: “So, obviously, you’re some kind of religious freak, Dave! So, tell us, which church or denomination do you belong to?”A.: In order to tell you which church I belong to, let us take a look at the origin of the meaning of the word "church”: Nowadays, we associate “church” with a pompous building in which confessingChristians meet during one hour a week (on Sundays) to listen to a man talk & sing a few songs &monotonously repeated prayers & ceremonies. But the original of the word comes from the greekword “ecclesia”, which means “the called out ones”. God, throughout the ages, has always had a
small body of true believers who were conveying His message for the time, & who were doingtheir best to obey His commandments.The Bible says that “the most High dwells not in temples made with hands”, so, you won’t find thatgroup in any church building.The Bible also says that “all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”. So, all youneed to do to find out which group of believers I belong to, is to investigate which single Christiangroup of believers has suffered the most persecution during the past 2 decades, & I’m not talkingabout those in China or muslimcountries. (Or check out www.thefamily.org)Note that as it was in Jesus’ day, it is often the established religious powers who instigate thosepersecutions. Those who “think they do God service” by hounding their brethren.Depending on how much you've been brainwashed by the media, you might not like what you’llfind. Unless you’re prepared for a truly radical God Who is the opposite of all you’ve ever learned.Q.: “You scare me. So, you really believe that God interacts with people & stuff? Don’t you thinkone has to get a good education, a job &, you know... make an effort to ‘fit in’?”A.: As I said, the true believers are “called out” of the Systems of this World, and Jesus said, “Hethat forsakes not all that he has, cannot be My disciple”. I believe that this is still as true & appliesas much today as it did then. True believers must “forsake”, renounce, give up & leave their earthly possessions behind (like I didwhen I was 17 & I’m ready to do again, at His beck & call, anytime) in order to share them withtheir brethren, the way it’s described in the Book of Acts: “All that believed were together & had allthings in common...” Wanna know where Marx & those who paid him stole the idea of “communism” from? – That’sit! Acts 2:44,45. Only that this, true communism, only works if empowered by the love of God,which is ready to “lay down his life for his friends”, not to establish another tyranny of the kind wehave seen in Russia or China. Do I believe that God interacts with His chosen people? You bet Ido. Look how active the Devil is. Youthink Gid is sleeping all the while?Q.: “C’mON, Dave! You really mean to tell us you believe in the Devil? Every kid knows that’s afairy-tale to make little children cry.”A.: Oh yeah? Well, not according to the Bible. Granted, by today’s widely recognized views theBible itself isn’t much more than an ancient conglomeration of fairy-tales, but that just shows howsuccessful the Devil has in been in preaching his gospel. For thousands of years people haveaccepted for fact that the world was created.Only in the past hundred years have we all come to accept that the world & intelligent life“evolved” from lifeless matter – a violation of the laws of nature & common sense.Everything the Bible has foretold about the history & future of the World has come to pass or ishappening before our eyes, so, I also believe what it says about the Devil, namely that he is – atthis time - the god of this World, into whose hands the kingdoms & riches of the world have beengiven – soon to be restored to their rightful Owner. Q.: “Dave, for thousands of years, people believed that the Earth was flat. Are you one of those?”A.: People always ascribe this narrowminded, “Don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts” attitude toChristians, and,unfortunately, only too often, they’re right. The established religious powers are always too busymaintaining their power to hear what their own God has to say (the Bible described the Earth as aball way before Galileo or Columbus), & thus, as mentioned before, prefer to persecute the truebelievers to being open to revolutionary new revelations God might have in store for them. Whydo you think the Bible continuously blasts those who claim to be God’s people? “This peoplepraises Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. ‘For your sake My name is mocked

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