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Christian Astrology Volume II - William Lilly

Christian Astrology Volume II - William Lilly

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Published by: Varchas on Aug 25, 2013
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Christian Astrology
William Lilly -- 1647Volume Two
TREATED OF IN THREE BOOKSTHE FIRST CONTAINING THE USE OF AN EPHEMERIS,the erecting of a scheam of Heaven; nature of the twelve Signs of the Zodiack, of thePlanets; with a most easie IntroductionTo the whole Art of Astrology.THE SECOND, BY A MOST METHODICAL WAY INSTRUCTETHthe Student how to Judge or Resolve all manner of Questions contingentunto Man, viz. of Health, Sickness, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journies, &c.Severall Questions inferred and Judged.THE THIRD, CONTAINS AN EXACT MEOTH, WHEREBY TOJudge upon Nativities; severall ways how to rectifie them;How to judge the generall fate of the Native by the twelve Housesof Heaven, according to the naturall influence of the STARS:How his particular and Annuall Accidents, by the Art of Direction, and its exact measure of Time by Profections, Revolutions, Transits.A Nativity judged by the Method preceding.The Second Edition Corrected, and Amended.By WILLIAM LILLY Student of Astrology.Omne meum nil meum. Nihil dictum, quod non dictum priusLONDONPrinted by John Macock 1659
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THERESOLUTIONof all manner of Q U E S T I 0 N Sand D E M A N D S. 
Chap. XXII.Questions Concerning the First House.
 If the Querent is likely to live long yea or not.
Many men and women have not the time of their Nativities, or know how to procure them, either their Parents being dead, or no rememberance being left thereof; and yet for divers weightyconsiderations they are desirous to know by a question of Astrology, whether they shall live longor not?, whether any sicknesse is neer them? , what part of their Life is like to be most happy?together with many other such Queries people doe demand incident to this house.
Signs of Health or Long Life.
In the Question you must consider if the Sign ascending, the Lord thereof, and the Moon be freefrom misfortune, viz. if the Lord of the Ascendant be free from Combustion of the Sun, from the129

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