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Lesson 2 Chapter 2 and 3 Report

Lesson 2 Chapter 2 and 3 Report

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Published by christopher
a paper i wrote on African and Native American Culture. it discusses religious and culture beliefs of the society and how the changes have influenced society today.
a paper i wrote on African and Native American Culture. it discusses religious and culture beliefs of the society and how the changes have influenced society today.

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Published by: christopher on Jun 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christopher CunninghamDr. Vladimir ThomasPHIL- 1304 ( Introduction to World Religion) Lesson 2 Report Native American and African Religions Ch 2 and 3 One of the oldest and most enduring forms of religion in society is that whichIs that which is practiced by various Native America people today. BecauseOf the role played by Native Americans in history for the past 400 years, their Religious practices not only have fascinated scholars but also the public whichHas caused a deeper need to study their culture and way of life. NativeAmericans have also experienced a religious revival which has caused greatConcern to wanting to preserve their culture and religious heritage. TheReligions of the Native Americans tend diverse that are in the forms of Monotheism which is the believe in one God, polytheism the belief of Multiple Gods, and finally monistic which is the belief in one God thatCan take manifest in multiple forms which are found in other religions.Animism is also another common idea in the faith based religions of the NativeAmericans which holds that animals and all of nature is connected in a spiritualWay that must not be harmed. When it comes to the idea of sacrifice, it is rarelyPracticed amongst the Native American tribes, when it does occur it is seen as aGift to the spirits in exchange for blessings and protection. Self torment is alsoA form of sacrifice found in the Sun Dance though this practice is also rare. As with
All other religions, the Native Americans have their taboos which include fear of theDead, Native Americans believe the spirits of the deceased haunt their living relatives,Touching a dead body is also considered unclean thus special care must be given to theBody in regards to cleaning it and finding a place of burial. Finally another taboo is thatMenstruating women are considered to have special powers which can be consideredDamaging during times of hunting which is a key to survival, thus women wereConsidered unclean, in some communities she was sent away from society till her Time passed. Native American cultural and religion is full of ceremonies and ritualsWhich include performances of music and dances in which all communities areParticipants, music and dance it is useful in preparation for hunts, war and preservationOf the Earth in which they seek the creator for blessings and protection during theseEvents. The Vision Quest is considered a right of passage in Native American life, it isA turning point in life taken before puberty to find oneself and the intended spiritual andlife direction. When an older child is ready, he or she will go on a spiritual journey aloneIn the wilderness which may last a number of days with a period of fasting and seekingVisions which may take the form of a guardian animal in which symbolizes the directionIn which the child’s life will go. The child will then return to the tribe and when grownWill pursue that direction in life. When it comes to religious leadership in NativeAmerican Religions they do not have a set priesthood, leadership comes under theHead of healers known as medicine, the medicine man specializes in removingForeign objects which may be the cause of illness and infirmities. Native AmericanReligions are very diverse when it comes to the idea of an afterlife especially since their Exposure to Christianity for more then 400 years. Traditionally Native Americans
 believe in two souls, neither which are immortal. The first is the life force or breath That accompanies the body, when the body dies or decays, this soul also dies.The second soul is what might be called a free soul, this soul wanders during dreamsOr sickness, when death occurs this soul goes to the land of the dead. Not much is saidAbout the land of the dead, it is sometimes considered a happy place and sometimesA place of sorrow, it is also believed it is a continuation of this life, there is no reward for The righteous or punishment for the wicked in Native American religions, reincarnationIs also another common belief. Finally since the arrival of the Europeans Native AmericaReligion has had to undergo significant change, especially with the arrival of ChristianityIn which Many Native Americans left their traditional religions to adopt the Religion of The Europeans, however along with Christianity many still practice traditional beliefs.For example during the week of Good Friday and Easter they commemorate the birth of Christ with traditional dance and music which share many common themes and storiesFrom the Bible and traditional Native beliefs. In the last few decades traditional religionAnd culture has changed as well as thrived, there is also a growing interest by non Native people for Native art and religion which have sent mixed reactions amongstThe Native community.When it comes to discussing African religions one can not speak of a single setOf theology, religion or culture. Africa is a huge continent with many varied cultures.Western perception of African religions is not without it’s stereotypes. The first is that

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