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BCBS Past Papers

BCBS Past Papers



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Published by ulitmate420

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Published by: ulitmate420 on Jun 11, 2009
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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of PakistanModular Foundation Examinations Autumn 2001September 03, 2001BUSINESS COMMUNICATION & BEHAVIOURAL STUDIES (MARKS 100)Paper C-9 (Module ‘C’, SM’2’, ‘3A’ & ‘6B’) (3 hours)
Q.1 What is negotiation? Explain the “two aspects” identified by Fowler that you canuse in strengthening your case in a negotiation.
Q.2 Explain the following terms:(a) Critical listening.(b) Empathetic listening.
 Q.3 What hints would you give to your friend to make him “a good listener”.
Q.4 Evaluate the following opening paragraphs of claims letters, and tell how to improve the poor ones.Which one or ones do you consider effective? Why?(a) In line with your policy on consumer satisfaction published in your recent catalogue, I amrequesting a cash refund of Rs.1200/- for a toaster I purchased two weeks ago for cash. Thereason I have directed this request to your office is that your department manager said sucha refund would not be possible. (Written to the adjustment department manager).(b) In the past year I had ordered nearly Rs.5000/- in goods from your store, by mail. Twoweeks ago I came there in person and bought a grey overcoat. As I was heavily loaded withpackages, I asked the clerk to send the garment to me by store delivery. When the overcoatarrived, I was busy and so did not open the package until two days ago.(c) Never in my life I have been treated so rudely as I was the other day in your store, by two jerks you call employees. I tell you, the way I was insulted gave me a good indication of what kind of people you’re hiring these days. I’m so mad I will never go back to your storeagain.
 Q.5 Mr & Mrs Douglas bought a couch that had been marked down from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 2000/-.Rather than pay delivery charges, they asked their son to haul it home for them in his truck. Upondelivery, two problems became apparent: a large stain on the back side and a spring on the bottomwas not anchored. They called the store about the problem and learned that the couch could not bereturned. Neither would the store fix it free. Thinking a letter to the manager might get results, theywrote. The purpose of the sale had been to move cut damaged merchandise or items from brokensets. Boldly displayed in the store were signs stating that the items were being sold on “as is” basisand could not be returned. Tags attached to each item have the same information. In refusing therequest, you, as the manager, send the name and phone number of a small, independent operatorwho does good repair work. You may assume other necessary details. Letter should be complete inall respect.
 Q.6 Write a notice, agenda, and the minutes of a special meeting of the Board of Directors of IdealManufacturing Co. Ltd. to discuss the problem of declining sales during the last six months. Theminutes should contain the problem, its implication, and recommend a solution.
FOR FREE ACCA, CA, CAT & CIMA RESOURCES VISIT: http://kaka-pakistani.blogspot.com
Q.7 You have been appointed by the Managing Director of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation(KESC) to carry out a survey of the power break down complaints in the SITE industrial area. Writea formal report using your imagination on the results of the survey addressed to Managing DirectorKESC highlighting the quantum and implications of power break downs.
Q.8 Management functions are closely inter-linked and interwoven in character. Discuss the variousfunctions of management.
 Q.9 Distinguish between job enrichment, job enlargement and job rotation?
Q.10 What is contingency approach to leadership?
Q.11 (a) What do you mean by MBO? Enlist the weaknesses in MBO.
 (b) Define job stress.
FOR FREE ACCA, CA, CAT & CIMA RESOURCES VISIT: http://kaka-pakistani.blogspot.com
 Modular Foundation Examinations Spring 2002March 4, 2002BUSINESS COMMUNICATION & BEHAVIOURAL STUDIES (MARKS 100)Paper C9 (Module C, SM 2, 3A & 6B) (3 hours)
Q.1 Habib Bank Limited wants to open a new branch in Gulistan e Johar. The Managementhas appointed you as a Research Officer to conduct a survey of the locality and preparea suitable report in the form of a letter for the Vice President of the Bank.Write the report.
Q.2 You are working in a company which has dealings in foreign exchange. Your companyhas seen the effects of recent exchange fluctuations and its impact on business. YourManaging Director has asked for your advice in the matter and has requested for a brief Report on the subject. Write such report.
Q.3 Explain the difference between a conclusion and a recommendation. What steps wouldyou follow to generate recommendations to a problem?
Q.4 Briefly explain the following:(a) Proposal(b) Letter of Transmittal(c) Information Report.
 Q.5 (a) Good communication improves employeesattitudes and performances in anorganization. Discuss?
(b) What are the basic components of effective communication? Discuss at length.
(c) Your company has launched a new product that is sure to attract the attention of general public. As a part of your campaign, you have to write letters to retailers.Draft a sales promotion letter.
 (d) How do information sharing meetings differ from problem solving meetings?
Q.6 Gharana, a non profit organization that builds low-mortgage houses for needy families,recently initiated its annual fund raising drive. Mr Shams Kalani was among numerousbusinessmen who volunteered to get sponsors worth Rs.200,000 each. Thesevolunteers agreed to get sponsors worth Rs.25,000 weekly and to complete the driveby December 24. With the deadline only two weeks away, Mr Shams Kalani has sentsponsors worth Rs.50,000 only.
Write a letter to Mr Shams Kalani persuading him to get more sponsors in order togenerate the assigned amount of funds. Mr Shams Kalani’s address is 22 Gharyal Bldg.I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
FOR FREE ACCA, CA, CAT & CIMA RESOURCES VISIT: http://kaka-pakistani.blogspot.com

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