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ED 565 Syllabus

ED 565 Syllabus

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Published by Chris Bochen

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Published by: Chris Bochen on Aug 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SyllabusED 565
Introduction to Instructional Technology (Online)
Arcadia UniversityEducation DepartmentFall 2013
Dan Gallagher, M.Ed.
 Office: n/aE-mail: dgallagher@arcadia.edu  Work Phone: n/aHome Phone: 267-475-9115(This covers QM standard 5.3)
Policy regarding feedback:
I will return emails within 48 hours and grade your assignments within aweek.
Welcome to your Arcadia University course, ED565
Introduction to Instructional Technology. Thegeneral focus of the course is to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary, and multi-level instruction;students will construct these activities by using the following: wiki software, word processor,spreadsheets, and presentation software. All assignments will be introduced with the intent of modelingintegration into curricular areas.The course will focus on theory as well as practice, and challenge you through real-world problem-basedscenarios. Please try to make connections between what is taking place in your classroom to the contentbeing discussed. If you are not currently teaching, I would like you to address issues as if you wereactually teaching in a classroom. The second part of the course will deal with obtaining specificcompetencies with respect to technology applications.
Required Materials
No required textbook for this course. You will use Arcadia's online databases and other web resources.Since this course is being delivered online, your computer system will need to meet specific hardwareand software requirements. For this course, you will need to have access to Microsoft Office, orsoftware that can author MS Office formats like Google Docs or Open Office. Additionally, we will be
using other software packages, but I've tried to utilize free programs. The URL's for those programs willbe provided in the course at the appropriate location.1.
Headset with microphone, or a built-in laptop microphone2.
Skype (conferencing software) - http://www.skype.com  3.
Audacity (see the Week 2 Resources folder)4.
Up-to-date Flash, Java, & Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,etc.)
(This covers QM standard 1.5)Basic knowledge of general technology terms
Minimum Technical Skills Expected
(This covers QM standard 1.6)1.
The ability to use a modern web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, to navigate websites.2.
The ability to use your Arcadia e-mail address to send and receive e-mails.3.
The ability to learn My Arcadia features found in the Tutorials section of the course, as needed.4.
The ability to use word processing software to read, author, edit and save documents.5.
The ability to use a search engine, like Google, to find information on the web.
Technical Support
(This covers QM standard 7.1)
If you experience any difficulties with accessing the course or email please contact the IT helpdesk215.572.2898. If you encounter a problem with an assignment or content in the course please contactme.
Resources available
(This covers QM standard 8.1)
In compliance with the Arcadia University policy and equal access laws, appropriate academicaccommodations can be made for students eligible for such support. Students are encouraged toregister with the
Disability Services Office (215-968-8463) to verify their eligibility for appropriateaccommodations. Please speak to me about any requests for academic accommodations or otherconcerns as early in the semester as possible.
(This covers QM standard 3.2)A 90% to 100%B 80% to 89%C 70% to 79%D 60% to 69%F Failure to complete required work
 Online Discussion BoardDiscussion Questions25%Theoretical FoundationsLearning ActivitiesGoogle Site50%PodcastPBL Activity 1 (Screencast)Audio / Video ResponsePBL Activity 2 (Prezi)Final Project Technology Unit Plan 25%
(This covers QM standard 1.2)This course is being presented in an online fashion. It is important that you login on a regular basis (dailyif possible) and work on a consistent basis to complete your requirements. Since we are not meetingface to face, it will be imperative that you participate in the discussion board with your partner, as wellas on the phone and in Skype conferences with your instructor. Also, the Cyber Cafe is available for youto develop community outside of the course content.You will need to be self-motivated and try to stay as organized as possible; developing a schedule wouldbe a good idea. I also suggest that you login in the beginning of the week and copy all assignments to aWord document. This will allow you to construct a quality answer, spell check, grammar check, and copyand paste it into the forum.
Requirements for Discussion Board Sessions
When quoting the work of another scholar, it is important that you cite the work correctly. Atool you could use, Citeulike,will help you format your citations. However, the following are examples of what is expected when referring to the work of another scholar.Example within the context of the posting:"Constructivism is an epistemology, a theory of knowledge used to explain how we know whatwe know" (Lorsbach, 1997).Example at the end of the posting:Lorsbach, A. (1997). Constructivism as a Referent for Science Teaching. Retrieved January 5,2006, fromhttp://www.exploratorium.edu/IFI/resources/research/constructivism.html 2.
You are required to respond to a minimum of three other student postings for forums thatrequire interaction with your peers. I will be looking at the way you analyze the postings andextend the conversation. Please use this opportunity to share your own experiences, butremember to support your assertions with current research findings. At this level we can all

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