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Peace Corps LC XC Coordinator SOW August 2013

Peace Corps LC XC Coordinator SOW August 2013

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language cross cultural statement of work
language cross cultural statement of work

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Aug 26, 2013
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Vacancy Announcement – Language and Cross-Cultural CoordinatorScope of Work
Reports to:
Training Manager (TM)
Coordinates with:
PST Homestay Coordinator (HC), PST Cross Cultural Coordinator,Programming and Training Specialist (TC), Technical Trainer (TT), and other training staff, Director of Programming and Training (DPT),Program Managers, and other Peace Corps staff.
Language/Integration Facilitators (LIFs)
Evaluated by:
Director of Programming and Training
Position Summary:
 The Language & Cross-Cultural Coordinator (LCC) is responsible for designing, planning, organizing,monitoring, and evaluating the Peace Corps Thai language and culture program. The Language/Cross-Cultural Coordinator (LCC) is responsible for designing, planning, organizing, monitoring, and evaluatingthe Trainees’ language learning during Pre-Service Training (PST), as well as other training events. TheLanguage/Cross-Cultural Coordinator ensures that language and culture is integrated into every aspect of the training design. S/he oversees the compilation and development of all Thai language and culturematerials to be used by trainees and Volunteers. The Language/Cross-Cultural Coordinator alsocoordinates with the Homestay Coordinator (HC) and other PST staff to oversee the Trainees’ homestayexperience in local villages and cross-cultural integration and learning. The LCC also coordinates with PMand PTS on Volunteer homestay experience. S/he will draw on local people and resources to direct theTrainees’ language learning during PST through formal sessions, training site assignments, and specialevents. This is a fulltime, contracted position at Peace Corps Bangkok office, with frequent travel totraining villages, as well as an extended stay during Pre-Service Training. The LC will be required tofollow a six-day work week during PST, with additional preparation time and activities in the evening, and on weekends and holidays.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:General
Understand and support Peace Corps’ goals, philosophy, and mission in Thailand. Study and understand the Trainees’ project plan and assignment.
Become familiar with the overall objectives, design, and delivery of various PST components.
Act as a senior PST staff member; foster productive and cooperative working relationships amongtraining staff and between training staff and PC staff and Trainees. Attend all staff meetings.
Work with TM and AO to compile all budget requirements for the PST language and cross-culturalcomponent and monitor expenditures for all materials and activities.
Conducted/facilitate Language/cross-cultural/diversity sessions.
Language CC Coordinator SOWPage 2 of 5
 August 2013
Design and develop relevant language materials to support trainees and Volunteers in their serviceincluding coaching for self-directed learning support for tutors.
Ensure that safety and security competencies are incorporated and actively integrated in PSTcomponents and effectively delivered to Trainees so that their acquisition is properly evaluated and documented. Supports the safety and security systems that are in-place for PST, including reinforcingto Trainees their roles and responsibilities related to their personal safety and security.
Language Component
Ensure that LIFs carry out their responsibilities according their Scope of Work.
Supervise and support LIFs. Conduct a thorough and extensive Language Training of Trainers (LTOT) prior to PST for all LIFs. Utilize the adult experiential learning model to guide them in session and materials design, innovative approaches and activities.
Develop PST Thai Language training calendar and curriculum, including plan for session designs,activities, and assignments. Address the practical and needs of the Trainees as they strive to adapt tousing Thai language for daily needs and conversation.
Develops and implements cross-cultural component, including the training calendar and curriculum, allsession designs, activities, and assignments. Addresses the practical and needs of the Trainees as theystrive to adapt to the Thai culture, practices, and lifestyle.
Organizes field trips, excursions, and other cultural activities that expose Trainees to various aspects of Thai society.
Identify, create, and/or adapt Thai language materials, suitable to Peace Corps Thailand’s program, for  both PST sessions and independent study. Prior to PST, and in cooperation with the TM, and DMO,order all necessary language books and materials for use in class, at site, and throughout PC service.
Assist LIFs with the design of language seminars and training site activities. Develop languagemanual, worksheets, and learning tools, as well as methods for self-study and learning.
Conduct additional TOT as necessary throughout PST and actively assist LIFs with the design and  production of training materials, flipcharts, etc.
Design an evaluation instrument for LIFs’ performance. Provide positive and ongoing feedback and make recommendations for improvements.
Monitor language classes and provide feedback to each LIF at regularly scheduled intervals and according to evaluation criteria.
Act as lead Thai language trainer and facilitator, implementing sessions, encouraging discussions and activities, and acting as an important resource and cultural informant. Revise competencies and design,record and evaluate all sessions accordingly.
Organize creative language-learning activities that expose Trainees to various aspects of Thai society.
Language CC Coordinator SOWPage 3 of 5
 August 2013
Ensure the integration of the cultural, technical, health and safety and security components of traininginto the language curriculum whenever possible, in classroom sessions as well as in practice languagesessions.
Assist Trainees and Volunteers in identifying resource people and places in their villages that will helpthem to fully explore and experiment with the language. Collaborate with technical and languagetrainers to design and implement integrated community learning activities.
Conduct site visits during training and in service to monitor PCT’s and PCV’s language acquisition.Hold individual interviews with both Trainees and host families to discuss language-learning progress. 
Provide documentation on Trainees’ performance in language training, in support of decisions torecommend or not recommend each Trainee to become a Volunteer.
Develop and implement a comprehensive testing approach and coordinate the testing schedule for allTrainees.
Participate in assessment of Trainees throughout the training, providing constructive feedback to PCand PST staff. Participate in permanent site placement meetings.
Submit language materials to be used in the Trainee Handbook and other publications.
Conduct ongoing TOT as needed and assist LIFs in developing materials for sessions.
Train the new LIFs if any to ensure every LIF has the same teaching standard of Peace Corps. And beable to do on the job coaching if necessary.
Design and implement language component evaluation that will help Peace Corps Thailand improvelanguage training in the future.
Compile copies of all language-training materials and names of resource persons withrecommendations for future use in a way that can be easily referenced for the next training.
Help Trainees and Volunteers to identify their individual learning needs and provide support if needed.
Reviewed and updated the language/cross-cultural materials to ensure it’s up to date and appropriate tothe nature of the program itself.
Submit Language-training weekly report to TM on a weekly basis.
Homestay Program (PST and Permanent PCV Sites)
Perform site visits to training villages. With other core PST staff, meet with local governmentalofficials and leaders to advertise and gain support for the program. Meet with other influentialcommunity leaders to inform them of Peace Corps’ training activities in the area (civic leaders,religious leaders, etc.).
Accompany HC, TM and LIFs, on interview visits to potential host families, if necessary.

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