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9781783280339_ AngularJS_Directives_Sample_Chapter

9781783280339_ AngularJS_Directives_Sample_Chapter

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Published by Sara Lester
Chapter No.3 Deconstructing Directives
Learn how to craft dynamic directives to fuel your single-page web applications using AngularJS
Chapter No.3 Deconstructing Directives
Learn how to craft dynamic directives to fuel your single-page web applications using AngularJS

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Published by: Sara Lester on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AngularJS Directives
Alex Vanston
Chapter No. 3"Deconstructing Directives"
In this package, you will find:
A Biography of the author of the book A preview chapter from the book, Chapter NO.3 "Deconstructing Directives"A synopsis of t
he book’s content
 Information on where to buy this book 
 About the Author 
Alex Vanston
is a self-professed geek and an outdoor junkie fused together.During high-school he began teaching himself how to code and has been obsessedwith learning new languages and better ways to solve problems ever since. He has been building web sites and applications professionally for the past seven years, for clients and companies around the world. Currently he lives in Denver, CO, where heloves hiking (5 14ers down, 49 to go), playing pickup sports, and water skiing whenhe can. He's the lead front-end developer for ZipKick, Inc, a travel startup taking off in San Francisco, CA. You can find him online at , wherehe blogs about web development and tech.A huge thank you to the innumerable friends and family who haveencouraged me through this writing process, listened to me wrestlewith word choice and politely ignored me when I inexplicably beginmonologuing at random moments when a new idea hit me.
AngularJS Directives
 AngularJS Directives
dives into the core building blocks of Angular.JS and providesyou with the knowledge you need to create fully dynamic web applications thatrespond in real time to updates and changes in your data. You'll learn how to builddirectives from the ground up, as well as some of the best practices to use whenarchitecting them. By the end you'll be able to create a web application comprisedof multiple modules all working together seamlessly to provide the best possibleuser experience.
What This Book Covers
Chapter 1, Designing Web Applications in 2013,
provides a quick introduction tosingle-page web applications and the current best practices for developing them.
Chapter 2, The Need for Directives,
discusses the value of Angular.JS directives andhow they satisfy many of the best practices discussed in
Chapter 1, Designing Web Applications in 2013.
Chapter 3, Deconstructing Directives,
highlights each of the configuration optionsavailable for directives and provides examples of how they can be used.
Chapter 4, Compile versus Link,
dives into the two separate processes by whichAngular.JS parses and transforms static HTML into a series of directives anddynamic elements.
Chapter 5, Keeping it Clean with Scope,
serves as a study into the different degreesof scoping and isolation that AngularJS provides for its directives.
Chapter 6, Controllers
Better with Sharing,
discusses the advantages of usingcontrollers to coordinate between parent and child directives.
Chapter 7, Transclusion,
provides an overview for consuming existing HTML contentinto your directive while preserving the appropriate scopes.
Chapter 8, Good Karma
Testing in Angular,
introduces the Karma test-runner and provides an overview of best practices for testing Angular applications.
Chapter 9, A Deeper Dive into Unit Testing,
dives deeper into the realm of unit testingand discusses the Angular approach to validating functionality.
Chapter 10, Bringing it All Together,
walks through the creation of a custom Angular.JSdirective from beginning to end.

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