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Sator Square Fuchs (1)

Sator Square Fuchs (1)

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Published by Dew Nada
dewnada, sator square
dewnada, sator square

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Published by: Dew Nada on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The origin of the Sator Formula From Harald Fuchs, BaselAncient folk tradition corresponding to arise, themysterious, incomprehensible, comprehensible formulatenet opera rotas arepo capacitor through the centuries hasproven through a tough life force. The properties to which itowes its importance will be evident when ordering that fiveout of five-letter words so that they join forces to createsquares:SATORAREPOTENETOPERAROTASLike a shield trim, or rather downright himself as a shieldhere are the words, captured and saved by the fact thateach of the four corners of both horizontal ¬ right as avertical guide our eyes the same sentence, and used byeach in four of the eight cases even result in the samephrase teeth, and also honored by the sacred letters of thealpha and omega of framed cross, which presents itself as acenter of the square block twice TENET. It is be ¬conceivable, that such a structure has been at all times,wherever one has believed in the secret power of letters andwords, highly appreciated and that it could be considered inits inviolable unity as a miracle cure,with which everything Hess1 away evil. But where, as in theknowl ¬ ence, belief in the spellbinding power of wordsmissing, as is expressed the life that is inherent in theformula, still the fact that in anyone who comes near her, ¬to the agitation of a next perplexed questioning awakens.How much this concern ¬ GE rade is nowadays considered
to show the many works attributed to it in recent years havefallen to premium2.During these years, some lucky finds were set. In both Westand East of the Roman Empire, to Pompeii and the nearbyplaces Dura on the Euphrates
¬pos), the formula in a number of reproductions has come tolight. This is evident not only been spread räumüche, butthere have emerged new time limits: In the rules ¬ of Dura,where the Roman rule lasted only until the year 256, toabout the early third centurybelong to3, the inscriptions of Pompeii which was buried in79 of the ashes of Vesuvius seem, even in the middle of thefirst century of the Christian era to come4. No lessimportant is it that these inscriptions are recorded in all thewords in a different sequence than it was usual later:ROTASOPERATENETAREPOSATORSince in such a place with ROTAS with Sator beginning of a sequence also found in England earlier in thefourth century, written ¬ meett5 it has been theoldest known representation of the formula was, it should beno doubt that these are unusual in structure so unlatei ¬cally-looking version quite common in the ancient world, GEis essentially ¬.When trying to interpret the formula that may naturally onlyThis early version of ancient will6 considered. That thewordssame way as they offer an unbiased eye, aright sense of it, is still in this early versionlet say less than in the late-or post-ancient order ¬
design, which attracted at least the sequence of subject,predicate and object no longer concerns the strange wordAREPObut remained as questionable as ever. Although it has meantthat even AREPO cope with some certainty tocan7. If you do not simply as a proper name said8, he wasseen as a Celtic word, for example, be witness to the ¬th arepennis, a Gallic soil proportion, and designatedaccordingly belong ¬ speaking either the land or the plowdid9, or you knew one of the latestInterpretations as to mention an otherwise handed down ¬sches Latin noun that has been formed and quite badly tothe word arripere would10. The formula should then alsostate: "The wheels keep with diligence on the plow field (or,at his plow) the sowing: man be" 11 or in terms of a vision of Ezekiel, "The wheels and their work to the rake holds thespreader »12 Who are these results by an advance fromword to word meaning border is not satisfied and feltespecially as the unwelcome AREPO felt13 too distracting,had to try to proceed in more elaborate ways. We have,daring the open wording of the square lying there ill ¬, toread the text in the knight's move made by free or rearrangement of the existing five by fiveLetters, the 'real' text, which was believed hidden in asquare ¬ gene, independently re-tried. In addition to many,that was totally wrong, it is also the one or the other statement was made that seemed to be at least notentirely inappropriate, such as the petition which has beenwidely hailed as the best solution, oro te, pater, oro th ,pater, sanas14. Nevertheless, when the letters GE stock inindividual ¬more precisely examined, there was the surprising fact thatin the given twenty-five letters, if they only GE ¬

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