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Sator Opera 2

Sator Opera 2

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Published by Dew Nada

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Published by: Dew Nada on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David Ernest Wachter
HEBREW AMPLIFICATION ON THE S A R A QUADRANT OF THE SQUARE:Consider ZARAStrong's Number: 2232 (rzOriginal Word Word Origin(rz a primitive rootTransliterated Word Phonetic SpellingZara` zaw-rah'Parts of Speech TWOTVerb 582Definitionto sow, scatter seed(Qal)to sowproducing, yielding seed(Niphal)to be sownto become pregnant, be made pregnant(Pual) to be sown(Hiphil) to produce seed, yield seedTranslated WordsKJV (56) - bearing, 1; conceive, 1; seed, 1; set, 1; sow, 47; sower, 2;yielding, 3;NAS (57) - conceive, 1; gives birth, 1; perpetuated, 1; plant seed, 1;scatter, 1; set, 1; sow, 28; sowed, 2; sower, 2; sowing, 2; sown, 10; sows,2; unsown, 1; yielding, 4;Verse CountKJV NASGenesis 5Exodus 2Leviticus 9Numbers 1Deuteronomy 4 Judges 2
2 Kings 1 Job 2Psalm 3Proverbs 2Ecclesiastes 2Isaiah 7 Jeremiah 6Ezekiel 1Hosea 3Micah 1Nahum 1Haggai 1Zechariah 1Genesis 5Exodus 2Leviticus 10Numbers 1Deuteronomy 4 Judges 22 Kings 1 Job 2Psalm 3Proverbs 2Ecclesiastes 2Isaiah 7 Jeremiah 6Ezekiel 1Hosea 3Micah 1Nahum 1Haggai 1Zechariah 1
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 13 hours agonearAltoona
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David ErnestWachter
HEBREW ZARA is obviously cognate with Latin SERO asboth refer tio SOWING and have the same S or Z + R string of consonants....12 hours ago 
David Ernest Wachter
Latin SERO
[edit]Etymology 1
From *si-sh
-e/o-, reduplicated present of Proto-Indo-European *seh
- (“tosow”).
(Classical) IPA: /
present active ser
, present infinitive serere, perfect active s
, supine satum.
I sow, plant.
(of persons) I beget, bring forth, produce.
(figuratively) I found, establish; scatter, spread, disseminate; propagate; excite;cause, produce.
[edit] Hebrew root word "seru", which means "to begin"... the Aramaic word "sherei" meaning"to begin".Hebrew AZAR = to help, support and AZARAH = asylym
CHeRuBiM in Sator Square is found in the diagonals leading into the Ncenter... SR RP N = CHR RB M given S/CH, P/B, N/M sound shift rules.SR RP N could as be read GR RF N or GRiFFiN !
From Bhakti Ananda Goswami: SERAPHIM is the plural form of SERAPH (SRPH), the firey winged SERPent that is the Egyptian URAEUS or HR-USgiant Egyptian Cobra. This was apparently the same species as the Vedic

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