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Published by Cherry

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Published by: Cherry on Jun 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4.4 Preparing an annual plan
Associated guidance on activity implementation
Part 4:
 Activity implementation
 AusGuideline 4.1:
 Mobilising activities
 AusGuideline 4.2:
 Baseline studies
 AusGuideline 4.3:
 Monitoring activities & managing contracts
 AusGuideline 4.5:
Using a technical advisory group
 AusGuideline 4.6:
Undertaking an implementation review
 October 2005© Commonwealth of Australia 2005
Preparing an annual plan
Last updated 28 October 2005
Australian Agency for International Development
1 Purpose of an annual plan
For AusAID’s major activities that span several years the annual plan is usually the keydocument for defining, justifying and scheduling activity implementation on an annual basis.Each annual plan contains a review of an activity’s progress to date and, based on thatanalysis, an implementation strategy and a detailed work program for the coming year.The annual plan of a joint activity is a key planning, management and monitoring tool for theparticipants in implementation: the delivery organisation, the counterpart agency, the partnergovernment’s central aid coordination authorities and AusAID.It is essential that the counterpart agency delivering the partner government’s contributionagrees to the annual plan. In most countries, formal agreement by the partner government’scoordination authorities is also required.
2 Structure, scope and timing of an annual plan
Each annual plan has two basic parts
a review of progress to date, and
an implementation strategy and work program for the coming year, incorporating anylessons from the review of progress, and providing
 justification, if required, for the proposed joint program of work, and
explanation of the expected outputs and development benefits of that work program.
Review of progress
The review of an activity’s progress is a major part of each annual plan (except for the firstannual plan). The review of progress reports on the results of implementation in terms of theplanned work, outputs, outcomes and impacts of the activity.If difficulties arose during implementation, the review will analyse the causes and effects of those difficulties and the options for remedial action, including adjustments to activityimplementation.

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