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Aula timur building condition survey report 2

Aula timur building condition survey report 2

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Published by mohd qisti

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Published by: mohd qisti on Jun 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Building Surveying emerged in the 1970s as a profession in the United Kingdom by a groupof technically minded General Practice Surveyors. Building Surveying is a recognized professionwithin Britain but not widely recognized overseas although there is growth of the profession withinAustralia. The Services that Building Surveyors undertake are broad but include:
Construction design and building works
Project Management and monitoring
Planning Supervisor under CDM Regulations
Property Legislation adviser 
Insurance assessment and claims assistance
Defect investigation and maintenance adviser 
Building Surveys and measured surveys
Handling Planning applications
Building Inspection to ensure compliance with building regulations
Undertaking pre-acquisition survey
Negotiating dilapidationsBuilding Surveyors also act as an advisor on many aspects of construction including:
RestorationIn this case, the building condition surveys and measured surveys is stages of 3 maincriteria which is surveying, assessment and evaluation, which will cover the historical background,research, the diagnosis of defect in the structure, fabric and services along with the buildingconstruction method, the technology and the material itself. By taking into consideration, thebuilding measurement and analysis need to be conducted accurately to get great results at the end.1.1
In order of achieving several objectives that have been planned for the building ahead of thesurvey works start its operation, this report was produced. To make it a success, aims as aguidance to ensure all the works planned will be accomplished within the given period with thelimitations that will arise throughout the survey works. The aim for this project is to gain as muchinformation about Aula Timur located at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesiawith earlier overview that the building was historical structure with uniquely design by a Dutchmenarchitect on 1918. Besides that, the aim is to produce a professional overview report of buildingconditions with a prioritized list of recommended repairs provide an objective framework for actionthat need to be taken as a preservation alternative followed by maintenance plan for a certainperiod that has to be under the owner’s responsibility.
A conditions survey is the main objective for this inspection and study report of the buildingthat will includes a written and visual report with the actual condition for the building itself and someminor part surroundings the area with prioritized recommendations according to the inspectionworks that has been done.
There are numerous of objectives that include:
To get the idea of keeping the historic character of the building with appropriatesactions that will be prioritized list.
To record the condition of the building prior to the commencement and after thecompletion of construction works, tenancy period, renovation works etc, as aprecautionary measure to prevent disputes on damage caused by the above-mentioned activities;
To identify the root cause of problem that lead to the existence of building defectsand to advise client on the appropriate method to rectify the defect withoutrecurrence;
To inspect building as part of maintenance program and up keeping of building for maximum performance;
To provide technical information on a building for client’s consideration prior to their decision to acquire a new building, rent a property, commence interior design,addition and alteration works etc.
The group objective is to produce a building condition report that will cover the buildingmeasurement and analysis, measured drawings, defect investigations and recommendation for thecase study, Aula Timur, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. Other than that, thegroup would like to gain as much information and hands on measuring the building with thetechnical equipment given as well as define all the deficiency that takes place on the building. Moreimportant, the method or technique on collecting data will be assessing to get the accurateinformation for the case study.This is as a way in ensuring each individual are well known with all sorts of informationregarding the work need to be done before the arrival in Bandung, Indonesia. In order to achieve agood report, the group has also form an objective that is compromise few criteria on each of thegroup members that is to be fully responsibility on their task given, to improve communication skillon gaining the information from the community surround as well as among the group members andalso to compete each other in the group to reach as much data needed.
This kind of task need to be done properly according to the specific method that’s beentaught during the lecture and some extra refeences for building measurement and analysis fromexternal building surveyor firms.
The scope of the building condition survey can be cover both exterior and interior or even anelement alone. For this task, the work that had been planned is going to covered part of thesubjects from the Building Surveying program such as Building Defect and Analysis, ConstructionEngineering, Building Services, Building Practice, Environmental Physics, Building Maintenanceand also Structure. The scope of building condition report was also to enclose all of the followingprinciples:
inspection methodology;
brief history of construction and maintenance;
summary of findings;
description of existing conditions, including causes of problems;
annotated photographs;
prioritized recommendations;
During the survey works, there are a few of limitation arising and part of it has beenovercome with using some of the equipment provided. The limitations that come out throughout thesite survey were;
Inaccessible ceiling space for the Aula Timur building including surau and Cultural Centrearea.
Inaccessible loft of cultural centre and a room between Main Hall and the Cultural Centrearea.
Permission denied to measuring the internal part of the building due to a day event held atthe building.
The differentiate figure by laser distance meter and teodolite during the calculation of building height.
Lack of information about building’s material as it was a major different from Malaysia’sconstruction material and some of the material was imported from outside Indonesia.
Lack of information about the size of beams and joints inside the building as it can’t be reachwithout suitable equipment to get to higher distance.
 The summary of this chapter is to generate the aim of the survey worksthroughout several objectives within the scope of work given. This aim will be majordepend on the group objectives that have been decided before the work started,despite of right methodology and preparation to overcome all the limitations at thesite. An earlier planning will determine either the survey works will completed in therange of time given. Though the work will be difficult due to lack of information and thelimitations expected to be come forward on the site, any additional information fromthe lecturers and building’s owner will help a lot to the group in completing the reportbefore the due date.
The survey works must be also within in the Building Surveying program subject to makethe information gain in this process can be useful in the class later on. Furthermore, this practicalwill be a view for the students for their next career after they’re graduated. So, it’s important tomake sure that the objective of this works successfully achieved. The method of measurement inthe site study must be synchronize in all part of the building.

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