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In the Hour of Silence

In the Hour of Silence

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BY John Edgar McFadyen, B.A.(Oxon.)M.A.(Glas.)

Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis,
Knox College, Toronto. '
BY John Edgar McFadyen, B.A.(Oxon.)M.A.(Glas.)

Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis,
Knox College, Toronto. '

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I THE HOUR OF SILECEBY JOH EDGAR McFADYE,"Devotional books of the high-class to which thisvolume belongs are rare and precious. The author,by help of sympathetic insight into the soul of manand its satisfaction in the gospel of Christ, has spokenwords which will be a source of strength and comfortto many readers." — The Congregationalist andChristian World."By its excellence and its helpfulness it willkeep its place for many a day among the enduringbooks that minister to the life of the spirit. . . .There is indeed beaten gold here, and v,ere such asthis the result and output of all critical study of theBible, Christianity and the Church would be greatlythe richer because ot it." — The Westminster."A devotional book of rare excellence. Its beautyof diction, its lofty range of spiritual thought, willcommend it wherever it enters. This little book will find its way into many homes, and it will bringstimulus to many a discouraged one. It is unpre-tentious, and it is none the less welcome because itmakes no high claim. It meets men where the needis greatest, in the stress of life, and bring a messageof cheer to them there." — The Presbyterian Review.*'Each one of the short and crisp chapters of thisbook — there are twenty-four in all — is a homily of delicate and true exegesis, all parts harmonious, no joints or flexures of obtruding lecture-room orlexicon, but all deftly woven into a unique statement,i^ which by direct or implied reference, the Scrip-tural is exploited to the uses of true devotion andpure communion with the will and wisdom and theove ot God." — The Eva?igelist.
"The. quest, both of man for God and of God forman is the general subject of these brief chapters of devotional meditation. They breathe an invigoratingair on the uplands ot spiritual life." — Outlook."The little book is great in its simplicity, sweetnessand strength. The fruitage of a finely culturedspiritual life is here and its wine flows forth in thesehelpful paragraphs." — Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus, D. D.i2mo, cloth, gilt top, net, $1.00I THE HOUR OF SILECEBYJohn Edgar McFadyen, B.A.(Oxon.)M.A.(Glas.)Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis,Knox College, Toronto. 'Chicago ew York TorontoFleming H. Revell CompanyLondon & EdinburghMCMI ICOPYRIGHT, 19
2,BY FLEMIGH.REVELL COMPAYSeptemberI THE LIBR, RV OF1 °Two Copies RecOCT 14 1903Copyright tntryCLASS «- XXc. o^ iT c ~J 3COPY B,

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