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RIP Trayvon Martin

RIP Trayvon Martin

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Aug 27, 2013
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The George Zimmermann Trial
The George Zimmerman trial is an important trial. It deals with the family of Trayvon Martin and them having the right to receive closure including justice. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are our heroes. Thank you
Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton
 for using your strength and courage as a means for you to fight the good fight for human civil liberties and justice. Thank you for sacrificing your time and efforts in making us know further that black life is human life and our lives are important. We have every right to endorse the principle that all men are innocent until proven guilty and that no innocent human being should suffer stop and frisk, especially without probable cause or without a just reason. Many have shown the stats and other evidence to document the fallibility of stop and frisk. So, we should all fight for justice, for human liberty, and for mutual toleration for all human life. RIP Trayvon Martin.
For centuries, our people suffered through oppression and murder (especially by crooked cops and fake cop vigilantes). The prosecution and the defense teams in this case have fought each other tooth in nail as a means to find information that validates each other's own positions. I think that the Newsone website did a great in showing information about the case and they ought to be given praise in their actions of showing the world about the numerous facets of the George Zimmerman trial. A denial of justice for Trayvon Martin means that more police and other evil souls will try to execute potentially more extrajudicial murders against human beings. We know that after the trial, we have to cause a revolutionary change in preventing not only police brutality, but racial profiling including the murder of innocent black human beings in the streets. The fact is that George Zimmerman was told by the operator to not follow Trayvon Martin. He did follow the young teenager still, a fight came about, and Travyon Martin was murdered with one bullet wound to the chest. Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012. Zimmerman was called by the defense as being soft, but he was trained for a while in MMA (in 6 hours a week in fight school. The defense is tried to portray Zimmerman as totally weak physically, which is not the case at all) and he assaulted a woman before. Well, he is soft morally for assaulting a woman though. George Zimmerman had an old Myspace page where he wrote a racist rant, which falsely linked Mexican Americans collectively to crime. He said that every Mexican he meets pulls knives on him, which is racial profiling. They found no skin, bruises or blood on Trayvon Martin during the autopsy, which is evidence that Trayvon Martin was not the aggressor according to the
family of Trayvon Martin. Samford, Florida is the location of Martin's death. George Zimmerman is a 21st century vigilante like the old slavery era patrollers. We know the truth about the case. Trayvon Martin violated no laws while he was walking from the store. The unarmed Martin tried to flee Zimmerman. Zimmerman pursued him and a fight came about. Trayvon Martin had every right to defend himself from being assaulted by Zimmerman. Zimmerman should be found guilty of many charges and Zimmerman had no reason to stalk Trayvon Martin at all. Now, we see that Trayvon Martin was put on trial not Zimmerman by some in the media including the defense team. George Zimmerman had a gun and Martin was unarmed. Rachel Jeantel was attacked in the most vicious fashion, but Zimmerman's contradictory testimonies and views had been ignored by the defense and others. It was by the strength and courage of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Zimmerman would never have been charged. How can you curse a young teenage on the phone and then deny you have any malice intent on the shooting of Trayvon Martin? Zimmerman said that the screaming doesn't sound like him is very interesting. Later, he says that it is his voice explicitly, which makes him a liar. It seems like the switching of views by some is making the case more apparently clear. George Zimmerman is the type of sociopath that thinks that it is the will of God to murder a child. We know that the reactionary Florida Stand Your Ground law is a throwback to the laws of the 18th century militia that harmed black communities in early America.
We must never give the enemy the right to shoot anyone for almost any reason. The tactic of the enemy is to make the victim the criminal and the criminal the victim as Malcolm X said decades ago
. That is why the enemy obsessed with Martin's grades, possible drug use, education, etc. which has no relevance in the case. The case is about the incident at hand not Trayvon Martin's grades at all. Trayvon Martin's murder was an open attack on the black community.
According to the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, about 300 black people have been murdered in the same manner of extrajudicial murder since Trayvon Martin was killed.
 The jury has decided on the Zimmerman trial. Now, we should continue to fight for truth. The reactionaries lied and predicted massive riots in America. We know that to be a lie since most folks have been peaceful. Human beings have every right to protest about injustices in our community and to protest for the justice of the late Trayvon Martin. Many cities across the nation in San Francisco, New York, Sanford, Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other places of the world have folks protesting for justice for the family of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin is not here, but his memory lives on in us.
We can respect his memory by doing the right thing. We can advocate ending unjust laws like Stand Your Ground. We can work to build up our communities and fight against violence including police brutality. We can go out and mentor the young as a means to fulfill their true potential. We should boycott in firm strategic ways that deal with ALEC or those that benefit from George Zimmerman's agenda. We may lost a battle, but we will not lose the war. In the end, we will be victorious. Yet, we have to work and work. We have a responsibility in the world to focus our energy to radically change society. We all realize the disparities that exist in the criminal justice system. We see many brothers and sisters in jail for huge time for Stand Your Ground related issues. We have seen the War on Drugs harm our communities harshly. Also, many humans of many ethnicities and backgrounds protested against the verdict and want justice for Trayvon Martin. That truth ought to be known here
. Robert Zimmerman has the same agenda as his brother. He is a hypocrite by complaining about vigilantes, but his brother acted as a known vigilante. He ignores the corrupt system in the judicial sphere and other spheres of the nation as an excuse to justify his brother's actions. His tweet outlines the views of Robert. In the final analysis, folks like Robert could care less about our people. They only want blacks to be docile, compromising, weak, and aligned with the system. The system is corrupt to the core, so we should make a better system in the replacement of the current evil system. PS. One of Robert's biggest lies is that he said that America has the best judicial system in the world.
Remember Lester Chambers being assaulted on stage for just singing a song in favor of Trayvon Martin recently.
Have Faith, Have Hope, and Do Action
*We do not need the tranquilizing drug of gradualism in society at all. That means that we should have freedom now and fight for freedom now. Gradualism prolongs oppression in the daily lives of Americans. We have seen time go from 1963 to 2013. We share many of the same issues from then and now. We live in some new political context, but we have the same system of oppression in the world. As human beings, we have the right to pressure the government including the world society as a means to respect our Black demands. For decades, the political establishment refuses to propose potent, substantive legislative initiatives to address our suffering today (except in small exceptions). The old marchers are right that we should continue to fight for jobs and justice. We are never in a post racial society to begin with. We do not experience a post racial society especially when we see the current President viciously being attacked by reactionaries beyond just policy disagreements. We do not have such a society when the President on many times has to use many deracialized speeches as a means to make the masses comfortable with the compromising aesthetic. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rejected the tactic of gradualism as a means to get freedom. We know that Dr. King was a revolutionary, especially in the late 1960's. We know that many reactionaries have hijacked, compromised, and relegated his agenda to just that of a dreamer. They omit that Dr. King was also a man who wanted to use radical means to fight oppression and racism. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. criticized capitalism, wanted economic justice, and disagreed with war. We still have huge problems with civil liberties, education, health, the economy, and unemployment in the black American community. The unemployment rate in the African American community is more than double the national average and the wealth accumulation of the average European American family is 20 times that of the average African American family. After 50 years, we still have to address issues of the evils of police brutality, evil, radical cuts to social programs, jobs, etc. Back in 1963, various organizations use many political, social, and economic actions as a means to advocate legislation to Congress. There were nonviolent direct action and a demand to end racial discrimination in America. There were boycotts too. The 2013 March on Washington had great sincere human beings dedicated to justice in that arena. They made a huge tribute to the past efforts of heroes who some gave up their lives as a means for their descendant to live in a more just world. Yet, some today (including those in the March. Many speakers and leaders of the 2013 March on Washington were political imperialists, worldly celebrities, and other establishment political figures. At least the gracious Sister Bernice King has the strength to talk about Syria though) fail to articulate a legislative agenda or pressure the government to address police brutality, imperialism, disparities in other arenas too (like in mass incarceration, home foreclosure, unemployment, or education). Therefore, we have work to do. We have to speak out against imperialism and the evil system of white supremacy. We have to condemn evils

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