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If I Were A Giant

If I Were A Giant



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Published by Amira Syuhada
I create this essay. My teacher told me I have lots of errors. I realize I don't make a good job on it. However, I still want you guys to read it ;) I use my imagination a lot so you guys may don't understand what I am talking about. But, please try to understand. Thanks a lot ;)
I create this essay. My teacher told me I have lots of errors. I realize I don't make a good job on it. However, I still want you guys to read it ;) I use my imagination a lot so you guys may don't understand what I am talking about. But, please try to understand. Thanks a lot ;)

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Published by: Amira Syuhada on Jun 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If I Were a Giant
The earth lived by millions, trillions, zillions of people that have many kinds of attitudes and special abilities. They got their own personalitiesand have their own passions to bear them to live through this life. But, it might be on the other side if they are a ‘giant’. What is a giant? Is it somethingtouches with many hands? Is it something stands with many legs? Is it something looks through many eyes? Or, something hears with many ears? If they have various hands, legs, eyes and ears, I can imagine it is such an alien from Mars. Does it also can have a word like us? Use your mind, sitdown and think what is a giant is. These questions may be solving as you are hunting high and low for the answers.I use my thoughts and I keep thinking what it is until I get the answer. My mind’s eye tells that Giant is especially tall mythological creaturesor monsters. It is poles apart than others. So, I am going to tell you, anything good would happen to me if I were a giant. I want to be as friendly,softhearted personality and easily driven to tears likes Rubeus Hagrid who is a half-giant Keepers of Keys from the books of Harry Potter. If I werefriendly, people starts to talk and care about me. It is more exceptional when I am a giant. I am different. I guess I am happy and swollen with prideabout it. If people can accept me as a friend, I may pay them back by helping them in any situations and conditions. I have power to stop bulliedpeople who always think they are full-powered but they aren’t. I am strong to decrease crime rates happen. I can clout for those who loves to makepeople suffer. Those are deserved to get their own lessons by me, a kind-hearted giant. I will always spend my time by doing good things that canprovide benefits either for me or others.If I were a giant, I use to have lots of fun with my height and my size anywhere I go and maybe at a beach. I can swim across the ocean notincluding with any problems. Ocean likes a swimming pole for me but it is like a big flood for others. When I want to do snorkeling or scuba-diving, Idon’t need those equipments as I can be safe without them. But, others need them as they are weaker than me. I could easily catch fishes, shrimps,squids, crabs or even a massive octopus. The sea creature is like a shark for me but it is like a huge whale for others. I probably know how to build anenormous sand-castle ever. If I am entering a sand-castle building competition, automatically I will be the champion and will hold up a large goblet.My sand-castle may catch peoples’ eyes until they never try to look on the other directions. My name may be recorded in Guinness World Recordbook with a famous topic as ‘A Builder of The Largest Sand-castle’ and of course I will make lots of money. Next, I may be the richest people in theworld. I could be richer than Oprah, Bill Gates or Donald Trump. My house will fill with dollars. My bedroom will fit with precious papers. My kitchenmay pack with lots of cashes. My toilet would shower with lots of coins.If I were a giant, it is effortless for me to get to school. I can only open three steps to school with my long legs. I don’t need any car or else acar factory has to create a gigantic car as immense as a bungalow. Then, they have to produce a vast lorry for my body to squeeze in. When I reachmy school, I just can see my friends walk with small treads while I could just stride over the fence instead of going through the gate. All my friends canhear my voice saying ‘hello’ in the morning even I only want to say that to a person. This is because of my deep, strong voice travel through the air. If Iscream, earthquake may happen and people may get into hot soup. If I sing, all glasses force to break into pieces. If I shout, my friends’ ears possiblywill be unable to hear anything after. If I cough, everyone might put their hands on both ears and push it tightly. If I laugh, my spit determines to go outlike drops of rain and people disgusted it while saying “EWWW”. If I speak through microphone, people in the other schools also could hear me of each word I said. However, I guess everyone love me since I have many special talents and skills. I may have no space to sit in class. My teacher hasto combine four or maybe five chairs for me to sit on. Others, she needs to make two or maybe three desks stay together for me to use in learninglessons. Plus, she also can re-build my class and make it as broad as a hall. So, I have more rooms to move. As a conclusion, school has to utilizetons of money only because of me by buying many chairs and desks and buying bricks and cements for my new class to build.Additionally, we need shelters, food and clothes if we want to survive our life. If I were a giant, where I can have a nap? What food I can bitand pieces? What kind of clothes I have to be dressed in? Well, I can pull trees from the ground and form a well-built, tough house for my own. I don’t

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