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Meditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual Life

Meditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual Life

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEDITATIOS O VARIOUS ASPECTS OF THE SPIRITUALLIFEBY SADHU SUDAR SIGHFOREWORDIn order to appreciate the value of thesesimple addresses and often quaint illustra-tions one should have seen the Sadhu, or atany rate have read his interesting Life. AnEastern ascetic, clad in his saffron robe, andlike the old Friars, dependent on charity,this man has succeeded in winning a hearingfor Jesus Christ among Indians which Henever had before.I took the Chair for him at the ChurchHouse when he came to address the Clergyof the diocese of London, and I was im-mensely impressed by his striking appearanceand by the simpleness and yet supernaturalpower of his address.MEDITATIOSYou must remember that this man hasborne persecution and hardships of everykind for his faith; he has lived with wildbeasts; he has been entombed alive, and yethe has kept the calm unruffled faith whichbreathes through the chapters which formthis little book.
I hope the perusal of it will lead itsreaders to study more carefully the characterand life of one like the Sadhu, for it isonly when Christianity is represented in itsEastern dress that it is likely to win forChrist the allegiance of our Indian fellow-subjects.A. F. LODO.Fulham Palace, S.W.VIPREFACEIn this little book I have put down a fewmeditations on various aspects of our spirituallife, and have dealt with those difficultieswhich every man of God will necessarilymeet with as he passes through the differentstages of his spiritual life.Possibly all may not agree with my viewson some of the questions dealt with. Itwould be strange if they did. For as no twomen are exactly alike in form and feature,and as all are not equal in their powersof hearing or seeing, so each man's appre-hension of spiritual truth will be conditionedby his temperament, his experience, and hisspiritual outlook. It is not likely that thereMEDITATIOS
will be divergent views on fundamentalprinciples, but there very probably will beon non-essential points. For God in reveal-ing His Will takes each man's spiritual stateand capacity into account. Hence what mayseem to one as in advance of the times mayto another appear to be out of date andunnecessary.Further, many fail to grasp the meaningof those God-revealed facts, which some man,living in union with God and illuminated byHim, has recorded. Without having hadany very definite experience of enjoyingGod themselves, they set out to championtheir doctrines about Him, and fight overthe husks of non-essentials as dogs do overdry bones. But those who have enjoyedfellowship and union with God and have beenlifted above these unprofitable wranglings,bring out of the storehouse of their ownpersonal experience " things new and old "viiiPREFACEto which they testify without a thought as towhether others will agree or not.My sincere thanks are due to the Rev.T. E. Riddle, who has again assisted me intranslating this book from Urdu into Eng-lish; and also to Miss E. Sanders for hergreat help in reading and correcting theproof.

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