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Meditations on God, Man and Nature

Meditations on God, Man and Nature

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEDITATIOS O GOD, MA AD ATUREBY SADHU SUDAR SIGH -WITH A ITRODUCTIOCanon STREETER PREFACEIn this little book I have put down some of the ideas and illustrations which are the out-come of my meditation. I am neither aphilosopher nor a theologian, but a humbleservant of the Lord, whose delight it is tomeditate on the love of God and on the greatwonders of His creation. It is impossibleto describe all that I know and feel aboutReality through my internal senses in medita-tion and prayer. Words cannot express allthe deep truths which the soul feels in thesesolemn moments. Such truths though un-spoken are readily and easily understood byreceptive minds. Words, in fact, may leadmore to misunderstanding than to real under-standing.iv n,n j_.i i. i nnjj ivi^ijitjiuiiiI am unable, I repeat, to express all my
deep feelings and thoughts, but I shall tryto write down at least some of them as wellas I can. Should readers be helped even alittle by this attempt, I shall try later toexplain my other ideas and experiences whichat present I hesitate, for various reasons, toplace before the public.I would like to acknowledge here thegreat help I have received from Dr. A. J.Appasamy, M.A. (Harvard) and D.Phil.(Oxon.), in translating this book from Urduinto English. My thanks are also due toRev. R. W. Pelly, Bishop's College, Calcutta,for reading through the manuscript andsuggesting many valuable corrections.SUDAR SIGH.Sabathu, Simla Hills^September 1923.ITRODUCTIO" What has the Sadhu been doing since ? "That, I imagine, is the question which willbe asked by many of those whose imagina-tion, four years ago, was kindled by theparables, the personality — or even by adistant glimpse of the saffron robe — of thenotable Indian Sadhu Sundar Singh,He left England in May 1920 to addressa series of meetings that had been arrangedfor him in America and Australia, returningto India in September. The Christians atColombo and at Bombay, his port of landingin India, had made great preparations to
celebrate his " conquest of the West " witha public ovation. aturally, this was not tothe Sadhu's taste, and he caused no smallviii REALITY AD RELIGIOdisappointment and some resentment bydeclining to be made a hero. He avoidedthe crowds, and at once went orth. Thefollowing summer he returned to the risksand hardships of mission work in Thibet.The anecdote that follows, abridged froman Indian newspaper, will illustrate the lifehe led.One day in a lonely mountain spot acompany of brigands set upon the Sadhu,stripped him, and, apparently, were aboutto despatch him. Impressed, however, byhis demeanour, they hesitated. The Sadhutook advantage of the respite to begin asimple religious address. Still more im-pressed, they restored his clothing andconducted him to their cave, signifyingtheir willingness to hear more. After awhile they produced some rough food andinvited him to share it. A bowl was handedhim into which some milk was to be poured.As it was extremely dirty, the Sadhu beganto wipe it out, before holding it out to befilled. At once the leader of the band.ITRODUCTIO h

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