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Published by HimalayanWisdom

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Published by: HimalayanWisdom on Jun 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CLAIM MEClaim me.I want no other Master than You.Who has the power greater than YouTo compete for my attention?Enslave me -Your order alone I want to act.What an immense surprise!Having enslavedI am only freed.In freedom I am Your slave.The valuable attention drawn into -On my Master,I am no more a slave in this world.In freeing me, I release the fetters – Of grudge, jealousy … all in agonyThat I hold others with.Further reading : ‘Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’ by Swami Nikhilananada.July 2003KNOCK PLEASEI have lost and lost and lost Myself todayAnd nothing seemed to fit Surprise.Being lost brought pounding,Ranting and raving.Everything turned stale and normal.
Act back to Myself For where has Appreciation and Surprise gone?Off for a walk to search for MeFor in Losing the Self The space was stolen.Knock, knock.Somebody knock at myself And wake it up once again.For experiences they are too – Anger, Staleness and Frustration.For long I have been in Surpriseand Awe.That I stepped into the luxury of Absenting Myself.But I never knew it would lock Myself.So I say, knock now; open the door to Myself again.2003Siva Baba: “You have to stay conscious and do not want to lose your consciousness.”I liveI walk the earth bare foot,The stones’ pain in my foot soles I live.I walk the winter earth in summer clothes.I let the chill freeze me,The pain of chillness in my skin I live.I walk the earth in sun,The heat burning my body I live.I am Strong filled from my own Source of Power.
Cries and cries,I live the crying all around me.Lonely, lonely, lonely,My stomach’s pain I live.Surrender is strength, Not weakness.I live-Stony, stony, stony,My stony heart I live.The strength of living melts that heart,I am filled by my own Source of Power.I am untouched, unhurt.I am not my thoughts or feelings.I am beyond that which I don’t know,Except for the compass of the Strength-Of living, Surrender, powers drawn from my unknown Source.June 2003“It is not possible to achieve anything if you hesitate to face life’s distresses. For withoutit life would not be truly lived, as it would become as a passing of time.” From the worksof Swami Sivananda.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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