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Aethergraph 1-1

Aethergraph 1-1

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Published by A Jeff Butler
steampunk miniatures magazine.
steampunk miniatures magazine.

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Published by: A Jeff Butler on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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XCIV Publishing Presents... J. Womack, Editor
Inside This Issue:Inside This Issue:Inside This Issue:Inside This Issue:
Clive’s Register
 Verne’s Armory
 Automatons: Rules forGASLIGHT
Sports Results
 And much, much more!
 Welcome to The Æthergraph, a new fanzine dedicated to celebrat-ing Victorian Science Fiction (also known as VSF). While it will fo-cus on wargaming in a VSF setting, there will also be articles anditems relating to Victorian history (both real and alternate) and role-playing. I’m hoping to also be able to include some artwork fromtime to time, as I have a few artistic friends (hint, hint, Eli!). Plusphotos of my own work in miniatures, terrain, conversions, and soon.So what, you may ask, is Victo-rian Science Fiction? If you read Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur Conan Doyle, or H.G. Wells, then you know something about VSF. Stories set in the mid-to late-1800s, during the reign of her Majesty, Queen Victoria (GodBless Her!), and frequently set insome area of the British Empire,although this is not set in stone.Indeed, many of the best tales arenot in the Empire, but on otherplanets entirely! A certain disregardfor the laws of physics is pretty much required, as the stories areoften filled with or even centered around one or more bizarre ad- vanced technologies. Remote, even mythical, regions of the Earth areyet to be explored. Mars and Venus are inhabited (usually), and muchmore interesting than our universe’s boring, sterile planets. So look for weird science, dinosaurs, aliens, steam-powered spacecraft, lotsand lots of brass, and rivets
! Don’t stop to count them...
Next question that comes to mind is this: “
what will I find in The Aether-  graph?” 
Well, quite a lot, I think. If you are a follower of my VSF blog, Victoria’s Boys in Red, a lot of the material in
The Æthergraph 
will bebrought from there, at least for the first few issues. Familiar articles likeReginald’s Regiments of Renown, the Royal Xenological Society, andClive’s Register of Prominent Persons will be re-printed here. I’m alsolooking to create some new feature articles, such as Popular Mechanicksand Verne’s Armory Quarterly—see the first installment of Verne’s onthe facing page. Naturally, all of these articles are incorporated into the VSF Universe that my friends and I game within, but there is no limitthere! I would be happy to publish ideas from your universes. Just dropme a note at aethergraph@gmail.com. So far as rules are concerned, Iplay mostly GASLIGHT, personally, but any rules set is fair game. Ihave also played in games using The Sword and the Flame, Valor Fleshand Steel, modified GW rules, and When Dreadnaughts Ruled the Skies.I look forward to several new rules, including When the Navy Walked, which I just received and hope to review soon.I think—I hope—that this fanzine will spark more interest in a subjectthat interests
more and more as the years pass. It’s an extremely fertileplayground for my imagination, and even some imagi-nations. Anything can happen here in VSF, and I like that.
First Issue of The Æthergraph 
 J Womack 
Martian Sanwar on Muktar
[Photo fromForge World ]
Page 1
1, I
Kaor! Greetings! This is my little spot to talk to you directly, to let you in on what isgoing on behind the scenes of this fine publication. It took a lotlonger to put this together than I originally hoped. I think we mightbe on a quarterly schedule, though. Submissions from readers would help with that...Speaking of, I’ll be posting some submissions guidelines later inthis issue, so if you have any ideas that you think just
be in-cluded in future issues, send them to me! I’d love to have someartwork, house rules, product reviews, or even fiction. A little about me: I have been a gamer for more years than I careto think about. I started with D&D in a red box, and it all grew from there. Warhammer 40K (Rogue Trader) got me interested inminiatures wargaming when it was first released back in the 80s.I first got interested in VSF after reading Peshawar Lancers by Steve M. Stirling. I have always liked alternate history, and wargam-ing. VSF combines them both., so it was like a match made inHeaven, as they say.I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.-Jaethergraph@gmail.com
Editor’s Corner 
 J Womack 
Aethergraph Transmission Focusing Array 
 when inhaled, ingested, or absorbedthrough moist tissue (eyes, nose,
et cetera 
 )and even skin if left in extended contact.
Defensive Measures:
Goggles and some sort of breathing filters are sufficient for protection during short periods of exposure to Matoxin.Gun crewmen and others expecting extended contact with Matoxin typically  wear more complete methods of protec-tion, including heavy gloves, respiratorsand thick, head-to-toe clothing.
 The Empire of Nippon has used theblack smoke projector on three occa-sions during their conquest of the King-dom of Korea. The Nipponese also hada group of specially equipped troops who operated within the cloud of Ma-toxin with special protective gear. Thesetroops, known as Smoke Stalkers, had anintense demoralizing effect on the poorly equipped and trained Koreans.
Verne’s Armory Quarterly 
 J Womac
Black Smoke Projector
 Yet another fiendish creation of Doctor Otto Ma-ton, the black smoke projector was originally devel-oped to please the Emperor of Nippon while Matonsought refuge from the European powers in thatremote island nation. According to confidentialsources, Maton has developed and improved uponhis original devilish design since escaping to Mars.
How it Works:
 The bell-shaped focusing array at the end of the weapon’s barrel creates a capsule of rapidly degener-ating ions which surrounds and compresses a thick,black , gaseous vapor. These ions deteriorate in apredictable manner unless they strike an object that isin contact with the ground, at which time they allinstantly discharge their electrical potential through whatever it was they struck.Range to target is set by the focusing array. Forlonger range shots, the array creates a thicker layer of ions, and a thinner layer for shorter shots.Once the ions degenerate totally or are dischargedas described above, the vapor encased within thecapsule is released. An opaque black cloud burstsforth, approximately 30 or 35 yards in diameter. Thecloud is Matoxin, a potent nerve toxin that kills within seconds of exposure. Matoxin takes effect
Skyrunner Season Starts!
 This week at Victoria Landing Skyrunner Course,the local favorite Victoria Landing Blues racedagainst stiff competition from the H’reskung Reds,the H’reskung Yellows and the Ikline Greens. The Greens got off to a good lead, but were slowedby damage from the Red ship’s bow gun. After onecircuit, the Reds held a narrow lead over the Blues,the Yellows were in striking distance inthird, and the Greens, plagued by moremechanical difficulty, were a distantfourth. The second circuit saw the Blues boardand capture the closing Yellows andknock loose the rudder on the Red scud-der! The brutal one-two combinationallowed the Blue scudder to swoop intothe lead, which they maintained throughthe final circuit.
Final Standings:
B(2:3), R(3), G(3:5), Y(DNF)
63rd Foot Trounces Texicans
Leading up to the celebrations of theindependence of their nation from Mex-ico, the Texican Legation’s troops chal-lenged HM 63rd Reg’t. to a game of 
“The cloud is Matoxin, apotent nerve toxin... “
The Blues celebrate victory!
Photo courtesy brigadegames.com.Miniatures by Robert N. Charrette.
Page 2
 J Womac
rugby football. The honor of the Queen’s regiment wasupheld, as they trounced the Texicans in arough-but-clean match. The star of thegame was Private Regan King. He scoredthree tries in the match. On the second,King received a dropkick from fellow  Welshman Nigel Davies after a lineout. Withonly two yards to cross the tryline, King scored easily. The final score was 38 to 10 infavor of the 63rd. The Texican players, honest sporting lads,hosted the men of the Regimental team to around of beers at the local afterwards, whichled to an impromptu rematch in the streetoutside!
Game Effects:
[GASLIGHT]No Saving Roll. Minimal protective gear (whichincreases the point cost of troops by 1 each) willpreserve models in the blast radius for 1 turn. Ex-treme protective gear, such as that worn by MaskedMinions, Smoke Stalkers, Æthermarines, etc., willpreserve models indefinitely in the smoke. Such gearcosts an additional 2 points per model. A cloud of black smoke lasts until a die roll of 15+,made at each subsequent activation of the gun. Thecloud blocks line of sight.
Range SRM ROF Radius Reload?
48” N/A 1 4” N
Maton’s Minions firing asmoke projector.

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