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Epsifreelance Write Off Script Countercheck, Bitch!

Epsifreelance Write Off Script Countercheck, Bitch!

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Published by Eric Psihoules
Reddit Write Off, 08/27/2013.

This was my first write off, things got weird. BUT it was fun!
Reddit Write Off, 08/27/2013.

This was my first write off, things got weird. BUT it was fun!

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Published by: Eric Psihoules on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Countercheck, bitch!ByEric PsihoulesSecrecy is priority on Salinger movie, book.http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/19/v-fullstory/3572909/secrecy-is-p(908)334-5575epsifreelance@gmail.comreddit user: epsifreelance
INT. TECHNICOLOR MAIN LOBBY - LOS ANGELES, CAA 25-35 white male with a lengthy beard, SECURITY GUARD,sits at his desk; he stares at two computer screens thathave 7 different security cameras. The vault is empty.He glances down at his watch; 11:45pm.SECURITY GUARDCome on, Tommy. Where the fuck areyou?A man steps into frame on the computer screen. He glancesup at the camera and gives a thumbs up and steps off thescreen.SECURITY GUARDWorrrdd, let’s do this.The security guard sits up in his chair and beginstyping. The command prompt comes up on his screen. Hevigorously types and finishes with a loud CLUNK on the enterkey.He pulls out a shitty cell phone and hits sent twice.SECURITY GUARDIt’s good, we’ve got a two minuteloop, get the doc and bounce.The Security Guard gets up from his desk and begins walkingtoward the front door.Suddenly a car comes CRASHING through the glass windows nearthe front entrance. The glass and debris knock the securityguard to the ground.After the rubble clears the DRIVER, who is a noticeablyolder gentleman, makes his way out of the car, BUSTING thedoor open with all his might.DRIVERHoly shit, that was intense.He glances down at the Security guard. He is bleeding fromthe neck, caused by a piece of glass that has lodged itselfdeeply.DRIVERYeah, you’re gonna wanna get somehelp for that.
2.The driver non nonchalantly walks past the desk brushinghimself off as the security guard squirms on the groundtrying to yell for help. It is too late.INT. TECHNICOLOR VAULT - LOS ANGELES, CATommy, a white male, 25-35 wears a stocking over hisface. He is rummaging through drawers and drawers ofdocuments and DVD’s. He throws them behind him as hedismisses them.TOMMYFuck, where are you!?He glances at his watch. There is a timer running; oneminute and thirty seconds show on the face.He slams the drawer shut and reaches to open another.Tommy is thrown forward into the stack of drawers. Thedriver pins him to the drawers and leans forward.DRIVERCountercheck, bitch!He throws Tommy to the ground and kicks him a few times.DRIVERDamn, I can’t beleive you guysreally though this was going towork.He kicks Tommy again who gasps for air.The Driver slowly walks down the rack of drawers sliding hisfinger along, creepily. He stops.DRIVERHere it is.He opens the drawer and pulls out a shiny gold DVD and amanuscript.DRIVERStupid fucking kids.The driver turns and walks out of the vault. He spits onTommy as he walks by.

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