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Fake Evidence Re Craig Thomson

Fake Evidence Re Craig Thomson

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Published by John Ward
The conspiracy to bring down a member of Parliament by the criminal minds in the HSU.
The conspiracy to bring down a member of Parliament by the criminal minds in the HSU.

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Published by: John Ward on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This FAKE is the “evidence” that the Sydney Morning Herald put forward in Court as evidence of wrong doing by Craig Thomson, it (the “evidence”) was provided to the SMH by the HSU todiscredit and defame Craig Thomson, his name was misspelled as ThomPson, (the forgers firstblunder) it was purported to be evidence to prove a transaction with a brothel using HealthServices Union funds.Craig Thomson correctly defended his reputation and SMH settled out of court and declaredhimself vindicated. This document was never examined “forensically“ in Court by his defencelawyer and the judge. This little piece of paper caused years of turmoil in parliament. Tony Abbott even though heknew it was a crude set up, made it key, to a disgusting three year campaign of smear (goes toAbbott's character). The Coalition have attempted to drive Thomson to bankruptcy with legalproceedings, (so as to have him disfranchised and rejected from Parliament), the media havehounded him and printed lies, and he has become a human punch-line, the butt of a million jokes. Lets look at the 'evidence' Abbott relies on. The rejection code 211 is what banks use once theyare called by a sales person, the banks will ask you to write this number on the front cover of the slip. This number (the forgers second blunder) indicates and instructs you that NOtransaction should proceed. The slip is coloured pink, (the forgers third blunder) indicating it is the slip that should be sent toand held in the bank's records. It would not, in the ordinary process of business be in thepossession of the (HSU) customer.Because it has blue and black pen ink on what is actually, a carbon copy, (the forgers fourth andfifth blunder) It becomes clear that this 'evidence' is fake.I am shocked by the deliberate avoidance and refusal to examine or publish any reference bythe Australian mass media to this first crude attempt to bring down an elected parliamentarymember, for what ever motive was involved. The reporting of this stupid forgery as 'proof of guilt' defies imagination, and is evidence of thecriminal manipulation of the people's perception by billionaires who own our media, and areattempting to own our minds. The thing that really amazes me is the person who oversaw the Fair Work Australia investigationinto Craig Thomsonwas the Vice President of Fair Work Australia, and HSU Secretary Kathy Jacksons partner Michael Lawler,a Fair Work Australia judge.
Michael Lawler, is brother tothe very same JohnLawler who was AFP Deputy Commissioner of National Security in

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