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Kendell Round Robin Letter

Kendell Round Robin Letter

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Published by joshua1ix
From Aunt Margaret
From Aunt Margaret

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Published by: joshua1ix on Jun 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 30, 1943Dear Sisters,I received Sarah’s letter a few days ago but I’ve had such a sore wrist that I couldhardly write. I must have twisted it some way while I was doing the spring cleaning.I don’t know whether I’m sorry or happy that you are going to live in Idaho. Youwill be closer to me but farther from the girls and home. If I get a furlough I can probablystop off in Idaho and see you.I do hope by this time you are feeling better about leaving home.I must have the same thing as you have at least the past few weeks it seems that I just can’t get enough sleep or enough to eat. I’ve gained better than 10 lbs. in little better than 2 weeks.I suppose by the time you get this letter you will already be married. Well, I wishyou the best of luck and all the success in the world.What are you going to do with your house when you go to Idaho? Is Thelmagoing to stay there?Boy, I have a sweet drizzling cold. I guess I slept in the draft the other night. Ithas gone into my eyes and they are aching like a tooth.I finally got a card from Van. He seems to like his new work quite well. He is inthe Field Artillery in Camp Swift, Texas.Porky (my 5X5 cook) and I went to see the show “Crash Drive” last night. It was pretty good.Well I’m going to cut this letter short and go to bed. I feel so miserable but I think I’ll be alright in the morning.Write soon and let me know about the wedding. Good night,Love, EdJune 9, 1943Ogden, UtahDearest Sarah,Have I been slighting you? Well my dear it wasn’t intentional. How are you bynow and how is Eddy?I ventured in to tell the people in front that they could consider this official noticethey are leaving for home Wednesday and she said they intended to pay the rent for thetwo weeks they were gone if they haven’t moved by then I’ll expect them to. The girlsare quite anxious to get settled. I don’t have any doubt about the rent. I’m quite sure theyknow the price of the front apartment and I’ll let them have it once these folks havemoved. I simply can’t imagine trying to sleep a different time every day with thedisturbances that take place. I haven’t been out home yet but it’s been stormy and I didn’tfeel like wading while I walked eight miles. Oh news. Hilma Ray has a baby girl!Yes I went down to Emma’s last weekend. They were all well. We had springfriers for dinner. Joy but they almost melt in a person’s mouth.The worst of all this living alone is using up the stamps. I just wasted the bluestamps that were no good after the sixth. I think it’s a pack of nonsense. I just aboutforgot a guard must never criticize the government or what it does, so I really am glad Irationed myself so close. I received a letter from Edward today. He was fine. He saidhe’d heard from you the same day as I wrote. Guess if we all keep up the fight he’ll have
more letters than he’s ever had. Maybe we should send “robin” letters? Yes—No—Don’tknow!You know Sarah this is the first time I’ve written to you (away from home) sincethe last year you went to S.S. So if these seem dull just think that I’m not too keen about picking out things to write about here at home.I got my helmet Friday. You should see it. It’s a lulu. I look more like Farmer Brown’s hired man than Uncle Sam’s woman “M.P.” I’ve misplaced the letter Edwardwrote before he knew your name had changed but I’ll enclose it if I find it. I don’t knowwhether or not we’ll go on shift this week or not. Our uniforms should be here soonthough. I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Emma and hope it won’t be too long before we can all get together. Edward said the 1
sergeant was too promising in the possibility of his furlough being granted. I hope he can come.It’s a shame to keep you guessing about what all this scrawl is about so I’d better call this the gong for now. I’ll do my best (upmost) to stick to the guns at the home front,with an occasional break or get away. But do be good and don’t worry too much. I havemissed you both. It’s just another case where Hooting Annie was wrong. Absence makesthe heart fonder. I haven’t seen him around but let him try it again and he’s liable to catchthe tenth shot that missed the target. So for now then, lots of love, as ever, ThelmaJune 1943Corvallis, OregonDearest Thelma,I received your letter a couple of day’s ago, but have been pretty busy again and just haven’t had time to answer sooner. Enough for excuses.I got a letter from Sarah yesterday. She said that she hadn’t received a letter fromme since she has been in Idaho. I can’t figure it out because I have written at least two.Yes! I rather enjoy helping these poor fellows out with their writing. TomorrowI’ll probably spend most of the afternoon writing for the fellows.They are going to ship better than half of the company out (I Think Fort Lewis,Wash.) I don’t think I’m on the list yet, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to get a furloughuntil after things are settled again.I have been busy today painting signs on all of my flower, sugar, garbage cans,etc. You didn’t know I was an artist did you?? Well I’m not but you can almost read thesigns.Boy I would certainly like to see those nephews of mine and of course you all.I’m afraid I won’t be able to get home for quite some time if I don’t get a job to makesome money. You see Fay must have taken out her allotment last June and I took it out in November. Well they payed her from June and didn’t take it out of my pay until Nov. Now I’ve got to pay all that back. That means $132 besides the other deductions I havetaken out each month. I’m going to try to work at our club. They pay .50 an hour somaybe I can make enough for a furlough.I sent Virginia 6 rolls of film last week. You didn’t say what size you could use. If you will tell me I’ll try to get some for you.Well, I might be a private before long. I had a run in with two Captains the other day about my kitchen. I slightly blew off to them. They asked me how I would like to bea private again. I told them I would much rather be a private than have to take all their 
crap. I don’t know what will become of that but I don’t care very much. If I get broke I’ll probably be transferred into an outfit where I can do some good. Don’t worry about it.Well, it’s terribly late and I must get some sleep.Goodnight with love, Ed.Menan, IdahoJune 25, 1943Dearest folks,In Edward’s last letter he asked if I would start this circle letter. Since I have justfinished a letter to each of you telling you of my few short trips, of the flood waters of theSnake and of my wash day, that being the only news there seems to be just now, I thoughtthis was a good time to start such a letter. You are all even for the start.When Edward wrote last he said it looked as if I needed some practice on thetypewriter. It still looks as if I did. I’ll try to do better as time goes by. The typewriter isEddy’s and is a new Royal portable so I should be able to do better work than this with it.Yesterday I went fishing with a pitch fork like we used to do when we were kids.Between Charles and I we caught 14 large suckers. We gave away 6. I cleaned the other 8and we had 2 for supper. The rest I salted down for use later. With meat rationing and allwe will be glad to use them.I think I will get some long envelopes to send these letters in when they really getlarge. I will also try to write the things which I think will be interesting as soon as possible after they happen, not waiting for the family letter to arrive because I may havesomething else which must be done the day the letter comes and I may not have time thento answer it. In that case it would either have to go without my bit of news or have to bedelayed until I could get time. Let’s keep it rolling as fast as we can, sending it out in thenext mail if possible. It may take extra postage some of the time but it will be worthwhile I am sure.June 26, 1943Just had a letter from Emma telling me that Mrs. And Mr. Ewell’s house andcellar and all that was in them burned to the ground the other day. They had gone to SLCwith Martha Ann and Mable to a funeral. While they were gone the house caught fire andwith a wind and only the little girls there it soon went up in spite of all they could do. Itcertainly is a shame. As mother would have said even in a case as bad as that “It mighthave been worse.” We just as well try to find the sunny side if there is one. Of course it isall right to use those old clothes for any purpose you care to. I can think of nothing that Iwould rather they be used for than to make clothing for some of them if you can do itEmma. Was anyone hurt? I surely hope not. If there is anything we can do let us know.Were they able to save any of their fruit? They can get the money for their bond bymaking application at the proper place even though they don not have the number. I’mglad it was a bond and not stamps in which case it would not be returnable. Are theyhoping to build another house or buy on from Eureka? Where are they staying now?I also had a letter from Edward today. I think your idea of going to Cook’s andBaker’s school as an instructor is very good. More power. I hope you will be able to dowhatever will be for your own good. If you were an instructor where would you be sentthen?

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