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The Cure of Naaman^s Leprosy.

The Cure of Naaman^s Leprosy.

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE CURE OF AAMA^S LEPROSY.BY ALEXADER WATSO, M.A.Bs transmission from him to Gehaxi the servant ofElisha, Thesin of Gekazi compared with that of Achan^s sacrilege^ andike deceit/id presentation of the price of their estate to theapostles by Ananias and Saphira.God, in his inscrutaMe Providence, makes man, even in theheathen state, to praise and give him glory, adducing the veryworshippers of idols as proofs of at least an universally vir-tual acknowledgment of, and assent to his existence as dieCreator and Supreme Governor of the world, possessed of Almighty power, while some of those who have been present-ed to him in baptism, and brought up in the knowledge of his word, dare to affect, for we cannot admit of their persua-sion, that there is no such being« That any man who hasbeen instructed in the principles of the Christian revelation,possessing the perceptions of reason, should have the audacityto deny the existence of the Deity, and profess himself anS36 AAMA'S LEPROSY.Atheist, demonstrates his determined but voluntary resolu-tion, to outdo tlie revolt and inveterate enmity of Satan him-self in his measure of guilt We know of no part of thecreation, separately taken, that does not give evidence of thepresumptuous folly of such a man ; — ^how much more then,when viewed in the aggregate and in the administration of the Creator's government ? The universality of bc^lief, andthe conviction of the reality of a creative and governing power,throughout the whole heathen nations of the globe, stampssuch a man with disgrace, and with a shameless and wilfulperversity of disposition and irrationality of judgment Hisimpudence exceeds the malignity of the prince of the power
of the air, and, against the evidence of his conscience, heoverleaps the bounds of the outrageous madness of hell, with-out a motive of any proposed advantage, or a single stimu-lating cause for so emboldening himself in the most obviousimpiety. Of all the hypocrftes or aifected votaries of singu-larity that exist, this man wantonly sets himself forward asthe most prominently conspicuous, and he despoils Satanhimself of the palm of atrocious wickedness. We may applythe same observations to the Deist, who, though he acknow-ledges the existence, does yet deny the government of tlieCreator, and his care of and instructions to his creatures of rationality.The belief of the heathens in a diversity of gods, provesthe calamitous depravity which affected the human mind,when man departed from those principles of information andinstruction which were given him for his government, by thewisdom of God : but the gross and self-evident fallacy of pa*gan judgment argues nothing in favoUr either of the Atheisten* Deist, for, erroneous as it is, it demonstrates the stillgreater absurdity of denying the existence of Crod and hissovereignty, and even the bloody rites themselves of thoseKAAMA's I.EPROST. 837who wander in darkness and ignorance, are a confirmatorytestimony of the Christian principle, as being a direct evidenceof their belief of a creative and governing supreme power, therebellion or some such cause of the fall of man, the conse-quent corruption of his frame, and the necessity of a sacrificeby blood to atone for his guilt. Much as man is disposed toabide by the religious persuasion in which he is bred, (andthere is no stronger evidence of it than in the strange varietyof faigotted opinions among the professors of Christianity,)yet we find, even in aaman the heathen, a more ready andpliant assent to exercise his intelligent faculties upon thisvery point, superstitiously devoted to an erroneous belief, ashe must have been, so far as in contemplating the obvious
incapacity of his idols to heal the diseased and restore healthto the afflicted, he gave ear to whi^t was favourably reportedto him, of there being an infinite power and Almighty in hisoperations, of whom intelligence could be got in Israel, whowas ready to relieve the distressed of all nations, if applied tothrough the medium of his prophet; and he accordingly be-came a suppliant, though upon a much misconceived principleof conviction.Superstition is a native ingredient of &lse tenets of reli-gion, whether the iallacy be a total alteration or partial cor-ruption of the true. It can have no connexidn with the reli-^on of Christ, because the principles of his doctrines andfaith are laid down with the clearest precision in the Scrip-tures of divine wisdom, divested of all doubtfulness and ab-strusity of language ; are forcible and convincing to the mindof rationality, and suited to the lowest capacity of man's un-derstanding, in all the essential points necessary for his in-formation and guidance ; and are so composed as to answerevery requisite purpose of knowledge and instruction by thevery spirit of God ; so that if any professing Christian comesVOL. 1 u u388 naamak's leprost.under the influence of superstition, he has &llen into errorthrough his own forged maxims of faith, the prevalence of hislusts, the pride and vanity of his heart, and the most grossnegligence and culpable abuse of his intellectual powers.Thus had the Jews, in our Saviour's time, by their tradition-ary notions and conceited interpretations of the Old Testa-ment precepts and practices, and their loose and immoralconduct, corrupted the obvious sense and the very spirit of the divine revelations, for which they substituted a variety of trifling observances, in the performance whereof they weremost assiduously intent, while they were lukewarmly indiffe-rent to the great and absolutely necessary points and more

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