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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRIDE.BY ALEXADER WATSO, M.A.This is the opposite character to humility, and appears inman to be, as it did in the angelic spirits of revolt, to havebeen, the veiy source, the constituent element, and the main-spring or instigating cause .of rebellion, and of all the evilswhich have arisen from it — ^its very spirit or moving principle — whence proceeded, in man, as it had done in the celestialtraitors who poisoned him, the contemplation and determi-nation to commit the deed of disloyalty, and the carrying thatdetermination into effect, by an overt or public act of rebel-lion. Though no open hostili^ had been manifested, pridewould, in the eyes of Omniscience, and in the sight of puri^,have been virtually an act of opposition to the Creator's au-thori^; but it became necessary to suffer its existence, untilit should break out in act, — the justice of God requiring thatthe commission of crime should be apparent, and that the con-viction of guilt should precede punishment494 PRID£.How pride first originated in Satan, man is not competentto determine : but it is obvious, that the heavenly spirits were,as man was, put under a state of probationary triaL Toprove them, it was consequently necessary, that they, as manwas, should be possessed pf the power of transgressing an ex-press or implied prohibitory injunction; conceiving ambi-Uous views of aggrandizement; and attempting to renderthemselves, if not superior, at least independent c^, and equalto him who held the supremacy of governmentA gradation of rank, ability, condition, power, and autho-rity, is evidently the constitution of the heavenly government,as it was of that which the Creator established amon^ the
Jews, both for their political and religious state. Upon thbprinciple the very existence of creation is founded, and theSovereign of the universe, perfect in himself is represented,by his own revelation to man, as having approven of hisworks when finished, and to have rejoiced in them, as adapt-ed for the hiqppiness of ^s creatures. This description of his joy, in the accomplishment of his migh^ deeds, is not meantto signify that he had any difficulty either in power or wis-dom in the matter, for by his word, existence was given,order established, action and movement bestowed, and allthings balanced and endued with their respective powers;but to express to man, accordmg to his fiicully of comprehen-sion, the vastness of design in that creation, the incompre-hensibility of the Creator's conception and power, and diefitness find adaptation of all, separately and in unison, to per*,form those vast operations which he intended for the benefitof every creature, and the ultimate felicity of his rationalbeings, as well as to enforce upon their minds, die duty of glorifying him, in the contemplation of them, and renderingobedience to his just commands. In giving this infimmationto his rational beings, he thereby appeals to^their own judg-PRIDEt 495ment, whether the fitness of that order, regularity, diversified,'yet beautiful, subordination, mutual dependence, accordanceand conformity of design, so admirably united in his plan, isnot suitable by the grandeur, symmetry, variety, and connect-ed usefulness of the whole, to raise their minds to the con-templative adoration of the great Architect, and to the humb-ling of the heart, to the very dust, in prostration of worship ?It is not improbable that Satan, one of the chief ministers,and, perhaps, the principal servant employed in the more im-mediate presence of the Majesty of heaven, and in the mostimportant services, might have had some special authority ordirection intrusted to him, over all, or certain of the distinc-tive classes of celestial beings. Habituated as the organ of 
the Sovereign's will, to issuing forth his orders, and promul-gating commands unto the heavenly hosts, and uplifi^d byhis dignity of station, he thence may have conceived himself degraded in rendering to the Deity, a like obeisance andhumble homage as the others in approaching to the throne,and in that reverential prostration which, to the Sovereign,became the creatures of his power, of all ranks, to make, insolemn worship, however near his special seat they might beplaced, officially, or at a distance kept, according to their sta-tions, or his su£ferance : And it might also be, that vile sug-gestions might arise up in his mind, that his exalted state andconsequence required, and from the rest entitied him to per-sonal respect and honours, more conspicuously distinctive of his elevated rank than were marked out and ordered bysupreme authority.In this conceitedness of mind, he might assume to think he had a right, from his superior dignity, to lord it over thosewho were inferior in station, and from them, to exact, towardhimself, such servile acts of ^courtesy and deference, as wereinconsistent with their duties to the Sovereign, using too, it496 ^BIDE.tnay be, as his messengers, those ministers or offioearswhohad appointments next to his own in rank, to carry, as his ser-vants to the hosts, the orders which he was himself directedto convey and to promolgate. to them. Raised ta the pinna-cle of subject power, and bent his mind undeviatisgly to hisown self-consequence, he might forget the difference betweenthe creature and Creator, or that he thence could be thrown. down, or in his state reduced, or olliers, by infinite power,exalted over him.Thus might the very honours heaped upon him by benefi-cence, intended probably as trial proofs of his fidelity and gra-titude, generate, in his breast, pride, arrpgance, and discon-tent, which rankling in his heart and gaining daily sirengtli,

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