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Published by dtrinidad

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Published by: dtrinidad on Aug 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Airfow Anemometer
Users Manual
• Mode d’emploi• Bedienungshandbuch• Manuale d’uso• Manual de uso• Användarhandbok
     E    n    g      l      i    s      h
Ar Ammtr
Usrs Maua
TMA40-A_Rv002© 2009 Amr Tst Ts.A rts rsrv.
Limited Warranty and Limitation o Liability
Yur Amr ruct   r rm cts  matra a rkmas r 1 yar rm tat  urcas. Ts arraty s t cvr uss, ssa attrs r ama rm acct,ct, msus, atrat, ctamat, r arma cts  rat r a.Rsrs ar t autrz t t ay tr arraty  Amr’s a. T ta srvcur t arraty r, rtur t ruct t r  urcas t a autrz AmrTst Ts Srvc Ctr r t a Amr ar r strutr. S Rar Sct r tas.ThiS wARRAnTY iS YoUR onlY ReMedY. All oTheR wARRAnTieS - wheTheR expReSS, iMpliedoR STAUToRY - inClUding iMplied wARRAnTieS o iTneSS oR A pARTiCUlAR pURpoSe oRMeRChAnTAbiliTY, ARe heRebY diSClAiMed. MAnUACTUReR ShAll noT be liAble oR AnYSpeCiAl, indiReCT, inCidenTAl oR ConSeqUenTiAl dAMAgeS oR loSSeS, ARiSing RoM AnYCAUSe oR TheoRY. Sc sm stats r cutrs  t a t cus r mtat  am arraty r  cta r csuta amas, ts mtat  aty may t ayt yu.
A tst ts rtur r arraty r -arraty rar r r carat su  accmay t : yur am, cmay’s am, arss, t umr, a r  urcas.Atay, as cu a r scrt  t rm r t srvc rust a cut tst as t t mtr. n-arraty rar r racmt cars su  rmtt  trm  a cck, a my rr, crt car t rat at, r a urcas rr ma ayat Amr® Tst Ts.
In-Warranty Repairs and Replacement – All Countries
pas ra t arraty statmt a cck yur attry r rust rar. dur tarraty r ay ctv tst t ca  rtur t yur Amr® Tst Ts strutrr a ca r t sam r k ruct. pas cck t “wr t buy” sct  .amr.cm r a st  strutrs ar yu. Atay,  t Ut Stats a Caaa i-warraty rar a racmt uts ca as  st t a Amr® Tst Ts Srvc Ctr (sarss ).
Non-Warranty Repairs and Replacement – US and Canada
n-arraty rars  t Ut Stats a Caaa su  st t a Amr® Tst TsSrvc Ctr. Ca Amr® Tst Ts r ur at yur t  urcas r currt rar aracmt rats.
In USA In Canada
AmrTst Ts AmrTst Tsevrtt, wA 98203 Mssssaua, on l4Z 1x9T: 877-AMpRobe (267-7623) T: 905-890-7600
Non-Warranty Repairs and Replacement – Europe
eura -arraty uts ca  rac y yur Amr® Tst Ts strutr r a macar. pas cck t “wr t buy” sct  .amr.cm r a st  strutrs aryu.eura Crrsc Arss*Amr® Tst Ts eurba-Amr gmhi  ematt 1479286 gttrta, grmayT.: +49 (0) 7684 8009 - 0*(Crrsc y –  rar r racmt avaa rm ts arss. eura custmrsas ctact yur strutr.)

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