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Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory

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Published by Choady_Arias

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Published by: Choady_Arias on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ebony and IvoryByChoady_Arias
INT. BEDROOM - HAMPTONS - DAYA NAKED COUPLE is sitting in a room. A Zebra rug sits on thefloor covered in SPENT CONDOMS and JUICE BOXES.MAX (76) Thrusts back and forth on a TWENTY SOMETHING.MAXAh shit!!! Your pussy. Why is thisshit so gross.DAN (30’s) walks up to the couple.DANCUT! CUT! CUT!Dan looks at Max in disgust.DANMax. Max. Max. Why? Why? Why? Max,what the hell are you doing to me.We have a fucking deadline. Assadcalled me THREE FUCKING WEEKSAGO... FOR THIS SHIT!!!CLOSE UP:MAXS’ DICK SHRIVLES.MAXI’m sorry.Dan becomes more irate.DANYou realize what happens when Assaddoesn’t cream puff on his chestright?!? We’re in this together!!!MEANWHILE:INT: ASSAD COMPOUND - DAYASSAD sits by his mistresses and eats fried chicken out of atub.ASSADHoly fuck my balls.Assad looks around.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.ASSADI said, HOLY FUCK MY BALLS.A midget comes out with a bucket and jerks Assad off.Assad jizzes all over the midgets face.ASSADDANCE!The midget dances around covered in cum.ASSADOh yea. WHERE IS MY PORNO!!!INT. BEDROOM - HAMPTONS - DAYDan is pacing when his phone rings.DANHello?It’s General Assad on the other line.ASSAD (WHISPERING)Where the fuck is my porn?DANI.... I... FUCK!Max walks into the room.MAXDan... Dan... I just can’t.Assad hears the noise.ASSAD (WHISPERING)He can’t do the duty.DAN (WHIMPERING)He can’t Assad. He can’t.ASSAD (WHISPERING)Have you tried to fluff his cock?DAN (WHIMPERING)He can’t. I’m so sorry.ASSAD (WHISPERING)Do you know what this means?(CONTINUED)

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