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The Transformation of Austin: The differance a year and a Gracie make.

The Transformation of Austin: The differance a year and a Gracie make.

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Published by Lisa Suhay
Austin McDaniel was savagely beaten by a school bully. When Rener Gracie saw the tape online he made Austin the offer of a lifetime - a free trip to California for a week of learning how to take his life back.
Austin McDaniel was savagely beaten by a school bully. When Rener Gracie saw the tape online he made Austin the offer of a lifetime - a free trip to California for a week of learning how to take his life back.

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Published by: Lisa Suhay on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The transformation of Austin (A True story)
A victim’s life is altered when an MMA family Bullyproofs him
 Austin McDaniels (front) with the Gracie Bullyproof team, Torrance, CA.
By Lisa Suhay
The two videos of Austin McDaniels,13, of Shelbyville, Indiana shot nearly a year apart, will both makeyou want to cry, one because he is being so savagely beaten by a bully, the other because we see howhe is transformed into a confident boy who can now defend himself without becoming a bully.
Of the first video his mother Nicole told rtv6 at the time, "I was absolutely sickened. It was one of the mostawful things I've ever had to watch. It's mortifying to literally watch your son be beaten and there's nothingyou can do to help him, and there's no one there to help him, no one."
On Sept. 17, 2012 Austin, then 13, was jumped and beaten into unconsciousness by a 15-year-old boy ina main hallway just 50-feet from the Benjamin Rush Middle School office and nobody, not a singlestudent or teacher came to his aid. Students stood and watched as security cameras captured the entireevent. See the video http://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/family-may-sue-rushville-schools-over-attack-caught-on-video#
 According to his mother Austin suffered a concussion, bruised ribs, shifted teeth from the beating whichcontinued after he was unconscious, plus a form of PTSD that left him withdrawn and unable to evenhave a family member walk behind him without becoming panicked.
 According to published reports, Rushville police said the 15-year-old later admitted to assaultingMcDaniel, saying he heard a rumor that the younger boy was going to beat him up. The boy was arrested
and released into the custody of his mother, police said. There is still a “no contact” order in place against
the attacker.
His mother obtained the security camera footage from the school’s principal and released by it on
YouTube. It became viral internationally. His story was then picked up by media worldwide.
“It was on TV in Japan,” Said his mother Nicole said in a phone interview from her home in Indiana.
Of all the people in the world who saw and responded to the video Nicole is most grateful to Rener (pronounced HENNER) Gracie, son of UFC founder Rorion (pronounced HORIAN) Gracie who runs theGracie Bullyproof program in Torrance, CA www.GracieKids.com. 
“Rener was show
n the video by one of his students at Gracie Academy and in response he made a video
talking about wanting to help Austin,” Nicole explained. “I hadn’t seen it and had no clue who he was.
Never even hear of jiu jitsu, but my sister-in-law called me up and asked when we were going to
California to meet this guy and so I watched the video to see what she was talking about.”
“Seeing that video of Austin being attacked, it just moved me. It was the easiest decision in the world to
make, to bring Austin and his
family out to Gracie Academy and do everything in our power to help,” said
Gracie in an in-person interview while in Norfolk, Va. last week to teach a seminar. Gracie was paid byOld Dominion University to come in from California to train at-risk children from a local neighborhood inGracie Bullyproof verbal and jiu-
 jitsu defenses the week before school starts here.”
Nicole, who describes herself as, “Not someone who goes on hunches and feelings” took a leap of faith
for the first time in her life and decided to look Gracie up online and give him a call.
“Best decision I ever made,” she now says. “He saved my son’s life. That’s not an exaggeration either.Those people out there at Gracie Academy save kids lives and I can’t say enough good things about
them a
fter seeing the change in Austin.”
Nicole added, “Austin was in such a slump for months and months, and knowing that someone out there
was willing to do something to bring him back to us was like a light at the end of the tunnel top finally endthe turmoil
What Gracie and his family did after Nicole called was fly Austin, his mom and Dad from Shelbyville, IN toTorrance, CA for an all-expense-paid week of training, bonding and spiritual renewal. See the video
 Austin’s mom wanted something positive about h
er son to be out there on video as a final step in his
healing process and she asked the Gracies to help her make as a documentary of her son’s
transformation http://youtu.be/y8isR_Y-kfk  The video, which got 88,000 views within the first 48-hours of its release on YouTube, shows a shy,nervous boy on day one and a confident, laughing, self-assured young man who can drop an attacker and pin a bully on the ground safely, without turning into a bully himself on day five.
“What makes me feel good about this type of training is that they pay attention to the fear that the victimcould become the bully,” Nicole said. “Austin knows the number one rule is always to avoid the fight, but
he is trained to handle
himself now and it’s something I wish I’d known about and done for him much,much sooner.”
 Austin started school last week as a high school freshman and his mother met with the new principal andguidance counselor the week before classes began to give them the new lay of the land.
“I told them that the new approach this year is that Austin’s taking care of Austin,” she said. “No morebeing afraid to go to school.”
 Austin’s approach according to his mother is the use of “the verbal jiu jitsu and body languag
e he learned
from the Gracies.” He knows that a fight is to be avoided, but if one comes to him and he needs to stay
safe he can do that.

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Lisa Suhay added this note
Keep it real with me. Re-post this link: This is a remarkable story that I am sharing after talking to Austin's mom as the one year anniversary of her son's brutal beating at the hands of a school bully comes to pass Sept. 17th. Kids like Austin often commmit suicide after surviving this kind of envent. His mother believes Rener Gracie saved his life. Having had my sons bullied and Bullyproofed he
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