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Rotary Club of Moraga Newsletter for August 27th, 2013

Rotary Club of Moraga Newsletter for August 27th, 2013

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Published by Frank May
This is the newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for August 27th, 2013. Our speaker was Ivy Morrison providing an optimistic status on the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel. Our greeter and invocator was Angelo Costanza
This is the newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for August 27th, 2013. Our speaker was Ivy Morrison providing an optimistic status on the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel. Our greeter and invocator was Angelo Costanza

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Published by: Frank May on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 27, 2013
Dr. Ronald Olowin,Exoplanets and Life in the UniverseWe are meeting in our normal room,ORINDA ROOM
Greeter & Invocation
Sep. 7 
E-Waste Fundraiser 
**Sep. 10 
Steven Day, Alameda County Diving Team
 Forensic Diving
*Sep. 17 
Odyssey of the Mind
*Sep. 24 
Tessie Calligeros
Alzheimer’s Association
Sep. 27 
TGIF 5:30pm @ Barbara Bruner’s residence
*Indicates a regular Tuesday noon luncheon meeting**Indicates our monthly evening meeting at6pm 
~GUESTS~Ivy Morrison
Guest Speaker 
John Holloway
Guest of John Erickson
Nancy Robinson
Guest from Aegis
Bill Eames
Lafayette Rotary
Kit Chantarotwong
Prospective member?
Amelia Chantarotwong
Sophomore at St. Mary
Kevin Yang
Family friend of Kit and Amelia
Lou Roessler 
Honorary Member 
Jose Avelar 
Fab 5 Assistant Governor 
Sometimes we have programs that are either to becontinued due to not enough time, have an updateor we just love to hear them again! Today
sprogram we had
Ivy Morrison
return to us with anupdate on the 4
bore of the Caldecott tunnel. Shespoke to us a couple years ago as the project was just beginning.
is the Public Information Officer for the Caldecott 4
bore project. She gave us aquick summary of the tunnel and the 4
borebeginnings before giving us an update. Bores 1 &2 were created in 1937. As traffic needs changed,the 3
bore was created in 1964. As we all whohave commuted through the Caldecott know, Bore1 is for eastbound traffic only, Bore 3 is for westbound traffic only, and Bore 2 (middle)switches between directions per commutedemands. Today, even with the middle tunnelswitching to help with traffic flow, there is still backup on the reverse commute. The 4
Bore project isto help alleviate traffic congestion. In 2009, thisproject was the largest transportation contract inthe country to receive stimulus funds. The projectstarted in January 22, 2010 and excavation beganin August 2010. There were many things toconsider like the geology of where they wereexcavating. It was challenging as old rock and newrock are very different, and with the movement of the Earth over time, old rock isn
t alwaysnecessarily under new rock. Where they wereexcavating is a gaseous area, and they have foundfossils. With the presence of fossils, they had tohave a full-time paleontologist on site. They havediscovered camel teeth, and bones of a 3-toedhorse! The construction of the tunnel had to gothrough and pass seismic criteria among others.Underground tunnels are actually one of the safestplaces to be during an earthquake. There are alsoadvanced fire and safety systems being installedthat can put out a fire right away before any helpgets there. Plus they are constructing 7passageways in between bores 3 and 4 for emergency purposes. With an initial budget of $420 million, they are currently under/on budget at$405 million. Many of the funds came fromMeasure J that was voted on in 2004. Withoutthose funds, this project would not have beenpossible. Ivy is proud to say that with technologicaladvancements and OSHA, there were no fatalitiesduring this project. There were some whileconstructing bores 1 & 2 and only one fatalityduring bore 3. There is no set date and Caltrans isnot ready to announce a date of when they willopen the 4
bore, but they are on schedule andlooks to open this year.
We had a board meeting last Tuesday. Some of thethings we covered:Our OMPA fundraiser has netted $8,000. This isnot the exact final number, but it is super close!We discussed working with the Global StudentEmbassy. They are the ones who helped start theorganic garden at Campolindo. As school starts, we are geared up for moreInteract/Rotaract involvement. Rotaract needs morestructured meetings, so if anyone is interested inspeaking, let us know!We have decided to jump on the
 wagon (Thank goodness it
’s the last
Friday of themonth). It is a night of fellowship where you bringyourself, spouse, friend, prospective member, etc. Anyone who attends needs to bring a bottle of wine andan appetizer for six. Our first event will be
Friday,September 27, 5:30pm-7:30pm 
Barbara Bruner 
Golden Gate Fields 7
“Salute to Rotary Foundation”
day at the races is scheduled for Saturday
November 16 
. A sign-up sheet was passed around today. If youare interested in going to this event, let
Frank May
Don’t miss the Rotary Adventure (District Conference),
October 18-20 in Chico! Register today! There arelimited rooms left at Oxford Suites in Chico at thediscounted price. Deadline to reserve your room withthe discount is this
Saturday, August 31 
Keep collecting those travel size shampoos,conditioners, lotion, and body washes from your travelsfor our Stocking project! The day to cut and sew thestockings is in a month. Put it on your calendar!
Tuesday, September 24 
 we will be meeting at HolyTrinity right after our normal Noon meeting. Also, the date is set to decorate the stockingswith the Juvenile Hall girls on
Sunday, November 3 
The Moraga Chamber is hosting a community BBQ,this
Thursday, August 29 
 at the Moraga Commonsfrom
Our Semi-Annual E-Waste fundraiser is coming up,
Saturday, September 7 
. Please sign up with
Orinda Rotary is hosting a Car Show,
Saturday,September 21 
. But on
Friday, September 20 
, they arehosting a fundraiser called
Dancing with the Cars
. Allare welcome to attend. Also, if any of our MoragaRotarians would be gracious enough to help out at their event that evening with some bartending or anythingthey need. Orinda Rotarians have helped us manytimes at our events in the past; let
s keep helping eachother out!
 After a grueling battle of bids,
Linda May
won theSeptember Fine-Free Hat for $50!
Sonja Malaga
celebrated her 16
year of weddedbliss!
Roger Poynts
celebrated his birthday by doingnothing. Sometimes, that
s just perfect!
Gary Irwin
also celebrated his birthday with a trip up toWashington near the Canadian border. He is the currentholder of the Fine Free Hat.
Colin Barnard
had only a dollar for his kids startingschool today. And only a dollar for after all the back toschool supplies, it
s a miracle he had a dollar left!
Angelo Costanza
was happy that he was joined byDoug Damaschino, Tony Schoemehl, and Kevin Reneauat the Lafayette Rotary Golf Tournament yesterday, andKevin had the longest drive.
Marv Ellenberg
had cataract surgery, and gave ussome free legal advice, don
t sign if you don
t read it,and if you read it, you
re not going to want to sign it!
Bill Eames
had a happy buck for our Moraga Rotaryteam at the Golf Tournament knows how to drink beer!
George Renworth
had a high five for his eldest sonwho just purchased a condo in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thismeans, George and Pat have a new vacation home!
Debbie Roessler 
pulled the winning ticket, but justmissed the elusive white marble! Only 2 clear marblesleft!
Congratulations to Moraga
s AugustEmployee of the MonthSandi Kent from State Farm Insurance!

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