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Chatter, September 2013

Chatter, September 2013



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Published by Irving Bible Church
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church.
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church.

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Published by: Irving Bible Church on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was at the mall last week when a woman I didn’t know pretended that mykids were her grandkids.
I know. Who does that, right?Here’s how it went down:My two kids and I were walking through the department store toward the blueatmosphere o the mall ahead, weaving past display cases like ast-moving cells in a bloodstream. We were passing a cosmetic counter just as a well-dressed woman wastelling the makeup lady about how she was going to shop the kids clothing sale or hergranddaughter’s birthday. At that very moment, another makeup lady appeared behindthe counter. She arrived just in time to hear the well-dressed woman’s shopping plansat the same instant we were passing by. She assumed we were all together. For a mo-ment, I admit, we did look like a little amily unit.“Are those your grandkids?” asked the makeup lady o the well-dressed woman, point-ing to Drew and Madeline as they skipped ahead. “They’re beautiul.”And without missing a beat, the well-dressed woman replied, “Thank you.”Thank you!With a simple “thank you,” I had become involved. Should I now pretend to be herdaughter? Daughter-in-law? I asked, how should my children address her? “Grandma”would be generic enough. Perhaps we could work in a back-story o a shared trip toHyannis Port or Martha’s Vineyard, where people are also well- dressed. Oh, and maybesomething about a amily history o asthma, or bromyalgia. Something specic.By the time the deception had taken place, the kids and I were too ar beyond themakeup counter to provide any kind o acknowledgement or rebuke. I shrugged andkept walking, struggling with how to eel. Should I be proud that the well-dressedwoman would claim my kids? That she would claim me, who had either married herson or sprung rom her body?It’s rare that you’re just walking around lie one day, minding your own business, andsomeone ropes you in to a alse identity. I’ve never been mistaken, or instance, or a su-permodel, a beekeeper, or a Kardashian. No one has ever begged me to play along in anepisode o “Punk’d.” It’s comorting to know who you are and what you should be about.That’s why I love the story in Mark when Jesus changes Peter’s name to, well, Peter. It’sa story o a can’t-miss identity because it comes rom the identity-maker himsel. InMatthew 16:13-19 Jesus is asking his disciples what the word on the street is about hisministry and purpose. Then he asks them point-blank:“But what about you? Who do you say I am?”That’s when Peter — well, Simon — pipes up. “You are the Messiah, the Son o the livingGod.”Something important has happened here, we can tell, because in a rush o enthusi-asm, Jesus blesses Simon, gives God the Father glory or revealing Jesus’ true natureto Simon, and then does something that only big-G god rom the Old Testament does:he re-names Simon. “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build mychurch, and the gates o Hades will not overcome it.”When Peter gets Jesus’ identity right, Jesus claries Peter’s identity. Could there be a direct relationship between God-recognizing and sel-recognizing or us today? WhenJesus asked the big question, Peter didn’t try to put his thumb on the speculations o the crowds or the popular opinion o the Jewish establishment. He answered out o a conviction deep within his own heart, a conviction that was elegantly simple andorever lie-changing. Jesus is Messiah. Son o the living God. Peter acknowledged whoJesus was. And then Jesus returned the avor. “Who am I?” is not something to askregularly i you’ve already answered the question, “Who is Jesus?”So the next time you eel lost or out o touch with who you are or what you’re supposedto be doing with your lie, start asking a better question. Not, “Who am I?” but “Who isJesus?” Not “What’s my real name?” but “What’s Jesus’ real name?” Start with Jesusand you’ll end with both him and a name that’s all your own. A name like Peter. LikeJacob/Israel. Like Sarai/Sarah. Like Abram/Abraham. Like Jolie-Pitt. Just kidding.The atheist Nietzsche observed, “One’s own sel is well hidden rom one’s own sel; o all mines o treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.” Spoken as one who hasn’t beenasking — and answering — the biggest question o all.
a letter rom
 Why are we here?
IBC is on a journey committed to lie transormation through Jesus Christ. We engagethis journey by growing in Christ, connecting in community, and joining the mission.This commitment comes rom Jesus’ words in the Great Commandment(Matthew 22:36-39) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
Tnks r icking u
is  ubictin  Irving Bib Curc in Irving, Txs.
Julie Rhodes
Art Direction, Design & Goodness
Josh Wiese, Lindsey Sobolik
Admin Extraordinaire
 Victoria Andrews
Or Very Tall Boss
Scott McClellan,
Communications Pastor 
 Evan Chavez (
Restore the Bean
)*Heidi Lindsay (
Children at IBC Tanzania
)Patty Thompson (
Supplies for Success
)* Yony Kim (
Bump into Something Real 
Cheryl Hume
(Bump into Something Real)
*Scott McClellan
(Idle Chatter)
 Stephanie Suire
(Restoring the Bean)
Editorial Assistance/Proofng
Summer Alexander*, Annie Stone*
Thoghts, comments, ideas?
at chatter@irvingbible.org.
Need Chatter Digitally?
is on the web at irvingbible.org/chatter.
Most beloved and indispensable
Irving Bib Curc:  cmmunity n  jurny.
Contact IBC
Irving Bible Church | 2435 Kinwest Pkwy, Irving, TX 75063 | (972) 560-4600
irvingbible.org |
@ibcvoice |
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a weekly email update or key ministry event inorma-tion and announcements, along with a short devotional by Pastor Andy to encourageyou on your journey week-to-week. Subscribe today at irvingbible.org/eletter.
New to IBC?
Turn to page 18.
How do we do this?
Growing in Christ
At the heart o the journey is the gospel o Jesus Christ, the story o the Son o God coming into our dark world to bring light, lie, hope and transormation. The journey begins when we trust Christ, but it doesn’t end there. God’s desire or eacho us is or our hearts and lives to become more like the one who has saved us(Ephesians 4:11-13).
Connecting in Commnity
The gospel story draws us into a community o people whose lives have been trans-ormed by Jesus. This journey is not one that we undertake alone. We are designedto do lie together as a community o Christ-ollowers. It is essential that we walk withone another on the journey (John 13:34-35).
 Joining the Mission
The gospel tells us that one day God will take all that is broken in this world andmake it whole. Those o us who are on the journey together are called to be peoplewho do what we can to make glimpses o that day show up in our day. We do thisby telling the gospel story and demonstrating gospel-shaped love to a needy world(Matthew 28:18-20).
Supplies or Success
IBC’s partnership event with the City o Irving drew nearly4,000 amilies in need o a little extra help getting ready orthe school year.
A diverse team o 24 IBCers o all ages (kids and adults) joined orces to support Hosean International’s trainingministry camp. The team cared or the 270 children whoattended the week-long event, putting on a VBS/sportscamp and distributing shoes, backpacks, shirts and more.

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