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[FEATURE] The Dilemma of Youth (Drama) - First 38 Pages

[FEATURE] The Dilemma of Youth (Drama) - First 38 Pages

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Published by Alvin Tan
My first feature screenplay
My first feature screenplay

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Published by: Alvin Tan on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:EXT. UNIVERSITY SQUARE - DAYStudents dressed in graduation robes are seen chatteringjoyously among themselves, posing for photographs, andaccepting congratulatory handshakes.Several booths sell tacky university merchandise.Most people have a glass of punch in their hand. A few othersare stealing snacks from the refreshment counter.A graduating student, BENJAMIN TEE, sits on a bench with ablank look on his face. He is 23 years old, easy on the eyes, with a short stature but nonetheless projects confidence inhis mannerism.BENJAMIN (V.O.)My name is Benjamin Tee. I am 23years old. Today is graduation,supposedly a very happy day. Peopletell me that completing universityis a big achievement and that Ishould feel proud.(beat)But the truth is, I feel completelyaverage. For there are a thousandothers graduating today. Nothing makes me different- nothing makes me better than these lemmings ofthe rat race. Nothing yet, atleast.A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN calls out to Benjamin from nearby.MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN (O.S.)Benji!Benjamin looks towards her calmly, as she approaches him. The middle-aged woman is Benjamin’s mother, MRS TEE. Despite herage, she appears to still be an expert with cosmetics andjewellery. She gives off “corporate lady” vibes.MRS TEEWhat are you doing here? You’re upnext.Mrs Tee ushers Benjamin through a sea of bodies towards thestage area. Along the way, a few friends congratulate him tothe point of almost saluting him. Benjamin musters weaksmiles in response.
INT. UNIVERSITY HALL - LATERThe DEAN passes out scrolls to a series of STUDENTS as theMASTER OF CEREMONY reads names off a list on a grand-lookingstage. The hall is filled with guests seated in neat rows, who intermittently erupt in applause. Benjamin and Mrs Teesneak to their seats.MASTER OF CEREMONY(formal)Ladies and gentleman, we will nowpresent the awards to the First-Class Honours recipients.On the floor, Mrs Tee pats Benjamin on his back. Benjamin’sfather, MR TEE, looks on proudly with a smile. Mr Tee is ahealthy middle-aged man, the stereotypical Chinese father --serious and not too generous with smiles and compliments.MASTER OF CEREMONY (CONT’D)The First-Class Honours award isconferred to outstanding students who performed exceptionally wellthroughout their academic career.This year, we are pleased topresent this award to two students.Down the row, a MALE STUDENT, tilts his head slightly forwardand looks at Benjamin, smirking, almost cockily. He isWILLIAM CHOO, Benjamin’s classmate and chief academic rival.MASTER OF CEREMONY (CONT’D)This year’s recipients are: William Chong.There is a big applause. William stands up with a broadsmile, clenching his fist of victory at waist-level. Hestrides towards the stage as if he had been waiting for the moment all his life.The Dean presents the award to William. William poses proudly with his trademark smirk, while photographers clamourbeforethe stage to take shots. The camera flash is almost blindingand the shutter clicks are incessant. Benjamin looks atWilliam calmly but does not clap.MASTER OF CEREMONY (CONT’D)Benjamin Tee.Benjamin, walks up to the stage with in a confident stride,certainly “quieter” than William. As Benjamin receives hisaward, the photographers behave likewise.DEAN(personally to Benjamin)Congratulations. Now you go outthere and take over the world!2.

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