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The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor

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Published by: Jose Antonio Cebreros Requena on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The GrandInquisitor
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
   W  o  r   k  r  e  r  o   d  u  c  e   d  w   i   t   h  n  o  e   d   i   t  o  r   i  a   l  r  e  s  o  n  s   i   b   i   l   i   t
Notice by Luarna Ediciones
This book is in the public domain becausethe copyrights have expired under Spanish law.Luarna presents it here as a gift to its cus-tomers, while clarifying the following:1)Because this edition has not been super-vised by our editorial deparment, wedisclaim responsibility for the fidelity ofits content.2)Luarna has only adapted the work tomake it easily viewable on common six-inch readers.3)To all effects, this book must not be con-sidered to have been published byLuarna.www.luarna.com
"Quite impossible, as you see, to start withoutan introduction," laughed Ivan. "Well, then, Imean to place the event described in the poemin the sixteenth century, an age—as you musthave been told at school—when it was the greatfashion among poets to make the denizens andpowers of higher worlds descend on earth andmix freely with mortals… In France all the no-taries' clerks, and the monks in the cloisters aswell, used to give grand performances, dra-matic plays in which long scenes were enactedby the Madonna, the angels, the saints, Christ,and even by God Himself. In those days, every-thing was very artless and primitive. An in-stance of it may be found in Victor Hugo'sdrama, Notre Dame de Paris, where, at theMunicipal Hall, a play called Le Bon Jugementde la Tres-sainte et Graceuse Vierge Marie, isenacted in honour of Louis XI, in which theVirgin appears personally to pronounce her'good judgment.' In Moscow, during theprepetrean period, performances of nearly the

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