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En Report Progress

En Report Progress

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Published by James Jiang
50 1 12 Winter Scenes
50 1 12 Winter Scenes

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Published by: James Jiang on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Additional research and writing
Cassandra Balchin (Co-author of Chapter 3)Tanja ChopraMegan Dersnah Annie Kelly (Gender Justice and the MDGs)Veronica MinayaNahla Valji (Co-author of Chapter 4)
Ismene Zaris
Béatrice Frey (Production Manager)Elana Dallas (Editor)Emily Newman (Notes and References)Sue Ackerman and Ilene Bellovin (Photo Research)
UN Women communications team
Nanette Braun, Oisika Chakrabarti, Jean Forbes,Béatrice Frey, Eduardo Gómez, Jaya Jiwatram, Yvans Joseph, Gretchen Luchsinger, Adina Wolf.
Written contributions
This volume of
beneted from a range of
written contributions, including background papers,case studies and research notes. We acknowledgewith particular gratitude the following contributors:
Background papers and case studies
Sara Bailey; Cassandra Balchin; Malika Benradiand Abdellah Ounnir; Anne Goldstein; Maria Nassali;Cecilia Sardenberg, Márcia Gomes, Wânia Pasinatoand Márcia Tavares; Jacqueline Sealy-Burke; YükselSezgin; Rachel Sieder and Mária Teresa Sierra;
Karen Steszyn; Ritu Verma and Maggie Banda;
Lee Waldorf.
Background notes
Mariela Belski and Alvaro Herrero; Megan Dersnah;Sohail Warraich.
advisory group
Kripa Ananthpur, Cassandra Balchin, ChristineBell, Susana Chiarotti, Tanja Chopra, RadhikaCoomaraswamy, Shanthi Dairiam, Diane Elson,Michelo Hansungule, Ayesha Imam, Imrana Jalal,Nicholas Menzies, Rabea Naciri, Francesca Perucci,Laure-Hélène Piron, Sapana Pradhan Malla, YükselSezgin, Yasmine Sherif, Rachel Sieder, Dubravka
Šimonović, Joan Winship.
 Additional information and advice provided by:
Carlotta Aiello, Cathi Albertyn, Kelly Askin, PieterBakker, Karen Campbell-Nelson, Rea Chiongson,Debra DeLaet, Valérie Gaveau, Jean-Yves Hamel,Kenneth Harttgen, Brigid Inder, Shelley Inglis,Kareen Jabre, Naina Kapur, Stephan Klasen, MiloradKovacevic, Steven Malby, Eusebia Munuo, JessicaNeuwirth, Lisa Noor Humaidah, Catherine Pierce,Helen Scanlon, Theodoor Sparreboom, Patrick Vinck,Matthew Zurstrassen.
We thank everyone who has been involved in thisvolume of
and we wish to note in particularthe following contributions:
UN Women headquarters staff
Gladys Acosta, Nisreen Alami, María José Alcalá,Melissa Alvarado, Gabriela Alvarez, Christine Arab,Meryem Aslan, Christine Brautigam, Sunita Caminha,Pablo Castillo Diaz, Letty Chiwara, Jennifer Cooper,Hanny Cueva Beteta, Nazneen Damji, Jean D’Cunha,Dina Deligiorgis, Rachel Dore-Weeks, Sarah Douglas,Inyang Ebong-Harstrup, Anne Eyrignoux, Sally Fegan-Wyles, Anne Marie Goetz, Wendy Isaack, Karen Judd,Vilhelm Klareskov, Tolulope Lewis-Tamoka, Fatou Lo,Zina Mounla, Adriana Quinones, Tracy Raczek,Vivek Rai, Socorro Reyes, Limon Bade Rodriguez,Gülden Turkoz-Cosslett, Lee Waldorf.
UN Women regional staff
Dena Assaf, Petra Burcikova, Florence Butegwa,Roberta Clarke, Elizabeth Cox, Amarsanaa Darisuren,Veronica Dos Anjos, Simone Ellis Oluoch-Olunya,Nuria Felipesoria, Jebbeh Forster, Ana GüezmesGarcía, Marie Goretti Nduwayo, SteinunnGudjonsdottir, Maxime Houinato, Sagipa Jusaeva,Sushma Kapoor, Wenny Kusuma, Erika Kvapilova,Elizabeth Lwanga, Sheelagh Kathy Mangones,Nomcebo Manzini, Maya Morsy, Nisha, JosephineOdera, Diana L. Ofwona, Moni Pizani, Junia Puglia,Leila Rhiwi, Rocío Rodríguez Martínez, LucíaSalamea Palacios, Damira Sartbaeva, DagmarSchumacher, Alice Harding Shackelford, AnneStenhammer, Rebecca Reichmann Tavares,Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun.We also acknowledge and thank colleagues fromacross the United Nations system for their work onwomen’s access to justice, including members of theSecretary-General’s Rule of Law Coordination andResource Group (RoLCRG).
Financial support
 All of UN Women’s supporters have played theirpart insofar as funding for this volume of
 was drawn in part from the core budget to whichthey contribute. We owe very particular thanks tothe Government of Spain, whose generous supportfacilitated additional research and dissemination thatwould not otherwise have been possible.
Maskar Design
Consolidated Graphics
Report team
Laura Turquet (Lead Author and Report Manager)Papa Seck (Statistics and Data)Ginette Azcona (Statistics and Data)Roshni Menon (Research and Writing)Caitlin Boyce (Research and Legal Specialist)Nicole Pierron (Editing, Production and Coordination)Emma Harbour (Communications)
UN Women
Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director, UN WomenInés Alberdi, former Executive Director, UNIFEM (now part of UN Women)John Hendra, Assistant Secretary-General for Policy and Programmes, UN WomenLakshmi Puri, Assistant Secretary-General for Intergovernmental Support and Strategic Partnerships, UN WomenJoanne Sandler, Deputy Director, UN WomenMoez Doraid, Deputy Director, UN Women
UN Women is the United Nations organizationdedicated to gender equality and the empowermento women. A global champion or women and girls,UN Women was established to accelerate progress onmeeting their rights worldwide.UN Women supports United Nations Member Statesas they set global standards or achieving genderequality, and works with governments and civil societyto design laws, policies, programmes and servicesneeded to implement these standards. It standsbehind women’s equal participation in all aspectso lie, ocusing on ve priority areas: increasingwomen’s leadership and participation; endingviolence against women; engaging women in allaspects o peace and security processes; enhancingwomen’s economic empowerment; and makinggender equality central to national developmentplanning and budgeting. UN Women also coordinatesand promotes the United Nations system’s work inadvancing gender equality.
 View the Report at:http://progress.unwomen.org
The views expressed in this publication are thoseo the authors and do not necessarily represent theviews o UN Women, the United Nations or any o itsaliated organizations. The boundaries and namesshown and the designations used on the maps in thisreport do not imply ocial endorsement or acceptanceby the United Nations.For a list o any errors or omissions ound subsequentto printing please visit our website.© UN Women 2011
Progress o the World’s Women | 1

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