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2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

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Published by Plant With Purpose
Plant With Purpose's annual report for fiscal year 2009-2010
Plant With Purpose's annual report for fiscal year 2009-2010

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Published by: Plant With Purpose on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 2009 - June 2010
Environmental Solutions To Humanitarian Problems
Plant With Purpose, a Christian non-proftorganization, reverses deorestation andpoverty around the world by transormingthe lives o the rural poor.
Environmental Solutions To Humanitarian Problems
In 2010 we faced huge challenges and had unprecedentedImpact wIth dramatIc growth.
from the dIrector
scott sabIn
Certainly the defning event o the year wasthe unimaginably devastating earthquake inHaiti, which struck just as things seemed tobe turning or the better in that country. Re-covery will take years. However, in the aceo terrible adversity, the response o our lo-cal sta in Haiti was tireless and inspiring.Guy Paraison and his team quickly learnedhow to do eective relie work, utilizing ourlong-standing local networks to achievemaximum impact. With major unding romthe United Nations and World Relie, wewere able to implement large-scale water-shed restoration via “Cash or Work,” oodrelie, and seed distribution programs, allwhile maintaining our ongoing program in70 villages.In the Dominican Republic, Director CarlosDisla led the organization through someremarkable growth and changes, initiatinga pilot program incorporating the VillageSavings and Loan groups in several com-munities.In Thailand, local leaders Tui andJamlong, in addition to all o their otherwork, made signifcant strides in developingtheir approach to holistic ministry, helpingto ound a network o like-minded organiza-tions working together to share the love o Jesus in the local context.In Mexico, our partner Misión Integral con-tinues to be one o the most respected or-ganizations in the region. Important mile-stones were celebrated as they helped thecommunity o Loma Chimedia to inauguratea new community center and opened a newhigh-capacity tree nursery in Monte Flor.We are very excited to have Floresta Burundi as one o thenewest members o the Plant With Purpose amily and havebeen delighted by the national recognition their work hasreceived or using their program to acilitate reconciliationbetween ormerly hostile neighbors. The program in Tanza-nia continues to grow, with unding rom USAID helping lo-cal vegetable producers connect with marketing channels.Here in the United States we had some major milestonesas well. Financially, we had our most successul year ever,with $1 million in earthquake unding driving nearly 60%growth. The earthquake was also the catalyst or ormallychanging our name rom Floresta to Plant With Purpose, aname that we believe more clearly articulates our message.We continue to be a leader in the Creation Care movement,reaching out to churches around the country with aware-ness and practical opportunities or participation. We alsobegan ormal collaboration with Compassion Internationalas well as World Relie. Finally, in February, my book,
Tend- ing to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People 
,was published by Judson Press and was named a fnalist inthe
Christianity Today 
Book o the Year Awards.The image that sticks in my mind and epitomizes all o ourprograms is that o Elisaf, a tremendously charismaticcommunity leader rom Tanzania who told us that the di-erence we made in his village is the dierence betweenone meal a day and three meals a day. I contrast that last-ing change with the dependency that aid oten perpetuatesand which is so evident in the camps o Port au Prince, andI long or the day we can bring three meals a day and thelove o Christ to hundreds more villages.Sincerely,
Scott Sabin
Executive Director

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