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Law n Order : SVU : The Handcuff Club

Law n Order : SVU : The Handcuff Club

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Published by David J. Booshty
Olivia and the Unit are investigating a certain new Deadly gang of serial brutal rapists known as The Handcuff Club. As the Unit gets closer hopefully to this particular new crime threat , they can't and don't even realize that in fact they are getting close to all of this , too close.
Olivia and the Unit are investigating a certain new Deadly gang of serial brutal rapists known as The Handcuff Club. As the Unit gets closer hopefully to this particular new crime threat , they can't and don't even realize that in fact they are getting close to all of this , too close.

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Published by: David J. Booshty on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New York City.......Present Day....... Law And OrderSpecial Victims Unit "The Handcuff Club"Booshty VersionAn armed blackslightly armored looking , S.W.A.T. uniformed police officer firmly lunges foward and kicks open a dark wooden apartment door widely , quickly swingingly open.He then rushes ahead pointing and aiming his assault rifle around and before him. This apartment is atypical , average looking roomed apartment. White walled walls , slight red wall to wall carpeting , a small plush blue couched living room, next to it is a small round wooden tabled dining room. This officer swiftly steps and walks ahead , further pointing and aiming his assault rifle around andround himself and this average apartment's interior. Now into this apartment a few quick moments behind him also briskly stepping in behind him are several other S.W.A.T. uniformed and armed police officers , their guns readyingly before them. The first officer rushes ahead and firmly steps into the small kitchen areaof this place , then over to the far right and firmly boots in another door, what seems as like dark wooden thin door. Another of these armed police officers briskly walks over to what seems to be a thin dark wooden bathroom door , he thenpromptly , firmly boots it in and wide open quickly , his gun leading before himself. The first then the second armed black suited officer both one by one sharply , firmly exclaim out loud , "Clear!!!"Now into thisaverage type looking apartment semi casually and assertively stepping into it isa tall , reddish brown , mid lengthed haired young mid aged looking woman wearing a black bulletproof vest , black S.W.A.T styled pants and black boots , hershiny golden flat police badge dangling and hanging around a long metal chain around her neck and before herself. Her eyes are deep , dark and brownish , her slight pretty makeuped face a very striking , supermodelish looking , her body slight curvy and pudgy. Of course also right now before herself within her long petite clutched hands is her large handgun , up and pointing and aiming ahead and around. Her name is Detective Olivia Benson , a well decorated type officer of the local special victims unit within the New York city police station. Right behind her are two more S.W.A.T. armed and uniformed police officers semi strategically also pointing and aiming their guns ahead and around themselves as well.Benson cautiously more and more enters now this small dingyly lit apartments living room's farrightside. She sees a long low set ovalish coffee table , behind that a plush blue cushiony pillowy couch , wall to wall red carpeting and dark wooden walls. She creeps ahead and ahead now fully seeing the rest of this room and sees a largetelevision set off to her far left and over to her far right an opened doorwaye
d small kitchen. Her big petite eyes refocus back straight ahead and across thisroom also now noticing a dark wooden closed door , prehaps a bedroom or bathroom door she instantly thinks of to herself. Benson then loudly sharply exclaims ,Living room...clear...!!!!" The rest of the armed S.W.A.T team uniformed officers now flood in cautiously poised and firmly ahead all around her into this widesmall dark wooden living room , a few of them still gun pointing and aiming about instantly making their ways over towards the opened up small kitchen's doorway.Just as one ofthe police officers now inside the small kitchen calls out , "Kitchen....clear!!!!" Benson now loudly urges , "Ok...wait...does "anyone" hear what I hear....?Hear it....? Like someone crying...? Listen...." Benson and the other assembledby and around her all hesitantly and listeningly pauses somewhat collectively asindeed now the very muffled crying and sobbing female voice can be heard semi distantly ahead and beyond this straight across dark wooden closed door , everyone now can hear it. Benson slowly worriedly curses abit then again pauses , the nearest to her police vested dark blue rightside's uniformed gun poised officer flatly curiously asks over to her , "Do you "want" the living room set that is set up you see "here?"...or do you want "what's" behind door number two.....?" Benson semi dissapointedly sighs a deeply concerned sounding sigh slightly relowering her handgun before herself her big petite eyes still staring curiously aheadover to this closed dark wooden door across this dingy room before herself.Scant momentsand a few more cauitious steps later Benson on one far rightside of this door ,an another of the officers at its far leftside both semi simultainiously firmlykick and boot in and down this door before them. This thinnish dark browndoor whumps quickly downward into a darkly lit small plush looking small bedroom with blue painted walls and red wall to wall carpeted floor. Benson then the other armed officer burst into this small bedroom both screaming ahead of themselves , "Freeze...!!!!! Police!!!!!" They both then staring now instantly dumbfoundedly staring indeed into this darkly lit room and both also begin relowering their gunsback down before themselves , the officer's assualt rifle and Benson's large handgun. First Benson staring ahead sharply and very dissapointedly curses , the other officer then does the very same , then again and again. Both very much reacting in sudden shock and disgust of sorts to what indeed is a scant few feet away from them , it is a youngish , tallish curvy , slightly pudgy , buxom naked woman. Just behind her sideways is a red cushiony blanketed bed sideways end set to this room's far leftside.This naked womanis down upon her knees , her bare long slender arms raised dangling upward above her , at each of her petite seemingly reddish chafed looking wrists are a pairof roundish metal shiny short black metal chained handcuffs and both outstretched extended sides up from her and are otherwise cuffed around two long horizontal trailing big metal chains's both rounded circular looped ends and leading upward chained into this room's dark shadowy ceiling. This long blonde messy lookinghaired woman looks visably bruised , beaten up abit and very weary looking. Shehas green eyes , a cuteish long face , a cute little nose , a full facial lipped mouth , a very buxom pair of melonesque big nippled round of breasts , curvy pudgy body , a dark brown haired barely seen here slight puckered up vagina and afattish ass due to her resting back upon her bare curvy feet's balls of sorts ,around her petite ankles is yet another pair of binding , roundish , short metal chained dangling handcuffs. Upon and across her slender petite face is a rectangular large swatch of grey ducy styled tape. She has a very terrified look uponher as she curiously also stares right over at Benson and the other armed uniformed officer , she begins loudly whimpering and screaming in other sudden terrorand raging frantic , scaredish whelping noises. Benson very angrilly glares aimlessly around this small plush darkly lit bedroom , then back ahead over to thisblonde , cuteish naked battered looking woman. A very sorrow filled look takingher very visably over , her deep dark petite eyes welling up in watery sudden gradually building tears.
( Intro)About half an hour later this green eyed , long blonde haired naked buxom youngish woman has alarge drab green blanket all enwrapped around her buxom curvy , slight pudgy body and is seated within a thin black metal fold up styled chair and in front of agareish greyish square table now within the local police station's interragation looking room. A large wall wide shiny glassy mirror is at this table's semi far sideways midsection , the walls are dingily white tiled , the floor darkly black aged looking tiled. Seated across from her is Elliot Stabler , Olivia Benson's official partner and fellow police officer. He is a tall semi mid aged short dark brown balding abit haired , semi muscular man with a deep dark eyes , a longface and a slight tense look perpetually upon and across him. He is wearing a long metal dangling necklace around his slender neck , at its bottom end is his shiny gold shield of a metal police badge and blackgrounded black horizontal rectangular clothy sheath.He is also wearing a dark blue dresshirt , a black thin belt , a pair of black clothy pants , white sox and a pair of black aged dressy shoes. He is seated in a very similar chair to this youngish blonde green eyed buxom woman and across this very small gareish grey metal table and attentively and sympathetically looking over to her. Stabler pauses now then as though concernedly remarks over to this youngish blonde blanketed woman , "Now....before we let you go home...or anywhere...like I already said....we just gotta let you yaknow...? Get checked out medically....obviously not the best of things to "haveta" do.....but besides a few more questions..."just" for the record....we totally have a ride and escort if need be to bringyou to the clinic we use...like five minutes away by car....literally...." He pauses then warmly adds , "If we "can" find anything out the better to nail...those scumbags who must of "obviously" attacked you....odds are "right" now before"any" shower or test..." He again pauses then firmly concernedly adds , "There very well "is" D.N.A. , fingerprints , saliva , various fluids , bitemarks...whatever....please..."at" least consider now getting checked out.....we'll even throw you a uniform to wear.....either way you choose here.....ok....? Jenna..."is"it....?"Jenna sniffles and sobs abit back over at him , her long right slender petite hand somewhat rubbing its knuckles up under her cuteish nose , she then sadly stares back over at Stabler again then flatly toned replies , "Ok....ok....I hear ya...."logically"...your right....ugh.....it "just" sucks....yaknow...? It was a fricking hell....!!!!" Stabler leans foward abit back over to her resting his long elbows down along ahead of this small grey gareish metal table , his long hands reaching out toher as well. He then firmly asks , "Please....give me your hands...now..." Jenna slowly complys reaching out her visable shaky looking long slender petite hands over along ahead this table sliding abit into his open long hands very casualopen grasp. Stabler slightly grasps her hands abit , stares more so ahead into her sad looking green eyes determinedly and casually states , "We "are" gonna doour best to catch "those" scumbags.....I promise you...it's just not some line....we deal with things like this everyday...."unfortunately"....." Jenna very faintly smiles a slight warm smile back over to him. She then sniffles a little bitmore and then very firmly quips back ahead over to him , "I "really" damn hopeso...."Scant moments laternow both Stabler and Jenna are seated more so casually within each of their black fold up chairs , Stabler with his long semi muscular arms folded before himself , Jenna kinda sadly drooping resting ahead upon her long bony petite elbows ab

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