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A--Z testing

A--Z testing



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Published by beghinbose

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Published by: beghinbose on Jun 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Software testing A—ZA
Item Description
Acceptance TestingFormal testing conducted to enable a user, customer or other authorisedentity to determine whether to accept a system or component.Actual OutcomeThe behaviour actually produced when the object is tested under specifiedconditions.Ad hoc testingTesting carried out using no recognised test case design techniqueAgentsSelf contained processes that run in the background on a client or server and that perform useful functions for a specific user/owner. Agents maymonitor exceptions based on criteria or execute automated tasks.Aggregated DataData that is results from applying a process to combine data elements.Data that is summarized.AlgorithmA sequence of steps for solving a problem.Alpha TestingSimulated or actual operational testing at an in-house site not otherwiseinvolved with the software developersApplication PortfolioAn information system containing key attributes of applications deployedin a company. Application portfolios are used as tools to manage the business value of an application throughout its lifecycle.Arc Testinga test case design technique for a component in which test cass aredesigned to execute branch condition outcomesArtificial Intelligence(AI)The science of making machines do things which would requireintelligence if they were done by humans.AssetComponent of a business process. Assets can include people,accommodation, computer systems, networks, paper records, faxmachines, etc.AttributeA variable that takes on values that might be numeric, text, or logical(true/false). Attributes store the factual knowledge in a knowledge base
AutomationThe use of software to perform or support test activities, e.g. testmanagement, test design, test execution and results checking.There are many factors to consider when planning for software testautomation. Automation changes the complexion of testing and the testorganisation from design through implementation and test execution.There are tangible and intangible elements and widely held myths about benefits and capabilities of test automation.AvailabilityAbility of a component or service to perform its required function at astated instant or over a stated period of time.It is usually expressed as the availability ratio, i.e. the proportion of timethat the service is actually available for use by the Customers within theagreed service hours.B
Item Description
BS 7925-2Glossary of British Standard Test termsBackward chainingThe process of determining the value of a goal by looking for rulesthat can conclude the goal. Attributes in the premise of such rulesmay be made subgoals for further search if necessary.Balanced ScorecardAn aid to organisational performance management. It helps to focus,not only on the financial targets but also on the internal processes,customers and learning and growth issues.BaselineDocuments or other outputs identified which should be tested at eachstage of developmentA snapshot or a position which is recorded. Although the positionmay be updated later, the baseline remains unchanged and availableas a reference of the original state and as a comparison against thecurrent position.Basic Block A sequence of one or more consecutive, executable statementscontaining no branchesBasic test setA set of test cases derived from the code logic which ensure that100% branch coverage is achievedBehaviourThe combination of input values and preconditions and the requiredresponse for a function of a system. The full specification of a
function would normally comprise one or more behavioursBeta TestingOperational testing at a site not otherwise involved with the softwaredevelopersBig-bang testingIntegration testing where no incremental testing takes place prior toall the system's components being combined to form the systemBlack Box TestingTest case selection based on an analysis of the specification of thecomponent without reference to its internal workingsBlackboardA hierarchically organised database which allows information to flow both in and out from the knowledge sources.Bottom up testingAn approach to integration testing where the lowest levelcomponents are tested first, then used to facilitate the testing of higher level components.BranchA conditional transfer of control from any statement to any other statement in a component, or an unconditional transfer of controlfrom any statement to any other statement in the component exceptthe next statement, or Branch ConditionCombinationTestingA test case design technique in which test cases are design to executecombinations of branch condition outcomesBranch ConditionCoverageThe percentage of branch condition outcomes in every decision thathave been exercised by a test case suiteBranch ConditionTestingA test case design technique in which test cases are designed toexecute branch condition outcomesBranch CoverageThe percentage of branches thta have been exercised by a test casesuiteBranch TestingA test case design technique for a component in which test cases aredesigned to execute branch outcomesBreadth first searchA search strategy that examines all rules that could determine thevalue of the current goal or subgoal before backtracking throughother rules to determine the value of an unknown attribute in thecurrent rule.BridgeEquipment and techniques used to match circuits to each other ensuring minimum transmission impairment.Business RecoveryPlansDocuments describing the roles, responsibilities and actionsnecessary to resume business processes following a business

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