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The Wondrous Works of God.

The Wondrous Works of God.

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Published by glennpease

Job XXXVII. 14.
" Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God."

Job XXXVII. 14.
" Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God."

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE WODROUS WORKS OF GOD.REV. G. S. DREW, B.A.Job XXXVII. 14." Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God."We propose, on this occasion, to engage your mindswith the consideration which is here enjoined ; butbefore we proceed with this design, we wish you toobserve the significance of the words at the begin-ning of our text. " Stand still, — and consider thewondrous works of God." The injunction, " standstill," implies that the individual who is here ex-horted to consider the Divine works, was, for themost part, in such a state of hurry and excitement,as unfitted him for the earnest contemplation whichis enjoined. There was uttered to him, therefore,in his course of restlessness, an admonition to sus-pend, for a while, his busy occupations, — to pause inhis employments, that he might look around himand consider the world, in the midst of which helived, and moved, and had his being. And we66 THE WODROUS WORKS OF GOD.must all feel that this admonition does now appro-priately precede the public utterance of the injunc-tion which the text contains, for how few are therewho do so resist the influence of that restlessnessand haste which especially characterize our days,as to attempt the formation of habits, or even toengage in occasional exercises of calm and piousmeditation. In our marts of commerce, in ourcrowded streets, how few ever stay attentively tolisten with their hearts to what the heavens and
the earth are continually telling of their greatCreator ! In this vast city the works of God are mani-fest : many of the most wondrous of them are as-sembled here as subjects on which curiosity or sciencemay fix its attentive gaze. But how very few of the men we meet with appear to live as if they hadever reflected that the wonders they behold weredevised, and are upheld, by an Eternal Being, whois always present where we are. Or even amidsttranquil and rural scenes, how naturally everyreflection appears to arise and to be indulged,except the reflection that God made everything webehold, and that He now is working in each sceneaccording to the counsels of His will. For, whetherin crowded or in solitary places, well nigh everyone appears to have some object of gain or plea-sure, which requires to be pursued with an impe-tuous haste that leaves him no opportunity of giving one moment's hearing to that speech whichday utters unto day, or one glance on that know-THE WODROUS WORKS OF GOD. 57ledge which the night shows forth. And thereforewe may earnestly and appropriately repeat now thewords which the wise son of Barachel addressed toJob, and ask that you who listen will, for a fewmoments, " stand still ;" that you will call homeyour wandering thoughts, and bring your spiritsinto a state of attention and repose ; that at thisvery juncture of your mortal course, you will pauseand think of the facts and circumstances by whichyou are actually encompassed ; that you will look on surrounding things as Christians should look onthem, and carefully heed and ponder the inferencesyou may derive from this thoughtful observation.ow first we wish to remind you of the number,
and variety, and magnitude of the Divine works.Our position, at any moment, may be regarded asthe centre of a circle almost infinite in its extent,which is filled throughout with the wondrous resultsof the working of Divine Omnipotence. At this,or at any other time, if we look at the thingswhich are immediately around us, and then proceedoutward, further and further, till we reach theutmost limits to which thought can carry us, ineach step of our progression we shall meet withsomething which appears more marvellous, the moreclosely it is examined. What impressive wonders,for instance, are now present to our mental view inthis very place ! Just think of the process which isgoing on in each person every instant, when hebreathes; of the marvellous composition of our58 THE WODROUS WORKS OF GOD.atmosphere, and the equally marvellous constructionof those parts of our bodies which are fitted toinhale it. Or who can look thoughtfully on anyone of the human bodies now present here, withoutamazement at, we may say, the innumerable wonderswhich are crowded and compacted within its limits.Or again, let me ask you to think a moment of theskill and strength which were evinced in the con-struction of this edifice, and let this thought befollowed by the enquiry. But who conferred thatstrength and skill ? We may proceed a step out-wards, and ask you to think of what is now con-tained within the limits of this vast metropolis ; of the million and a half of human beings who areassembled close around us, each one, remember, asfearfully and wonderfully made as we are ; eachone the subject of a moral government, the can-didate now on probation for a higher state ; eachone as carefully tended and watched as we know

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