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Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida May 2009 (2)

Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida May 2009 (2)

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Published by riccibana

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Published by: riccibana on Jun 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida
Information for Pregnant Teenagers and Their Families in Florida
First edition 2009
Introduction • 31. Who is this book for? • 32. How can this book help me? • 33. What if I have questions the book doesn’t answer or need to hire a lawyerto help me? • 3 The Difference between Adults and Minors and Why It Matters • 44. Who is an adult? • 45. Who is a minor? • 46. What are the reasons I might or might not want to be emancipated? • 57. How do I ask a judge to let me act as an adult (emancipate me)? 5Parents’ and Children’s Duties • 68. What must parents do for their minor children? • 69. Can my parents throw me out of the house? • 610. Do minor children owe their parents anything? • 6Dealing with Pregnancy • 711. What should I do if I am or might be pregnant? • 712. Do I have to see a doctor if I am pregnant or think I might be? • 8Ending a Pregnancy • 813. Can I have an abortion if I am less than 18 years old? • 814. Who will be informed? • 815. At what points in pregnancy does the law allow abortions? • 916. What should I do if I think I need to go to court? • 917. Will anyone at the courthouse help me? • 918. Will I have to pay for any part of the process? • 919. What will the judge ask me? • 920. Who will be there when I have a hearing in front of the judge? 1021. What if the judge rules in my favor? • 1022. What if the judge rules against me? • 1023. Will anyone know I talked to a judge about abortion? • 1024. Is it important to decide early in pregnancy about abortion? • 1125. Where can I get an abortion? • 1126. How much will an abortion cost? • 1127. Does the person who made me pregnant have to pay for the abortion? •11Having a Baby • 1228. If I am going to have a baby, do I need to see a doctor? • 1229. Are there places to stay until I have the baby? • 1230. What choices can I make about my baby? • 12
Bringing Up Your Baby • 1331. Am I legally old enough to be a parent? • 1332. What does having parental responsibility for a child mean? • 1333. Who will have parental responsibility for my child? • 1334. Can my child be placed with someone else? • 1435. What if my child’s father does not return the child to me after a visit? • 1436. Can I manage school or work and still care for a child? • 1437. How can I learn to be a good parent? • 1438. What will my newborn baby need? • 15Giving Up a Baby • 1639. What if I do not have an adoption plan but feel that I can’t take care of mynewborn baby? • 1640. Can I get my newborn back if I give up the baby? • 1641. What if I think I cannot care for an older child? • 1742. What if someone else thinks I cannot care for a child? • 1743. How does a person lose parental rights? • 1844. Why might a mother or father lose parental rights? • 1845. Are there more reasons why an unmarried father might lose parentalrights? • 19Arranging Adoption for Your Baby • 1946. How can I put my baby up for adoption? • 1947. Who has to agree to my baby’s adoption? • 1948. Do my parents have to agree to my baby’s adoption? • 2049. Do I have to say who the father of my baby is? • 2050. How do I agree to my baby’s adoption? • 2051. Can I
placing a child for adoption and then change my mind? •2052. Can I
to placing a child for adoption and then change my mind? •2053. What if I want to place the baby for adoption and the father does notconsent? • 2154. Can my baby’s father consent to an adoption and then change his mind?• 2155. What if the father of my baby agrees to place the baby for adoption? • 2156. Can I choose who adopts my baby? • 2157. If I do not pick the person or family, can I find out about them? • 2158. Does it cost anything to place a child for adoption? • 2259. Can the people adopting my baby give me money? • 2260. After adoption, can I stay in touch with the child? • 2261. Can I find the child when she or he is grown? Can my child find me? • 2262. What if I do not want the child to contact me? • 23Marriage • 2363. Can I get married? • 23Getting Support for Your Baby • 2464. What are the rights of a child whose parents are not married? • 2465. How can paternity be established for my baby? • 2466. When can I establish paternity? • 2467. Do I have to identify my child’s father to get cash assistance (TemporaryAssistance for Needy Families, or TANF)? • 2568. If a father is under 18, does he have to support his child? • 25
69. How do I get child support? • 2570. What can I name the baby? • 25Getting Health Care for You and Your Baby • 2671. Can I get health care for my baby? • 2672. What health care can I get for myself? • 2673. What else do I need to know about getting health care on my own? • 2774. Can I get family planning (birth control) for myself? • 2775. What do I need to know about family planning (birth control)? • 2876. If I have sex without using birth control, is there anything I can do to notget pregnant? • 2877. Should I ask about family planning (birth control) if I am pregnant? • 2978. What about the infections that can be passed along by having sex? • 2979. Is HIV a sexually transmitted disease? • 2980. Do I have to be tested for HIV? • 2981. What health care can I get for sexually transmitted diseases, includingHIV, and do I need my parent’s permission? • 2982. What should I know about sexually transmitted infection (including HIV),prevention, testing, and treatment? • 3083. What if I am pregnant and have a sexually transmitted infection?• 3084. Is health care for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, differentbecause they can be passed to other people? • 31A Place to Live for You and Your Baby • 3185. Where can my baby and I live? • 31Living with Your Parents • 3286. Can my parents make me leave home because I am pregnant or have achild? • 3287. What if I want to leave my parents’ home? • 3288. Do I always have to live in my parents’ home to get cash assistance(Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF) from the government? •3289. What if it is not safe for me to live at my parents’ home? • 3390. What if my parents and I just cannot get along? • 3391. What about living with my boyfriend’s family? • 3392. What about living with my boyfriend? • 3393. Where can I live besides my parents’ home? • 3494. Can my parents keep my child while making me live elsewhere? • 34Renting Your Own Apartment,House, or Mobile Home (Trailer) • 3495. Can I rent a place for myself? • 3496. What is a lease? • 3497. What should be in a lease? • 3598. What are a landlord’s and a tenant’s main duties? • 3599. Can I be put out of rental housing before the lease is up? • 36Public Assistance for Housing • 36100. Can I get public assistance for housing? • 36101. What should I do if I am homeless? • 37102. Can I stay in school if I am homeless? • 37Staying in School • 38103. Will I be able to stay in school while I am pregnant? • 38104. What if I have to miss school because of medical problems? • 38

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