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Wagener Monthly

Wagener Monthly

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Published by Aiken Standard
August 2013 Wagener Monthly
August 2013 Wagener Monthly

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Published by: Aiken Standard on Aug 30, 2013
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covering wagener and eastern aiken county
Aiken Standard
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
War Eagle football starts on high note | pgs. 14-15
ii i ii
Wagener-Salley High commemorates 9/11 | pg. 16
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Welcome Back Columnist Johnny West page 14
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
oman’s Club of Wagener Honors Maradelle Ray 
 y Lemyra Young; photos by Bill Taylor
Woman’s Club o Wagener recently hosted a celebration honoring MaradelleRay or her lielong devotion and commitment o service to the people o agener and the surrounding communities. District 86 House o Representative Bill aylor presented Mrs. Ray with a letter rom Governorikki R. Haley commending her or her work and service in making Wagenerand the surrounding communities a better place to live, work, and learn andor her level o achievement and leadership in the own o Wagener.Representative aylor also presented a Certiicate o Appreciation romGovernor Nikki Haley in recognition and appreciation or Mrs. Ray’s serviceo the State o South Carolina. Mrs. Ray also received a letter o commendation rom Senator NikkiSetzler and a Certiicate o Appreciation rom South Carolina Senate. heelebration was attended by amily, riends, and many others, including:istrict 86 House o Representatives Bill aylor, Aiken County District OneCouncil Kathy Rawls, Aiken County RMC Judith Warner, Wagener ownCouncilman Joey Black, and President o Western District o GeneralFederation o Women’s Clubs o South Carolina Ann Fornwald.
Second-half defense carries War Eagles to opening win
by Eric Russell 
For a majority o the night, whenatta needed a big play on oense, iturned to senior running back RJcClam. It was no dierent on theiggest play o the game.With 4:06 remaining in the ourthquarter and the Vikings acing aourth-and-8 in War Eagles’ territory,cClam had the ball in his hands again.Only this time he was throwing it.He had a receiver open, but the passame up short. Tat was the last realhreat Wagener-Salley aced in the 33-28ictory over Latta in the season opener.It was a tale o two halves or the Waragles’ deense. McClam set the toneor the rst hal when he took the ball5 yards or a touchdown on Latta’s rstlay rom scrimmage. He went on toscore two more times in the rst hal,nce on a rush and on a 74-yard kicko eturn as well.“Tey did a good job blocking orim in the rst hal, (Donell) Stanley opened some lanes up or him and hegot loose. We were planning or that thisweek; we knew he could run,” WagenerSalley head coach Ken ucker said aferthe game. “At halfime, I told the guys weneeded some more eort out there andto get aggressive.”Te War Eagles deense responded.Afer giving up 143 yards on the groundto McClam in the rst hal, they heldhim to 59 in the second hal.“We weren’t able to get the lanes wegot in the rst hal,” Latta head coachKelly Williamson said. “Hopeully wecan learn rom this and improve onsome things going into the next game.”Latta struggled all night with thepassing game. Quarterback KelWilliamson connected on 2 o 8passes on the night or 14 yards. Hiscounterpart Malcolm Stromancompleted ve o 12 passes on the nightor 170 yards. Nijae Jerry completed histwo passes or 64 yards as well.Wagener-Salley also turned up itsrun game in the second hal o thegame. Eric Corley broke loose or twobig runs in the hal, including a 27-yardtouchdown to pull the team within threepoints.On the next oensive possession,Wagener-Salley took the lead or goodwhen Nijae Jerry connected withMalcolm Stroman on a screen passthat Stroman took in or a 40 yardtouchdown.
Staf Photo By Eric Russell Wagener-Salley running back Eric Corley rushes the ballduring the team’s 33-28 victory over Latta.
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Page 19
Wagener Monthly
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
by LeMyra Young
Memories are precious. Memories aresomething that cannot be taken away rom you. Memories bring you great comfort and joy. Memories can sustainou through difficult times. Memoriesallow you to remember from whereou came and look forward to whereou are going. Memories are God’s gift rom thepast for the future.
Grandmama’s Scrapbook 
 My brother Charlie recently made a most fascinatingdiscovery while spending the nightwith our mother; Mama was asleepand Charlie was looking forsomething to read. He found anold scrapbook that once belongedto our paternal grandmother MyraDukes Tyler. The next day Charlietold me about the scrapbook andhow he thoroughly enjoyed lookingat the many pictures and readingthe many newspaper items and suchthat Grandmama had pasted in herscrapbook. Well, I was not going tolet him be the only one to takepleasure in the scrapbook. Onone of our many rainy afternoons,Mama and I were sitting in thetwin wing back chairs in her livingroom. The weather was much toomessy for us to go for a ride, so Igot Grandmama’s scrapbook fromthe small chest of drawers. I quickly learned the captivation of thescrapbook. Since Mama and I wereseated close together, I would sharethe newspaper clippings andpictures with her. Much of thescrapbook contained items datingback to the 1930’s and 40’s I askedher many questions, and in mostinstances she was able to answermyquestion plus give mebackground and other interestinginformation. Going through the scrapbook was like a walk in Grandmama’sshoes down memory lane. The firstarticle told of Wagener ChapterNumber 38, Order of the EasternStar being placed on the honor roll.The event was attended by many O.E.S. state officers. Grandmamaheld the position of Electra, andshe noted in her book that the yearwas 1939 and that Mrs. Lois Millerwas Worthy Matron of the WagenerChapter. Mrs. Lois lived about 5miles from Wagener and when therewere formal wear meetings of theWagener Chapter Mrs. Lois wouldcome to Grandmamas house todress. At that time, Granddaddy andGrandmama lived in the apartmentover Charlie’s Market, Granddaddy’sstore, which was right in the middleof Wagener. Mama said that evenafter she and Daddymarried in 1944that the ritual of getting dressedtogether continued. Mamalaughedas she told me that Grandmama andMrs. Lois would giggle like schoolgirls as they were putting on theirlong dresses and all the necessary under garments that ladies of thatera squeezed themselves into.There is another tale that Iremember hearing Mama andGrandmama tell about Mrs. Lois.She married Mr. “Lice” Holmanafter the death of her first husband.The morning after she and Mr.“Lice” married she told him she hadburned the grits; he replied, “That’sokay, I like burned grits.” Mrs. Loiswasalways known as Lois Millereven after marrying Mr. Holman.There are just some things you don’tchange.Grandmama had no specialtheme in mind as she pastedmemories into her scrapbook. (Ithink I inherited my filing systemfrom her.) One newspaper articlethat I especially like is about JudgeHenry Garvin celebrating his 74thbirthday on November 14, 1942. Ihave heard of Judge Garvin all of my life, but since he died before Iwas born I had never put a face toJudge Henry B. Garvin. However,the article telling of his birthday also has a picture of him sitting at atable with a birthday cake coveredin enough candles to set a houseonfire. He and his wife and some of his children are buried in the TylerCemetery. His wife was AdaCorinthia Johnson a daughter of Thomas Bennett Tyler and RachelElizabeth Corbitt Tyler. Ada was asister to my great, greatgrandfather John William Tyler.The article stated that Judge Garvinwas one of the oldest members of the Wagener community in 1942and had served the FifthMagisterial District of AikenCounty for 36 years. He was knownfar and wide and respected for hisstrict adherence to the principlesof the office. Judge Garvin and hisfamily lived between Wagener andPerry, and even though hisfamily home is lost in time, theJudge Garvin place is still a landmark to us locals.Grandmama saved letters andcards from friends and relatives andinvitations to parties and socialevents. One such card was mailedMay 4, 1946 at 1 PM at Springfield,SC post office. It reads: Mr. andMrs. Ernest E. Jones, HonoringMadelyn EarleJones of Hollywood,California, and introducing Mrs.Wilfred W. Gee of Sydney,Australia, The Field House, Tuesday night- May 7, 1946 at Eight O’clock.Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Jones livedin Salley, SC and their daughterMadelyn was a movie andtelevision star. Her theater namewas Lois Collier. I remember hermost in the television series“Boston Blackie.” I remember Mr.and Mrs.Jones; they boughtgroceries in Daddy and Mama’sstore. I was a cashier on Saturdays,and I waited on them many times.She always wore vivid coloredlipstick. She also wrote a society news column in the Aiken Standard.
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Page 16
Wagener Monthly
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
by: Brian Watts
June 19, 2008
My lie o paranoia caused by drugs isstarting to ade away Te good Lord is getting rid o more o iteach and every day  As my brain starts to unction properly, Ieel like I’m coming out o a shellKind o like a prisoner being released aer twenty years in a cell My mind is starting to eel better as God releases memories o painIt’s rereshing, like looking up on a hot day and getting hit in the ace with cold rain I still struggle every day with my lietime addiction o drinkingBut with the help o prayers and God, It has changed my way o thinking Tere are also struggles with my past and a lie with all those drugsBut now I think about today and try to give more hugs I thank God every day or the change and that he has allowed me to liveI’m replacing all the sadness I’ve given to my parents, Happiness to them I now give I hope these words will help someone, God will be your crutchI you pray to him, ask or His help, He’ll change your lie so much I write these words to show other addicts that God is the way So i you want to quit your addictions, Pray to him today  My sobriety would never last without God’s help, Tat’s or surePrayers rom riends and God Himsel, He’s my Counselor and my cure!July 31, 2013 I'll say it again-Ain't our God a wonderul God!! As many o ya'll here in Wagenernow know, my name is Brian Watts and I am a retired alcoholic and was a prisonero Satan's dope. God knew what He was doing when He showed me the way to thissmall town where my parents have lived or over twenty years. Trough the powero prayers and support, I have remained sober. I'm 5 years and 41 weeks sober, and Igive all o the glory to God.Tis country living and the people that live here have been rereshing or my soul.I again want to thank the people in the town o Wagener that I have met and get towalk with. I especially want to thank the Wagener Monthly and everyone or theirhard work and letting me get my words that God gives me to write out. People tellme that I am helping people that I don't even know about. Tat's why I think thatour good Lord has me here on this earth. Ever since my overdose on October 31,2007, I have tried to live right and think o others rst.In 2008, God started giving me words to write about lie's struggles andaddictions. With the help o the Wagener Monthly and the Internet, my words areacross the country. Very overwhelming or an old country boy who is retired romthe drinking, drugs, and ast lie. Now more than ever I understand saying-"Everything happens or a reason". I also realize that everything is not always as itappears. Behind every beautiul lie there has been some kind o pain.You all, you rise, you also make many mistakes. You live and you learn. You arehuman and by ar not perect. You've been hurt many diferent ways, but you arealive. Tink o what a precious privilege it is just to be alive, to breathe, to think, toenjoy lie and to chase and hopeully nd the things you love.Sometimes there is much sadness in our journey, but also there is lots o beauty.We must keep our heads up, and keep putting one oot in ront o the other evenwhen the road seems so very long. 'Cause i not, we would never know what is wait-ing around the next bend. We never know what road someone else has been down,so we must not judge on color, race, or appearance.Smile at people who look like they are having a bad day. Be kind to them-kindness is cheapand a great investment that never ails and wherever there is ahuman being there's an opportunity or kindness. So take a minute and think beoreyou look down on someone else.Tese thoughts and words come rom a retired alcoholic and prisoner o Satan'sdope, who has long hair, earrings, and is covered in tattoos, and has been judged allhis lie.I give all the glory to God and am one hundred percent accountable to him 365days a year. So love your lie, live your lie. Tank God or what you have. God ismy counselor and cure.God bless.
My Counselor

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