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• Proposed Language - Farm Sales Activities PC Final

• Proposed Language - Farm Sales Activities PC Final

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Published by Fauquier Now
Updated proposed Fauquier County zoning text amendment on farm sales and activiites
Updated proposed Fauquier County zoning text amendment on farm sales and activiites

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Published by: Fauquier Now on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proposed Amendment Language
21Reserved. Farm Sales A A22. Farmer's Market X SP23. Petting Zoo X SP
6-102 Permitted Accessory Uses27.
The following activities shall be allowed as accessory uses to agriculture:A.
The sale of agricultural products produced on the property, and the saleof Value Added Agricultural Products produced from products grown onthe property. The sale of agricultural products includes pick-your-ownoperations.B.
On-site processing to create Value-Added Agricultural Products, provided that at least 50 percent of the agricultural products being processed on-site are produced on site; and further provided that such processing comply with Virginia Department of Agriculture andConsumer Services (VDACS) standards and all other state and federalregulations.C.
The sale of agricultural products produced at other Virginia properties;and the sale of Value-Added Agricultural Products produced from products grown in Virginia.
In the RA zoning district only, Agriculture-Related Activities thatspecifically promote, and are directly connected to, agricultural productsor Value-Added Agricultural Products produced on the property wherethe activity is taking place. The number of such events is not limited,except that if such events allow customers or members of the public toutilize, or result in their utilization of, buildings or structures located onthe property more than twelve (12) times per year, then such structuresand buildings shall comply with the Virginia Uniform StatewideBuilding Code, and site plan and special exception approval shall berequired pursuant to Sections 3-309.14, 15 & 16 of this Ordinance.E.
Sale of Incidental Farm-related Promotional Items.
The combined percentage of Annual Farm Sales Revenue from theactivities described in Sections C, D, and E above shall not exceed 50%.G.
Private personal gatherings held by the owner of an agriculturally used property who resides on property or adjacent thereto that is owned or controlled by such owner at which gatherings products are not sold or 
2marketed and for which no consideration is received by the owner or itsagents, except that fundraisers shall be subject to the generalrequirements set forth in Section 6-102.29 of this Ordinance. H. Notwithstanding the above if an accessory use permitted by this sectionis separately listed as a primary use in Section 3-300 of the Ordinancethe standards found in Section 3-300 shall govern such use. H.
DefinitionsValue-Added Agricultural Products
are raw agricultural products changed into something newthrough packaging, processing, cooling, drying, extracting or other type of process thatdifferentiates the value-added product from the original raw agricultural commodity. Value-Added Agricultural Products may be processed on or off the farm, and may include: honey, jamsand jellies; baked goods; dried flowers, herb and vegetable preparations; finished meats andsausages; dairy products, including cheeses; canned or frozen fruits and vegetables; soaps; threadand fiber products; fruit baskets; wreaths and garlands; and similar products.
Agriculture-Related Activities
are the specific activities listed below that are advertised,managed and run by the farmer who owns or resides on the particular farm where such activitiesare occurring, and which are designed to promote the raw agricultural commodities produced onthe farm where such activities are occurring, or the Value-Added Agricultural Products having atleast 50% content produced on such farm:(i)
Seasonal promotions related to agriculture;(ii)
corn mazes;(iii)
hay rides;(iv)
agricultural demonstrations;(v)
meetings of agricultural groups;(vi)
agriculture-related lectures or classes; and(vii)
farm tours.
 Incidental Farm-Related Promotional Items
are farm-related, artisanal (home or farm produced in Virginia), or refreshment items that are not either raw agricultural commodities or Value-Added Agricultural Products, but are sold or provided on the farm as a convenience to afarm’s customers who are visiting such farm either (i) to purchase agricultural commodities or Value-Added Agricultural Products, or (ii) to participate in permitted Agriculture-RelatedActivities.
Annual Farm Sales Revenue
is the aggregate gross revenue from all sales on the farm, includingraw agricultural products produced on or off the farm, Value-Added Agricultural Products produced on or off the farm, sales of goods from any processing facility located on the farm,revenue from Agriculture Related Activities and revenue from Incidental Farm RelatedPromotional Items. 
Additional Standards for Farm Sales

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