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The Occult World

The Occult World



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Occult World
The occult world is a common figure of human existence. Presidents, royalty, politicians,judges, teachers, Popes, and a wide spectrum of individuals participated in the occult before.In this era, it has been exposed like in no other time in human history.
Living in America,you get see our country as immersed in occult symbolism
. Certainly, times likethese call for more exposure on this key subject.People have talked about the film called the"Alien Kabbalah," which was created by Chris Everard.
Everard's video that he created and hisother works can be found at the link of:http://www.enigmatv.com/ .
Now, it's time to showwhat I agree and disagree with this documentary indeed (including exposing more informationpertaining to the occult world). Chris dedicated the film to the genius filmmaker StanleyKubrick. Kubrick exposed in his
Eye Wide Shut film
about how Illuminists and high leveloccultists conduct their sick, sexual rituals in real life. The film was an expose of rituals goingaround in American rich homes where a black mass was conducted (which goes on again inreal life). The rituals in Eyes Wide Shut have people dressed up as a Pope figure and othercharacters. It's a ritual of sex magic done by the super wealthy people.Their masks in the filmare old Venetian masks from Europe. Sex magic proponents want to make tension in theTemple to create "energy" to a spirit. This energy in black magic is given to a demon spiritaccording to Chris Everard. The movie have women kissing each other and the high priest
welcoming the new initiate as played by Tom Cruise. Everard believed that the KnightsTemplar participated in black magic, because many of them confessed to wicked ceremonies(including there are accusations that the Knights Templar did sick sexual ceremonies amongthe High Priest of the Knights Templar, necromancy, and invoking spirits unto dead bodies.The Templars were definitely once powerful international bankers). Others deny the chargesthat the Templars committed degenerate acts.The Eye Wide Shut movie star is Tom Cruise.Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. Scientology was invented by L. Ron Hubbard (who was anotheroccultist who worked with NASA occultist Jack Parsons to try to do magical ritual to herald thecoming of the Antichrist).
L. Ron Hubbard wrote a book called Dianetics, which outlinedsome of his personal belief system. Dianetics comes from the Greek words of diameaning through and nous meaning soul.So, Dianetics is a book that Hubbardbelieved was to help get rid of unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fearsplus psychosomatic illnesses. The book wants to describe what the soul is doing tothe body through the mind. The truth is that Dianetics is a brainwashing tool intrying to get new members. This is why Hubbard falsely viewed religions as apart of a “mental implant.” Scientology is definitely anti-Christianity.
Scientology is aboutteaching that an evil Creator being called Xenu created the Earth as a prison planet (among themest or Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Scientology like Gnosticism bash the materialworld).They deny much of mainstream medicine in order to incorporate vitamins (plus otheractivities) to cure disease.There is nothing wrong with vitamins, but there is also nothingwrong with legitimate mainstream medicine as well. Scientology is known to bash the disabledand harbor cultic actions among its membership. NASA names their missions after occultnames. Hubbard followed the teachings of Aleister Crowley and Crowley ironically rejectedHubbard as non-intelligent plus a radical. Hubbard was such an extremist and a fraud that hesaid that: “…
All men shall be my slaves! All women shall succumb to my charms! Allmankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why!..” [Corydon, p. 53]
Today, Scientology isvery powerful in trying to infiltrate society. One example deals with Breeding.
Dr. Breedingis definitely affiliated with Scientology, which has enormous influence in theNew World Order network.
Breeding quotes Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard inhis book,
The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses
and his website links to theScientology front group, Citizens' Commission on Human Rights. Indeed, Dr. Breedingcalls this powerful force for Scientology "an awesome organization."
FamousScientologists include Catherine Bell, Tom Cruise, Leah Remini, John Travolta, Jenna Elfman, the late Isaac Hayes, Kelly Preston, Greta van Susteren, NancyCartwright (who plays “Bart Simpson” on the Simpsons cartoon show), KirstieAlley, and many others.
It's easy to see that the aristocracy and even some in the Papacyperform black magic rituals covertly (as proven by
Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
 and Malachi Martin. Martin wrote literatue about the Jesuits as well)
through thousands ofyears.
The elite know that man isn't alone, so they use the spirit world to help gettheir agendas done. One of the inner secrets of the Secret Societies is contactingthe spirit world (as found in the OTO, Freemasonry, etc.).A simple example of thisis how Satanist Aleister Crowley claimed to made contact with theinterdimensional being called "LAM" in New York City from 1918. Space isn't adead vacuum. Space has tons of energy. Occultists believe that the Ether is theenergy in Space (New Agers believe that elemental spirits are found in Nature),which I don't believe in. It is true that our Planet has tons of living organismsresiding in it. Occultists like Crowley and Alice Bailey wanted New Age principles
to be promoted in order to create the new world order or the new Aquarian Age:
"...Marilyn Ferguson compiled and espoused a synthesis involving the theories of transformation andthe secret plan of the Aquarian Age. In her studies of the scientific advancements of this age involvingentropy and syntropy, holism, holographs, paradigm shifts, the uncertainty principle and evolution, shediscovered that, "for the first time an American renaissance is taking place in all disciplines, breakingthe boundaries between them, transforming them at their farthest reaches—where they all converge."(From The Aquarian Conspiracy by
Marilyn Ferguson
on p.12)
Chris Everard says that the demonic regions of Hell have a hierarchy of evil spirits, which istrue (UFO research was done even by President Eisenhower in his program called “ProjectJehovah.” Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer were apart of this exercise). What isstrange is that Einstein and Oppenheimer wrote a 6 page Presidential memo entitled"Relationship with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies."It's also true that when we die, we go intothe Spirit World. We go either into Heaven or Hell according to the Scriptures. The Kabbalah isa group of texts that many Jewish people are forbidden to study until the age of 40. Kabbalisttexts call the spirit world as the Yenne Velt (or Yiddish for the Other word).The Kabbalah believes in parallel universe that intersect our reality (Everard believes that the ManhattanProject was inspired by Kabbalic rituals). Also, there is a photos of the Bohemian Grove wheremen seem to enact an alchemical magical ceremony.Men there in the Grove also dressed as aPope figure praising Papal Saint John of Nepomuk. That is why a Mass is pictured in theBohemian Grove as well. This New Age/occult belief system extends into the belief ofreincarnation. Images of death and skulls are found in the Grove.
 So, the Alien Kabbalahdocumentary even have information that I didn't know about previously.According to Helena Blavatsky (who was an occultist who thought that Atlantis was destroyed by blackmagicians), these magicians used demonic ceremonies. Helena Blavatasky was a co-founder of theTheosophical Society. This Society advanced the idea of unifying religion and embracing the occult.Helena loved pro-Gnostic teachings and praised Satan, especially in her infamous book entitled “TheSecret Doctrine.” Her literature influenced tons of people from Nicholas Roerich to Aleister Crowley(including
C.W. Leadbeater
, Guido List, Alice Bailey,
George W. Russell
, etc). Some believe thatAtlantis was destroyed by crystal, electrical technology. Blavatsky said that the ancient Egyptians hadtechnology had been powered directly from the cosmos and the spirit world. Many people don’t realizeabout how the physical world is being manipulated in violence, war, and chaos. If Atlantis did exist, itwas probably the pre-Flood world. The Bible says that the world was flooded with Noah and his familyas the sole survivors. Many rulers of the world are in Secret Societies use rituals to gain access of thespirit world. The Kabbalah, the Mysteries, etc. influenced the Golden Dawn, the OTO andFreemasonry. The royal political elite have plenty of libraries worldwide. One is the Binecki Library ofrare books at Yale University. This library is home to many alchemical and magical books. One suchbook is called the Voynich Manuscript. Some of these book teach them how to summon and call forththe negative forces of the Universe. The Skulls and Bones is home to Yale that have evil, occultrituals. These rituals include mocking the Holy Communion, masturbating in a tomb, praising death,etc. It's been nicknamed the Brotherhood of Death. Today, America is run by people using rituals andprivately summoning demons in numerous cases. Even Queen Elizabeth I used magicians to chosethe date of her coronation according to the time of the Zodiac. Elizabeth I's friend was occult magicianDr. John Dee. Dee was the original 007 or British Intelligence. Dr. John Dee endorsed the concept ofa British Empire. Today, Temples globally are created to worship these spirits. Every continent havegiant Temples that are aligned with the stars of the Universe. They are calendars and relate tomagical rituals as well. They were built for similar reasons of summons spirits not just for asceticpurposes or worshipping false gods. The Pyramids of Giza are astronomical calculators. They gaugethe times of stars, constellations, etc. Using magic to contact spirits is one of the core doctrines ofoccult secret societies. ‘
Well, I've found new information about Freemasons in Virginia.33° Mason L. L. Whitehead (aSovereign Grand Inspector General), 33° Freemason Esker Peacock, 33° William Hunter, 32°

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