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LA Confidential

LA Confidential

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Published by patch295

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Published by: patch295 on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"L.A. CONFIDENTIAL"byBrian HelgelandBased on the novelbyJames Ellroy FADE IN:OVER the opening strains of "I LOVE YOU, CALIFORNIA," aMONTAGE: a mixture of headlines, newsreel footage and liveaction. Economy Booming! Postwar Optimism! L.A.: City of theFuture! But most prominent among them: GANGLAND! Policephotographers document crime scenes. The meat wagon hauls ex-button men to the morgue. Where will it end?EXT. L.A. SKYLINE - SUNSETPalm trees in silhouette against a cherry sky. City lightstwinkle. Los Angeles. A place where anything is possible. Aplace where dreams come true. As the sky darkens, triple-kleig lights begin to sweep back and forth.EXT. MANSION (HANCOCK PARK) - NIGHTThe KLEIG LIGHTS are out front. Valets hurry to park a lineof elegant cars.MAYOR (V.O.)Ladies and gentlemen, I give you thefuture of Los Angeles!INT. HANCOCK PARK MANSION - BALLROOM - NIGHTThe MAYOR yanks a cloth to reveal a MODEL of L.A. criss-crossed by an elaborate FREEWAY SYSTEM. The CROWD oohs. ACOUNCILMAN claps. A SOCIETY MATRON nods her approval. PIERCEPATCHETT, 50, tuxedoed, watches off to one side. A behind-the-scenes power broker, Patchett exudes authority much moreso than the Mayor does.MAYORThe Arroyo Seco freeway is just thebeginning. We're planning freewaysfrom Downtown to Santa Monica, fromthe South Bay to the San FernandoValley. Twenty minutes to work orplay is the longest you'll have totravel.More applause. One REPORTER asks a little too loudly...
REPORTERHow many bodies you think MickeyCohen'll be able to hide in all thatcement?The Mayor wears a plastic smile, ignores it.INT. THE MOCAMBO - NIGHTA CLUB PHOTOGRAPHER pops snapshots, but the real action ison the floor where MICKEY COHEN does a wicked "Lindy Hop"with THREE different GIRLS at once. A fireplug of a man, hehardly seems a public menace. Nearby is his bodyguard JOHNNYSTOMPANATO. Over it all:HUDGEONS (V.O.)Meyer Harris Cohen, Mickey C to hisfans. He's the big moocher, localL.A. color to the nth degree. Youknow Mickey. He runs dope, racketsand prostitution. He kills a dozenpeople a year. But who you may notknow is bodyguard Johnny Stompanato.His hair in a slick pompadour, Stompanato keeps an eye onCohen and comes onto a CIGARETTE GIRL at the same time.HUDGEONS (V.O.)Johnny's handsome, ladies, but thereal attraction is below the belt.Second only to Steve Cochran, he'ssometimes known as 'Oscar' becauseof his Academy Award-size appendage.Mickey works a sweat on the dance floor. A bottle of champagnepops; Stompanato reacts, nearly draws a pistol from hisshoulder holster. As he laughs at himself...INT. HUSH-HUSH MAGAZINE OFFICE - DAYLurid page one headlines cover the wall where SID HUDGEONStypes. The essence of sleaze, Sid is the publisher-photographer-writer of Hush-Hush magazine and keeper of insidedirt supreme. As he continues...HUDGEONS (V.O.)Remember, dear readers, you heard ithere first, off the record, on theQ.T. and very Hush-Hush.INT. HANCOCK PARK MANSION - BALLROOM - NIGHTThe party continues. The Mayor has moved off to the sidewith the power brokers. Patchett is a presence.MAYORWe're selling an image, gentlemen.
Beautiful weather. Affordable housing.(re: model)Trouble-free transportation. And thebest police department in the worldto keep it all running smoothly.EXT. STOREFRONT - NIGHTA dozen people watch a display window TELEVISION as it rollsthe opening of the hit show "Badge of Honor." Over familiarTHEME MUSIC, "Sgt. Joe Reno" (actor BRETT CHASE) walks thestreets of Los Angeles.CHASE (V.O.)My name? Joe Reno. The city? LosAngeles. A big town. Full of allsorts of people. It's my job to helpthem. I like what I do. I'm a cop.INT. HANCOCK PARK MANSION - BALLROOM - NIGHTThe Mayor continues.MAYORBut with a second rate Al Capone outthere, L.A. looks like Chicago inthe '30s. Something has to be done.As Pierce Patchett nods sagely.INT. OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM - NIGHTWrestler GORGEOUS GEORGE primps and poses before flatteningan opponent with a drop kick.INT. MOVIE THEATER - NIGHTAn enthusiastic crowd adjusts their 3-D glasses.EXT. COHEN MANSION (BEVERLY HILLS) - DAYIn monogrammed silk pajamas, Mickey Cohen answers the door,his pet BULLDOG Mickey Jr. at his feet. The police arewaiting. REPORTERS' flashbulbs pop.POLICE OFFICERMr. Cohen, you're under arrest.COHENBullshit. What's the charge?POLICE OFFICERNon-payment of federal income tax.COHENBULLSHIT.EXT. GRAUMAN'S CHINESE - DAY

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