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The Messenger

The Messenger



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Published by patch295

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Published by: patch295 on Jun 15, 2009
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THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARCbyAndrew BirkinandLuc BessonFADE IN:EXT. CHURCH - DOMREMY - DAYFADE UP on ripples on the surface of a puddle. Slow PANUP: the water becomes placid, and in it we see thereflection of an inverted CROSS on the top of a smallchurch. We move across the little churchyard and inthrough the open doors.INT. CHURCH - DOMREMY - DAYUtter simplicity -- stone walls, rough-hewn woodenbenches, primitive saints in the stained-glass windows --chickens peck among the straw that covers the earthenfloor.
INT. CONFESSIONAL BOX - CHURCH - DAYA little wooden grill slides open and the friendly face ofthe village PRIEST peers at us. He glances about,perplexed.PRIESTIs anybody there?A small hand appears -- then the face of a girl aged about10, peering up at him through the grill. The Priestsmiles a trifle wearily.PRIESTYou know I'm always happy to seeyou, Jeanne, but to keep coming heretwice, three times a day...JEANNEI need to confess.PRIESTBut you already confessed thismorning...JEANNEI need to confess again.PRIESTSo... alright. What terrible sinhave you committed since then thatcan't wait till tomorrow to beforgiven?Jeanne climbs up on the prayer-stool to be tall enough tolook the Priest in the eye.JEANNEI saw a poor monk without shoes so Igave him some.PRIESTThere's no sin in charity, Jeanne.JEANNEThey weren't my shoes. Mine weretoo small.PRIESTWhose were they?JEANNEMy father's.PRIESTI'm sure he'll forgive you.
JEANNEHe already did, but I want God toforgive me too.PRIESTJeanne -- if we were to askforgiveness all the time, we'd spendour whole life in church.JEANNEIs that bad?PRIEST(perplexed)Well no, but... Jeanne, are youhappy at home?JEANNEOh yes... very.PRIESTAnd your mother -- everything's finewith her?JEANNEOh yes, she's... wonderful.FLASH: we see Jeanne's peasant MOTHER, sitting by thefire, sewing. Their home is little more than a hovel -- alow, dark cave of a place, traversed by a huge beam.PRIESTGood, good. And your sister...Catherine -- she's still your bestfriend?JEANNEOh yes, my sister's just... she's...wonderful.FLASH: Jeanne's sister CATHERINE (18) sits near hermother, spinning wool.PRIESTAnd what about your other friends...you don't like playing with them?JEANNEOh yes, I play with them... lots...FLASH: Jeanne is battling against some reeds with awooden stick under a full noonday sun. Not far away, agroup of kids are in the shadow of a huge tree, playing.One of them watches Jeanne in the distance.KID #1What's she doing?

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Linda C. McCabe added this note
The scenes from Jeanne d'Arc's heresy trial are adapted from the actual court transcripts.
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