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The Star Wars

The Star Wars

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Published by patch295

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Published by: patch295 on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE STAR WARSBYGEORGE LUCASFIRST DRAFTLUCASFILMJULY 1974LIMITEDFADE IN:1. SPACEA sea of stars is broken by the vast blue surface ofthe planet, OGANA. Five small moons slowly drift intoview from the far side of the planet. The maintitles are followed by a roll-up:Until the recent GREAT REBELLION,the DAI NOGAS were the most fearedwarriors in the universe. For onehundred thousand years, generationsof DAI perfected their art as thepersonal bodyguards of the King.They were the chief architects ofthe invincible ROYAL SPACE FORCE,which expanded the Kings power
across the galaxy, from the celes-tial equator to the farthest stars.Now these legendary warriors are allbut extinct. One by one, they havebeen hunted down and destroyed asenemies of the NEW GALACTIC KINGDOMby a ferocious and sinister rivalwarrior sect, THE LEGIONS OF LETTOW.A small silver spacecraft emerges from behind one ofthe Ogana moons. The deadly little fightercraftspeeds past several of the moons, until it finallygoes into orbit around the FOURTH MOON.2. VALLEY OF COLORED LAKES- FOURTH MOON - OGANAA harsh gale blows across the bleak grey surface ofthe Fourth Moon. The blood red sky presses down on alone figure, JUSTIN VALOR, a tall, heavy-set boy ofsixteen. He slowly makes his way across a wierdplain covered with huge sprawling lakes. The water insome of the lakes is bright red, while in others it isa vivid green. The oddly colored lakes create anominous landscape against the eerie red sky.The heavy winds whip at the young boy and make thegoing extremely difficult. His face is covered by abreath mask and goggles. He stops for a second to
adjust the shoulder strap on his chrome multiplelazerrifle. Something in the sky catches his eye, and heinstinctively grabs a pair of electrobinoculars fromhis belt. He stands transfixed for a few moments,studying the heavens, then turns and rushes back inthe direction from which he came.3. SUPPLY HUT - FOURTH MOON - OGANAA damaged spacecraft, half buried in the dust, restsnext to the remains of an abandoned supply shack. Justinmakes his way across the colorless landscape andrushes into the crumbling building. The interior ofthe hut is shabby, but manages to abate the howlingwinds. Seated in front of a thermoheater are Justin'sfather, AKIRA, and his young brother, BINK. Akira isa large, burly man, wearing the distinctive robes of aDai. Bink is ten years old, with dusty blond hair anda large scratch on his cheek. Justin slams the doorand removes his gear. His ruggedly handsome face iscaked with many layers of dust.JUSTINDad! Dad! They've found us!Bink looks up from a small cube he has been studying.His father whacks him across the shoulder with abraided wire connector.AKIRAContinue with the problem. Yourconcentration is worse than yourbrother's. (to Justin) How many?JUSTINOnly one this time. A Cao Four.AKIRAGood. We may not have to repairthis old bucket after all. Pre-pare yourself.BINKMe too!AKIRADo you have the answer?BINKI think it's the Corbet dictum:"What is, is without."Akira smiles. This is the correct answer. Justin isstrapping on a utility belt with chrome lazerpistolsand lazersword. Akira rises and starts for his equip-ment.BINK (Cont.)
Ahhh, Pop...AKIRABink, do you feel you're ready?BINKYes, sir. I've outmarked Justin intwelve disciplines. I'm as good...AKIRAAll right, son. Get your gear.Bink jumps up with the enthusiasm available only toa ten-year old and grabs his gear. His father frownsand shakes his head.4. WASTELAND BLUFF - FOURTH MOON - OGANAAkira Valor and his two sons carefully make their wayup a rock bluff overlooking the Lettow spacecraft parkedamong the colored lakes.Akira inspects thewith his electrobinoculars.AKIRANo tracks. Bi-lock hasn't been opened.Interior systems are still on.JUSTINAre we going to wait for him to comeout?AKIRAHe's not in there. He's baiting us.I'm surprised they only sent one thistime. We must be wearing them down,or they must think this warrior issomething special. Stay on guard,and keep hidden. I'm going to workmy way across the ridge and call hisbluff. Better we meet in open combatthan wait for him to ambush us. Keepyour guard!Akira leaves his two sons and moves off along theobscured ridge. Justin and Bink watch him intently.Justin throws down his multiplelazer rifle in dis-gust.JUSTINHe should have let me go with him.He's getting too old to make an openchallenge.BINKHe's not too old to realize you'djust get in the way.Justin ignores his little brother's remark and sneaks

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