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Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise

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Published by patch295

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Published by: patch295 on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"THELMA & LOUISE"byCallie KhouriFinal shooting scriptJUNE 5, 1990 FADE IN:INT. RESTAURANT - MORNING (PRESENT DAY)LOUISE is a waitress in a coffee shop. She is in her early-thirties, but too old to be doing this. She is very prettyand meticulously groomed, even at the end of her shift. Sheis slamming dirty coffee cups from the counter into a bustray underneath the counter. It is making a lot of RACKET,which she is oblivious to. There is COUNTRY MUZAK in theb.g., which she hums along with.INT. THELMA'S KITCHEN - MORNINGTHELMA is a housewife. It's morning and she is slammingcoffee cups from the breakfast table into the kitchen sink,which is full of dirty breakfast dishes and some stuff leftfrom last night's dinner which had to "soak". She is stillin her nightgown. The TV is ON in the b.g.From the kitchen, we can see an incomplete wallpaperingproject going on in the dining room, an obvious "do-it-yourself" attempt by Thelma.INT. RESTAURANT - MORNINGLouise goes to the pay phone and dials a number.INT. THELMA'S KITCHEN - MORNINGPhone RINGS. Thelma goes over to answer it.THELMA(hollering)I got it! Hello.INT. RESTAURANT - MORNINGLOUISE(at pay phone)I hope you're packed, littlehousewife, 'cause we are outta hertonight.INT. THELMA'S KITCHEN - MORNING
THELMAWell, wait now. I still have to askDarryl if I can go.LOUISE (V.O.)You mean you haven't asked him yet?For Christ sake, Thelma, is he yourhusband or your father? It's justtwo days. For God's sake, Thelma.Don't be a child. Just tell himyou're goin' with me, for cryin' outloud. Tell him I'm havin' a nervousbreakdown.Thelma has the phone tucked under her chin, as she cuts outcoupons from the newspaper and pins them on a bulletin boardalready covered with them. We see various recipes torn outfrom women's magazines along the lines of "101 Ways to CookPork."THELMAHe already thinks you're out of yourmind, Louise, that don't carry muchweight with Darryl. Are you at work?LOUISE (V.O.)No, I'm callin' from the PlayboyMansion.THELMAI'll call you right back.Thelma goes through the living room to the bottom of thestairs and leans on the banister.THELMADarryl! Honey, you'd better hurryup.DARRYL comes trotting down the stairs. Polyester was madefor this man, and he's dripping in "men's" jewelry. Hemanages a Carpeteria.DARRYLDamnit, Thelma, don't holler likethat! Haven't I told you I can'tstand it when you holler in themorning.THELMAI'm sorry, Doll, I just didn't wantyou to be late.Darryl is checking himself out in the hall mirror, andit's obvious he likes what he sees. He exudes over-confidencefor reasons that never become apparent. He likes to thinkof himself as a real lady killer.
He is making imperceptible adjustments to his over-moussedhair. Thelma watches approvingly.THELMAHon.DARRYLWhat.THELMA(she decides not totell him)Have a good day at work today.DARRYLUh-huh.THELMAHon?DARRYLWhat?!THELMAYou want anything special for dinner?DARRYLNo, Thelma, I don't give a shit whatwe have for dinner. I may not evenmake it home for dinner. You knowhow Fridays are.THELMAFunny how so many people wanna buycarpet on a Friday night. You'dalmost think they's want to forgetabout it for the weekend.DARRYLWell then, it's a good thing you'renot regional manager and I am.He's finally ready. He walks to the door and gives Thelmathe most perfunctory kiss on the cheek.THELMA'Bye, honey. I won't wait up.DARRYLSee ya.Darryl leaves. We see his Corvette parked out front. As hecloses the front door, Thelma leans against it.THELMAHe's gonna shit.

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