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Brainstorm Ng

Brainstorm Ng

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Published by Angus

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Published by: Angus on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brainstorming andSWOT Analysis
Copyright 2006 -Advanced Integrated Technologies Group, Inc., All rights reserved.
Page 2
SWOT AnalysisBrainstorming
is a term used to describe a creative thinking session. The aim is togather as many ideas and possible solutions to a problem as possible. The results willdepend entirely on the reason for the brainstorming session and the group of peopleparticipating.
Exploring Ideas:
Start with the first idea and ask "If we do this, what results/problems can we expect?"Write each problem or result on the whiteboard. If further information is required, thennote it and assign it to a person for further investigation, determine a deadline.Next ask "To implement this, what do we need to do?" write all tasks on the board.It helps to split the board into three sections: Problems, Results, Tasks.Once you have completed the process for each idea, then write an action plan and afollow up session.
The aim is to get ideas and viewpoints from various angles and toexplore each one further
Copyright 2006 -Advanced Integrated Technologies Group, Inc., All rights reserved.
Page 3
SWOT AnalysisBrainstorming Preparation
Determine the group of people that should attend, if possible include at least oneperson from each department and all the possible stakeholders and decision makers.The group should not be limited to upper management, sometimes the best ideascome from the workers.A Leader should be appointed to manage the process and maintain control of thesession. Appoint a person to make notes and gather the information. Determine thesession duration and issue invitations.The room should be set out so that it has a relaxed atmosphere, preferably theseating should be in a circular fashion or gathered around a table, depending on thesize of the group. Encourage people to walk around and feel relaxed. Provide awhiteboard, note paper, pens, coffee and anything else that may encourage a relaxedsession.
The observations in each category can be ranked in order ofimportance

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