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Beowulf Version

Beowulf Version

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Published by Willem de Phoops
A version of the Beowulf epic. Dedicated to Seamus Heaney, RIP. First four parts only.
A version of the Beowulf epic. Dedicated to Seamus Heaney, RIP. First four parts only.

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Published by: Willem de Phoops on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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r par
shit.Dn be w e, we knw ll bu em uke.pne wee mnly be, ue,kllng be nd  n ble.eld e eld-Dne —Ddn’ ve bee nme bk en:eld ued   be m e bene wee ey wee dnkng med, gglng wene(Yu   yme?)Nbdy lked m ug, e w u  kuk Even un vee w neve w mHed e bw nd e. Well, uk ’m. ae m e d  ney lked mu meBewul w  nme, nd ll e Gemn-Dnelked lke wlve nywy. Ee  lke e nn e eul dd. T mde m mu. W   y, eveybdy lved e by.ne  le, e dd ved . Te by d lle,nd ey wed emelve ely.Tey wen  w  ule  men ll   ny , me fed u w jewel. Mnd yu, e’d nly ju genH n  bll, bu n He Kn w e.He lyed men lke be. Be. Bu e w mked. and  e wen.
EcoND par
 ele dug Bewul, beue ey e l,beue e dn’ uked em yebeng ju  le by He even lded veHeg, Hg, nd Hlg e gd bun  uk a l  ’em d nnd wy n,  yu wee  Dne nd  wl nd d be und Well, e w lked enug ey d, ue, le’ buld ne med-ll,e und ne and ey bul . and  w e beue  w memblend nng ele w enng. and ee w  wld gy bbly  nlg, nd Bewul bewed g, n be  knwed n beeUnl ne  le,Gendel me u, w w  el n   bnd w eened e wle dmn ng Beng  ng, nd  lme, e  mg ve unk. all eye lked e kng, w w Bewul, me  le. and e d:  m e Kng.uk .  wll ke e  . ug e mem abel mel,  m e Kng.e Kng  me bd-.Elve nd gn nd w ve yun’ g  n  bd- Kng.
HrD par
Bewul wen u l-dunk ne ng— cue e w Kng e el e wldd el ey  m and   wd w  deede veled que  wy  ge  e le wee e umed Gendel eyedon be — nmely e lvng.Bewul g   lend ed e le  we. Well ng y bemed w e nd bll n eg n  b, guedBy Gendel W ddn’ e  n bnd ju edded un
mey Bewul e Kng ed e ndwngng lmen’e Gendel, w uked ’em ll and c,Even Bewul w d.Bu e w Kng.  e d: uk .’ll e  b,e d. ’ll nd u wee e unlee. ’ll k m nd en Wen lke ny un  eye e lednd e dem  d lee’ll uk  uke’ lve  b dn’ me  ’ e Devl’ Hell,ye e Kng.  e bee nd  e lee,’ll ly  ngge ded. ue  .

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