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Clinical Practicum Paper

Clinical Practicum Paper

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Published by ncory79

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Published by: ncory79 on Aug 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running head: PRACTICUM SYNTHESIS PAPER 1Practicum Synthesis Paper  Nicole CoryFerris State University
PRACTICUM SYNTHESIS PAPER 2AbstractThis paper summarizes and analyzes the practicum experience completed during the springsemester, 2013. The clinical practicum is an opportunity for submersion into the role whichallows for learning and understanding through experience. According to the ANA, within theinformatics nurse specialist (INS) role the key responsibility is often implementation. Kurt
Lewin‟s change theory and the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
technology adoption framework were utilized as a framework for this experience. A clinical project was also performed and a brief description of this project is also included in this paper.An evaluation of the experience performed by the student and preceptor is also included.
 Key words
: practicum, informatics nurse specialist
PRACTICUM SYNTHESIS PAPER 3Practicum Synthesis Paper The clinical practicum provides an opportunity for the student to gain knowledge andskills that cannot be obtained through study and research. The experience requires the student toapply the knowledge gained during the program as he or she immerses herself in the role. It isalso an opportunity for the student to apply theory to practice in the specialty role studied. Thiscan be a difficult task and can be more easily performed while under the guidance of anexperienced preceptor.I performed many different tasks during the practicum. I was involved in workflowanalysis and the evaluation of a hybrid/electronic documentation method in preparation for thechange to electronic documentation. I helped to create downtime forms for use when theelectronic health record system (EHR) goes down. I assisted in the gap analysis of the oldsystem as compared to the new electronic system. I helped to develop job aids for staff to use asguides after their training was completed. I also helped to coordinate training on the use of theelectronic documentation module on restraints as well as assisting in training newly hired nurses.This paper will describe a practicum performed by this student at Pine Rest ChristianMental Health Services with Pam Hietbrink, RN-MSN, an experienced informatics nursespecialist (INS). The issues and challenges experienced along the way, as well as the methodsutilized to address them are described in this paper. The application of theory to the practicum isdiscussed. A project was completed within this practicum experience which included thedevelopment of a project charter for the development of a mobile application for use in the InfoProject. The info project at Pine Rest is an initiative that has been implemented to promote patient satisfaction and engage the clinical nurse leaders in interacting with the patients. Theseexperiences will provide a solid foundation for this student as I begin my career as an INS.

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