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Published by: Gustavo Castro on Aug 30, 2013
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PARTS CATALOGUE ©2012 by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.1st edition, January 2012All rights reserved.Any reprinting or unauthorized usewithout the written permission ofYamaha Motor Co., Ltd.is expressly prohibited.Printed in Japan.
CATALOGO DE REPUESTOS ©2012 por Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.1ª edición, enero 2012Todos los derechos reservados.Toda reproducción o uso no autorizadosin el consentimiento escrito deYamaha Motor Co., Ltd.quedan expresamente prohibidosImpreso en Japón.
This Parts Catalogue is related to the parts for the model(s) on the cover page. When you areordering replacement parts, please refer to this Parts Catalogue and quote both part numbersand part names correctly.1.Modifications or additions which have been made after the issue of the Parts Cataloguewill be announced in the Parts News.It is advisable that you make the necessary corrections to the Parts Catalogue accordingto the Parts News.2.AbbreviationsThe following abbreviations are used in this Parts Catalogue.“UR” Use specified parts number.“UN” Use as many as needed.“AP” Alternate Parts“LM” Locally Made (Parts need to be ordered locally)“F#” Frame No. (Applicable machine No.)“O/S” Over Size3.The number of components for assemblyParts, which are to be supplied in an assembly, are listed with a dot (.) in front of thepart name as shown below.The numeral appearing to the right of each component part indicates the quantity ofparts for each assembly unit.4.Applicable colours of graphics are represented in the “REMARKS” as shown below.5.Note that the illustrations for reference in finding parts numbers are not to be used forassembling. When assembling, please use the applicable service manual.6.The asterisk (*) before a reference number indicates modified items after the first edition.PART NO.DESCRIPTIONQTYREMARKS2F58331060FRONT FLASHER LIGHT ASSY21158331160.BULB (6V18W)1PART NO.DESCRIPTIONQTYREMARKS2N42411000X5FUEL TANK COMP.2MXR3J12424010.GRAPHIC, FUEL TANK1FOR MXR

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